Friday, August 20, 2010

Pig Birds, Pig Bellies and Star Belly

Pig Birds are what the Colonel and the Kid call morning doves in Hawaii. They chase away the chickadees and woodpeckers and gobble up the bread and seeds. They are fearless, they let cars and people get really close to them. They are always hungry and they are just annoying pigeons in disguise.

Last night I was like one of those pig birds out to dinner with El Diablo who is getting a new moniker SS as in (sh*t starter) and Mlouis. They tried to eat the Burrata and the Pate, but I weaseled my way in. I commandeered the cutting up of the salad, and I suggested 2 pizzas instead of one. Well ... I KNOW I like the one w/bacon and jalapenos and arugula. Come on REALLY! But I wanted to try the Sausage with Broccoli Rabe and Lemon Zest. It was fun flavors, but I like my comfort.

The conversation was funny and fun, yet real. They both have an amazing ability to talk about real things and real people in their lives and analyze it with humor, but without judgement. We make fun of each other and our own personality hiccups or "interesting moments/life choices" and laugh. It's supportive and it's not overwhelming. I'm so pleased they are willing to share with me, and tolerate my "theatricality".

I love the fact that as SS drove me home, he agreed with my shock factor at people who say they have no regrets.

Dinner was long over, and I dragged out my vino and my coffee for their conversation. I was a Pig bird and Pig Belly at Star Belly with my pals.

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