Thursday, August 26, 2010

Knot so Successful

When I was a kid my mother used to have this plaque up in her kitchen it read:
I'm not a slow cook.
I'm not a fast cook.
I'm a half-fast cook.

I think it wasn't until I was 11 till I got the play on words.

I think I am half-fast at everything.

Clutter/Housework (which unfortunately is one and the same for me and my "lifestyle")
Knitting - Cant focus on one project have to have not 2 or 3, usually 4. I excuse myself for this, b/c I think all but 2 projects have become FOs, it just takes longer and!! I am improving and like it! just ... painfull slow.
Office Work - ugh, my documentation and organization has got to get stronger! No work talk. Sorry.
Family - Love them all. Never feel like I am doing the best for them. I feel like I am constantly letting them down.

If I am such a good family person why is it so hard for me to do things that will be better for EVERYONE? Why am I so selfish? Why can't I practice what I preach? The Kid is going to be taught bad habits by me. Being messy, lazy. The Kid is going to be so overwhelmed by his mother the hypocrite he will be writing sad novels until he's 45!

The Man-friend works very hard is very patient and treats me like an equal, however I am pretty bratty and entitled, and can't seem to shake my old "Only Child" behavior. (Hey! what can I say! I was alone 8 yrs before Sister came along!)

Anyways, Knot so Successful Girl is trying to learn things. I know, I am inspired, I am self-aware. I just fail on execution which is why I'm also "Half-Fast" Girl.

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