Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Knitting Scene

The Knitting Scene has been VERY busy.

In Hawaii, I stockinette on the plane and fishing. I did not stockinette as much as I'd like to to finish that Shrug. I was so sad, when I measured and I was only a little more than half way to stitching things up. I will measure again tonight ...

I also finished the second skein of The Kid's camoflauge blanket. This thing is A MONSTER I tell you. I sort of made up my own width when casting on, forgetting how it will stretch out as you knit. So, it's been growing like a sci-fi science experiment. (not a very good analogy i know. i'm tired.) I began the third skein, but decided that I deserved a break. It barely fits into the hot pink Ikea project pail that I keep it in, under my chair.

Instead I worked on the shrug ... again. And I barely stayed awake. I think I will need to swap out the shrug in the livingroom with the Golden Shawl in the bedroom. I think I will make less mistakes ... awake with the Shawl and asleep with the Stockinette Shrug.

The Denise Guru Sweater is on hold, until I can figure out (I think it may be math) where the marker is supposed to go for the beginning of the round -- it's not at the join this time, it's at the armpit. Yeah, sweatering is weird.

So all my projects are "growing" to the point that they are a pain to haul around. What's a girl to do? Well, start another project. I have decided to pick up the All Day Beret since I already picked up all the needles I need (and more. crap I really need to track my needles better). I will try to cast on at lunch after a midday testing project.

Lastly, sadly, sledbetter's baby blanket that I slaved over got a hole in it when she washed and dried it, which she should be able to do easily with no worries. I was fretting about it.

1) Embarassed that my craftsmanship was so shoddy
2) Pissed that I wouldn't be able to salvage it.

Sledbetter was pretty good about it though. She's like, I like it, just don't want it to unravel any further. J-crochet sits near Sledbetter's unit and was like, oh yeah, we can fix that. So tomorrow I bring some extra yarn to help repair my hopeful yarnies.

I'm thinking if the stitchup is ugly I can make a few small stockinette patches to cover it. hehe.

Wish I was knitting.

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