Monday, August 16, 2010

The second half ... Oahu

So, I didn't post the second half of the trip, mainly because my Mother was irritated with computer use and also because our Elementary school was filling my inbox in a way that was just Too TOO overwhelming while being on vacation.

So I figure I'll sum it up again ...

* Fishing is hot and stinky work. Fishing is overrated. Untangling little people's fishing line really sucks. Tropical fish in buckets make me sad, I set them free, despite everyone's talk of their tastiness. I was accused of turning PETA. We fished in Kailua and on base. I liked Kailua b/c I didn't fish, I went to McDonald's for an iced tea with Dad and then went to the hobby store, where I did NOT buy any yarn. Thank you very much!

* I really like Japanese tourists. I don't think that is very PC of me to say, but I do. The young newlyweds, the cute families, with their cute and polite kids. Oh and I know this isn't very PC either, but I really noticed A LOT of little cute girl children.
Possible reasons for me noticing:
a) Was I having envy? possibly.
b) They were only children or just two children?
c) Super cute and stylish

* Man-friend cannot handle large crowds well. He was totally overstimulated at Waikiki at night. He wanted to know why people were out so late with their children, when he wanted to go to bed. We saw many kids sleeping in arms or strollers or at the dinner table while their parents ate. Everyone was okay though.

* Favorite t-shirt: Golddigger - Like a Hooker, but smarter. Man-friend would not let me buy it, b/c of racist t-shirts in the window: "Speak Engrish" for example.

* Drinks at the Moana Loa Surfrider outside bar totally reasonable, tropical and very relaxing.

* Japanese Ramen at Nakamura (like the building in Die Hard) very good. He got the local favorite, "Ox Tail" where they give you an extra bowl to rest and dip the bone you gnaw on with light soy and ginger. I got Miso Kim-chee, despite the hesitancy of my stomach that night, b/c that is what the lady next to me ate. It was delightful. The bar was in a U-shape and everyone drinks water. The sign says, "Cash or Yen Only". We really enjoyed our meal there.

*Morning Walk to feed the fish in the estuary and eat diner breakfast with the family was really nice and a good little two mile walk to help ease the guilt of the salty greasy breakfast. Cornbeef hash and hashbrowns. hehe.

* Mom's cooking. So happy to eat her rice porridge and omlette, her beef barley soup and thai pork salad. She roasted Turkey Wings for my "afternoon snack" the day we flew in.

*Snorkeling in Hanumua bay with the kid. Little windy and we should've gone to the left side which was less rocky, but the fish were amazing, and the Kid couldn't have been happier. My parents were able to come and see him in action, and that made everyone squishy all the way around.

* Learning I am a tenative snorkeler. Yeah I know I'm surprised too. I love water, swimming and yes even nature. However, I have bad depth perception and peripheral vision so I cut myself a lot on the coral, and also, the mask and breathing snorkel thing, felt more awkward than I think it would. Having said that, if I were a real Island girl, I think I would get over it faster, getting lots of chance to practice.

* Red Eye Flights. The Kid was a wreck, trying to stay awake for the 10:30 boarding. He fell asleep with the gum in his mouth while we were taxing. Man-friend had to dig it out. Kid slept well, not so good for the two of us, switching the middle for the kid to snuggle on us, awkward where do I put my arm feelings. Shorter flight 4.5 hrs? So the limited sleep was even more limited. Yesterday was family cranky day, I was so exhausted even after napping in the morning I couldn't really even knit until after lunch. Not sure if I would do a red eye again. Maybe international? hmm.

* Work dreams. Body seems to kick in a day or two before vacation ends, reminding you, don't get too comfortable girl. Those lotto numbers haven't come in yet.

Vacation is good.

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