Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unnecessary Preparation

I will not let second grade defeat me.

I had my game face on. I decided to go straight home from work instead of doing some bathroom supply shopping. I was going to address the homework and good habits after school issue. I was going to support the Man-friend as he executed yet another lovely family dinner.

However they didn't really need me. The Kid bounced his way to the kitchen table to do his homework after putting away his lunchbox and his shoes and backpack, with just an "Okay Mom."

Man-friend just asked me to lower the heat on the beans and rice when it boiled while he put away some laundry or something. ???

I was getting ready to ask the kid if he wanted to read or play a game, but he just wanted to play legos so I got to knit some stockinette.

My guard is down today, but I'm cooking ... what family will I be feeding tonight, the mellow one or the maintenance one?

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