Monday, August 19, 2013

What I got in NYC

HM gave me a gift certificate to Purl Soho (Thanks HM!!) and I made an effort for a focused purchase. I went with one of their patterns, the rib-wise tank. I admit it's more of a summer knit, than for the fall, but maybe it will languish in the stash until spring. Don't be surprised, I won't be.

I also got myself a project bag souvenir.

Then I fingered a bunch of samples and was drawn to some soft textured scarves. It turned out a) it was cashmere and b) a kit I could find elsewhere. But I went with the moment.

Xmas husband gift in the plans ... Must add a note to not wash. He shrinks and felts and washes his entire world.

We got a family package promo (always check the hotels website, compare with discount portal sites AND call for best deals). This jr. Suite deal came with a free haircut for dad at the barber shop and blow out for mom.

Do you know what these things are? They wash your hair and blow dry style it. I have never done this before. It was very Barbie and very fun. I asked for more volume than sleek (since I usually am an air dry flat boring town kind of gal). But not so much volume as a Southern Belle. (No seriously, this is a style you can request, I'm not mocking anyone.)

So here we go before (yes, tired, no coffee.) My head is really big, non?


After with tucked ears:


Do you try new things on holiday with your look or style?

Do you go yarn crazy away from home of do you think of the stash and / or what will fit in carry-on?


  1. Love the full hair! I always feel like I need to go out when I get my hair did at the salon, but sadly rarely do. And then it's impossible to recreate on your own.

    And I'm envious about your Purl Soho trip. Lucky gal!

  2. love the souvenir bag immensely! You look pretty either way in the photos :)

  3. Purl Soho is a knitter's dream, isn't it? I love popping in but rarely buy anything as it's quite costly but if I were holiday/souvenir shopping, I'd walk out with oodles of their stuff! Love your blow-out!!

  4. How fun to get a blow out! Great yarn purchases. Hey, it's usually Indian Summer in October. The tank would be good for that.

  5. Yes yes yes.

    I LOVE Your yarn choice. OMG gorgeous mellow colors.

    The hair blow dry! How fun. You look mahhhhhvalous. I've never SOho'd...but someday!

  6. I have never heard of getting a package like that at a hotel. Very cool. You look great!

  7. Love the hair, you look fabulous!