Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Holiday NYC 2013: Day 2

Monday's dreams of waking up at the crack of dawn and doing the Empire State Building  was dashed by Pacific standard time sleepins. 

We needed that. We employed flexibility which I'm not always good at if they are my plans that have to change. Well I think this trip is showing some of my change and growth too. 

We opted for leftover muffins and pizza for breakfast. The Manfriend went downstairs to the artisan coffee place. Fancy but perhaps not worth it? (Is that horrible of me?)

We slowly made our way south and walked around and went to Balthazar for lunch.

Skate wing with tomatoes, sweet corn and frisée.

The husband had frisée salad (over poached egg) and steak tartare which he enjoyed as you can see:

Then we walked around the nearby neighborhoods and look where I went!

It's Purl Soho!

This is where you stick your non knitter. 

But my non knitters found their own way around. Stay tuned for Day 2-Part 2.


  1. Where's the boom box to play Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind ;O). Haven't been to the new Purl Soho digs yet but visited the old place once.

  2. I am jealous :( I want to be there and see it for myself. As much as I love yarn my favorite photo is the nonknitter!!

  3. I agree with Karen. So jealous. Yummy food, yarn, and fabric. Heaven!