Monday, August 26, 2013

The Long Weekend Giveaway

The Labor Day long weekend is ... a comin' ... but not quite here.

However I am in full anticipation mode. I'm excited. I'm ready to stay-cate. (stay-knitcation?).

And to celebrate, I've got a nice new copy of Knitdcene's fantastic 2013 Accessory Issue ($15 retail)  and a set of  nice Knitifacts  ringlet stitch markers I'd like to give away. Nothing fancy just a little token of happiness.

Just leave a comment with either an email address or Ravelry handle or with some way to contact you by end of the long weekend, Monday September 2nd on THIS post. I will use either the online random number generator or make my kid pick a number out of a hat, (we're fancy like that.) and we'll have a winner posted on Tuesday the 3rd.

If you feel like telling us what you plan on doing with the long weekend; work, hula-hoop, try earth worm crudo, whatever, that's great, that's a bonus. If you want to tell me that I'm a bit bonkers, that's okay, too, just do it politely.


  1. My mom and dad are coming to visit and we'll be watching college football on Saturday! yea! My mom's 70th birthday is Monday, so I assume I'm spending as much of my free time between now and then finishing her birthday present (which I guess won't be a total surprise, but hey...)

    My Ravelry handle is lesliestbutler. Hope to win! ;)

  2. awww ravelry is HUCKMOM. I"ll post about your contest!

    Looks like Im on the work schedule for much of the weekend, but if I get cancelled we may:
    go to the beach, go to a movie if it stays so hot out, watch Searching for Sugarman inside in
    the a/c and knit knit knit

  3. Oh how nice of you! I have just recently been looking at Knitscene,for whatever reason it was not on my radar before.

    As for this weekend, I'm going to finish the last details on a room we've fixed up in our house, and then knit and read the rest of the time.

    Hope your Labor Day weekend is enjoyable!

  4. Since I have a new job where I am not required to work holidays, I'm going to be home being lazy.

  5. Lovely :) I am planning a car ride with knitting, relaxing with knitting and reading (not knitting during that!)

  6. Bless your happy generoisity!
    Sloth and possibly gluttony are the big contenders in our three day holiday!

  7. I'm going to be moving, alas >.< But I hope to also finish and block my first shawl!

  8. Aren't you the sweet one. I'll be dog sitting a 3 month old maltese mixed puppy, starting tonight (Thursday), so you can imagine how my weekend will be. I'll get some knitting in, not sure what I'll be knitting; I do know that I have to knit my 3rd baby blanket sometime soon. Haven't pick the yarn yet. So aside from potty training, going outdoors every couple of hours, I plan on chillin.

  9. Oh! Fun! I'd love to win!

    MY email is

    We are going to visit my SIL for the weekend once my eldest is done hockey practice!

    Wishing you a great long weekend!