Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Startitis is coming on.

I have a strong desire to knit something new.

But I really want to finish my WIPS.

But I want to start something new.

I want to work from the stash. I want to do something I don't have the yarn for.

I need to finish something in progress.

Can you feel my pain?


  1. I am feeling your pain, as it is my constant struggle daily. Most of the time I give in. ;)
    Life is too short.

  2. Oh I feel it - I've got two shawls, a cardigan, an afghan, and a pair of socks on the go - and there's at least three other things I want to start!

  3. I get ya! My problem all the time.

  4. hah aha oh yeah! I had a lot of that this summer. I say go get some new yarn and start something new...there PERMISSION granted. Hope Im not in trouble!

  5. It is always fun to start a new project as there are many items we want as knitters. What about knitting so many rows each day on each WIP and CO a new project?

    1. You can work on a new project and rotate the old WIPs to be done each on a certain day ;O). Enabling you here...LOL.

  6. I'm completely unable to resist startitis, so just run with it!