Thursday, August 22, 2013

And Back To The Normal

... whatever the heck that is. Possibly indecision based on my last post. And thank all of you for your validation and confessions that knitting is fun. And if we are a little slutty in the way we knit about our projects ... we're enjoying ourselves, damn it. It's empowering.

We flew home last Friday evening and the next day was the back to school BBQ. I also ended up leveling classrooms Saturday and Sunday afternoon.That whittled away what was supposed to be knitting and laundry time.

I managed to find some time to knit on Saturday evening. I worked on my hitchhiker. It was the only thing I brought with me to New York, since I was realistic and knew there would not be enough knitting time.

Best places I knit? Empire State Building's Disneyland-esque line and the Bay Cruise to see Lady Liberty, though it was mainly waiting for the cruise to get going, since the cityscape is so lovely.

Sunday I had to do this thing called grocery shop and cook. You know, where you buy food and then  put heat and food together. Crazy right? It was a simple Thai meal of fried omelet, rice, stir-fried cabbage, pan rendered pork belly cracklings and raw cucumbers. Still, this cooking thing, I forgot it takes time!

I tried like so many of you, to put together a menu for the week, but really all I can do is think about pancakes. I blame Kathy who has been talking up the importance and tastiness of breakfast. I will do better next week. I think I'm bringing back Tuesday Taco night. What's your favorite mid-week meal?

School has started and now the Kid is packing his own lunch. (We were slow getting on this self sustained train.) He went shopping with his father on Saturday. He was so pleased with himself, he text his dad a picture of his lunch. He wouldn't even let me put crackers in a paper bag for him, because he wanted to do it himself.

Don't mind the clutter in our kitchen. It's a messy way of life, but it's our way of life. (my son is anti-plastic baggy, this started when he was 5, so now we get pastry bags and use plastic-ware a lot.)

I had a deadline today at work, so I hit the re-entry fuzzy, and stressed, but I got it done. And now I daydream of knitting. (Back to normal, see?)

Tonight I want to work on the baby shrug.

 I wanted it done for a family for the first day of school, but I am slacking. New patterns require thought, because I can't see it until after I do it (why is that? oh yeah, I'm not that clever). I am not enjoying this construction to be honest.  I will finish it this weekend and I can add it to Andi's knit along / finish along accomplishments. I don't think I've ever added a photo from my phone to a group before. Do you guys update Ravelry from your phone?

Now that I have the computer set up, and we're all back at it, I will have to spend a bunch of time catching up on the blogs. I love seeing what you all are up to.

I just read somewhere that I have to "claim my blog". I can't remember whose blog told me this, but so it goes. Thanks Internet! I admit, I do like the Bloglovin' app on my phone.

This is just house keeping...
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Well that's my scattered brain normal for now. Tell me how your normal goes.


  1. Bloglovin is very user friendly. I like it. Most of you have Blogspot so you're all on my BL.
    I like how you and your son are Mother Earth friendly. We do the same too. All about reusable containers. Daiso has so many cheap and durable ones.
    The Hitchhiker is fun. A baby shrug? Sweet!
    I usually write out my grocery list to shop from. I get that from my dad. I plan 6 days of dinners besides snacks and usual faves.

    1. I was moaning about this shrug pattern, and then I was visiting the KAL ravelry group and a woman recommended another one. So there may be more baby shrug gifts in the future. TBD. I love Daiso. It's the danger zone, but it's really great for practical items, if you stay focused. I love a list!

  2. WEll LOOK at you on the ferry. You are so pretty!!!

    I love the shawl work shown.

    We did WALKING TACOs for the kids. It just means you put all the stuff in a single serve dorito or frito bag and then you walk around with your taco.

    The firemen always do pizza on Saturday matter what.

    I usually declared one Cher night ....
    do you remember the movie MERMAIDS? Cher always had little toothpick dinners.
    SO i did cheese cubes, bread cubes and fruit cut up. MY kids now grown still love those dinners. We did them when Daddy was at the firehouse mostly.
    I LOVE mermaids, I may have to watch it soon

    1. You are too funny! I love your mermaids reference, toothpick dinner. I like it! I think I'm going to combine walking taco and pizza night, with dress your own mini pizza, with store dough. Thanks for the ideas and the kindness!

  3. My daughter hates waiting in the long lunch lines, so she started taking her lunch this year. She's loving it.