Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Time Summer Vacation: Big Island Hawaii

So we are into day 4 of our family summer vacation. This is a basic recap of Sunday through Wednesday midday ... big island Hawaii ...

* MIL (Mother In Law) and husband made a great decision in The Marriott Resort. Beautiful grounds, comforting rooms, Three pools, a water slide, a beach with free half day snorkel gear with lots of fish and sea turtles.

*Snorkeling with the kid. Did you know he is so chatty and incessant that he even can talk and sing underwater with a snorkel? Yeah! I didn't know either ... He was in an inflatable inner tube with his gear, and The Man-friend held his hand while they looked over the coral. Apparently he freaked out over the Ray. I got startled this morning when I looked up and saw a Sea turtle out of no-where 2 feet away from me. The boys are enjoying taunting me about it. What can I say, I'm a little shifty and scary like that. Anything pops up out of no-where 2 feet close to me, vegetarian sea turtle, Santa clause or scooby doo -- I'm creeped out.

*Water slide. Seriously, I don't think I went down that thing once without a big sh*t-eating grin. Also double points for pulling my knees up, upon landing for cannon balling dorks hanging out below.

*Hotel buffet. Dooode. Fried rice, crispy bacon, miso soup, salad fixin's best pineapple and papaya.

*Volcano Park -- Watching the boys climb over the lava rock that poured over the road, climbing myself. Steaming craters, a million different microclimates and types of geography, not to mention the whacky friendly rangers.

*SUNBURN CITY. Sweet Jesus, we went through 4 oz of SPF 50 in less than 4 days and we still could basically swim in Aloe Vera. All of us look ... red and aloe shiny.

*Injuries: The Kid has tender feet ... cut down one toe, pebble stuck in heel on the other foot, dug out w/wine opener and over-priced revlon tweezers from the hotel gift store and Mom's convenient pain-free neosporin. Coral scrapes on me ... one leg has an ankle and knee. The other leg the ankle. Swollen left angle. Angry toes that ask for an anti-inflammatory.

*No knitting -- finished the second book in the Millenium series ... The Girl Who Played With Fire. It was fun and engaging, the question is can I wait to read the last one in paperback ... doubt it.

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