Monday, August 23, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Amazed at how capable I am of packing so much into a weekend, especially when I moan all the time that I'm tired, spread thin or just disorganized.

You know what would have me complaining even more? Missing out on fabulous things with fabulous people that also have VERY busy lives and weekends.

This weekend was a whirlwind and it was full of specialness and some awkward moments. However if there weren't some awkward moments in there, the weekend/experiences probably wouldn't have been mine ...

* Dinner for Man-friend's birthday, sitting at the Bar at Salt House slurping down tastes like the sea oysters, and foie gras cured/sauteed with these crunchy bits of peaches and tea smoked duck. the plate was displayed as a lovely trio of flavorful goodness. Man-friend was unimpressed with my crispy shrimp with crispy (not fried, just blanched right) haricot verts with mesclun, serrano ham, almonds and harissa vinaigrette. However he is a snob. He wasn't very hungry, so I may have to return to investigate the pork belly.

*Visiting with SIL at Le Central for a glass of wine and meeting an interesting lady. We had ANOTHER glass of wine, some steak tartare and talked about weird kids, wine and Asia. It became a little muddled towards the end.

*Sleeping in my bed alone.

*Walking the city streets with my husband at night downtown, my kid during the day in the sunset and on my own, anywhere.

*Girls Night with the OK Club. Snoopy made a lovely pound cake with a fresh strawberry coulis, served with champers. The Good Girl brought a lovely selection of cheeses with an excellent description of each of them. She had me at "ice cream of cheeses." Hands down the favorite, triple cream of course! There was some thought we might knit. We just went for old fashioned chatter as it was, and it was lovely. Yosh with her pal would come out and parade or entertain us every now and again, with a story or a twirl.

*Fantastico Birthday Luncheon with the In-Laws. Sometimes it's almost too easy with good and close family. My Brother in Law was the Uncle who fell asleep on the couch while the kids watched Scooby Doo. My sister in law and I chattered on with their mother drinking wine, while the birthday boy scooted around and did Laundry. Hmm. That wasn't very nice of me was it. Anyhow, I guess I got an extra girl time in there. The kids played nice, and the food was as always tasty: Clean Seasoned Tri-tip, Grilled Chicken, Mashed creamy potatoes, heirloom tomato salad, cucumber salad, beet salad, Big GREEN salad mmm. plum tarte with creme fraiche. ahhh.

*grumpy commentary after too much wine

*unable to sleep after girls night, we actually didn't drink very much, I think I was just wired from socializing. I stayed up till 2:30 to finish A Handful of Dust, by Evelyn Waugh.

*repeating oneself.

*shamed by restaurant owner because my child wasted so much Pho. He refused to share a bowl, and there was a lot leftover. He politely told The Kid that there were children and people starving and less fortunate. He then told me the story that he took his Kids to Vietnam and they cried at the poverty. They do not waste now. (Arent so greedy).

*shamed that Kid did not listen to me like 4 times when I said it was time to go after slumber party. I hate being ignored. (Isn't that obvious?) People tell me he's good at their house. But I wonder. I don't trust you know? Besides these are people that know how to play politely.

*overtired and sleepy at social functions. acting like overtired sleepy, chatty, brat child.

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