Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 3: part 2-- Dinner at Marea

Such indulgence is a little embarrassing, but so good.

Everyone enjoyed the meal.

Near enough to walk to and from. Fantastic service and dreamy eats. The clientele seemed nice enough, if not rather socio-economically homogenous. It's not just about wealth or color, but style and grooming. We might've appeared a little out of place. 

Amuse bouche - cured salmon, radish on rice cracker ( sorry fuzzy)

Oysters local style

Deconstructed tuna confit

Pasta - cheese filled dumpling with sweet corn, brown butter and sage. The Kid said it was the best sauce.

Pasta out of focus octopus and bone marrow fusilli 

Pasta-braised pork shoulder, plums,  pesto and pistachio

Fish- durade shared.

Accompanying sauces

Hi jinks ensued.

And dessert - peppermint chip, white espresso (sooo good), and apricot. Complimentary dark chocolate.

Complimentary profiteroles 

Vin Santo - wine of saints

The end.


  1. You have a vERY handsome husband!

    1. Aww shucks Kathy! That's what he keeps telling me! Just kidding. He is handsome, inside & outside too. Thank you from us both! :)

  2. Handsome ohana you have. GF…that's my kind of place to grub! Damn! Love how they presented the ice cream.