Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family holiday: day 4

Continuing in our typical tourist fashion we headed to The Empire State Building. The building is yet another featured in many of The Kid's books and, he enjoys an observation deck. To me it is just a breath taking reminder of the greatness of the city.

From there a taxi to Hell's Kitchen, where we had some German food and beer. I think it's more of an evening drinker place. Everyone was nice but the food was ok. Maybe better if you're hungry drinking?

After that we walked towards the river to take a river cruise to see the lady liberty.

It's large but I imagined it larger. We didn't land, but that didn't really interest us. Ellis island's beauty and history is more drawing alas it's closed for some restoration. Something else for "next time".

A nice leisurely walk back some snacking happened:

I admit at this point we split up. I went along 5th ave to shop a little. Badette told me about a Canadian brand called joe fresh that had super affordable clothes. We pack really lightly and everyone could use one extra item.

I came away with more than one. But I got a shirt for $5 and even another pair of exercise leggings for way less than even mother ship Target. They weren't selling kids so I admit I just did a big loop and got the boys a shirt at safe as gravy GAP.

I still got back later-- walking! They had already eaten some take away. (The burger bar inside the hotel is really good) The husband stood in line at 53rd for halal gyro. For some reason (white sauce) that one always has a line.

So I went down the street on my own and brought my book and had a wonderful bowl of shredded beef and scallion Korean soup at Chom Chom. My phone was dead so no pics HM.

So I got a little solo time and another fabulous meal.


  1. You did so much in a New York minute Your kids ...adorable. Some day I'll go to the Big APPLE

  2. I haven't been to NYC in years. Sounds like a nice trip!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting on my shawl. I can't wait to see how it turns out either!

  3. What a great, packed filled day. Love clothes bargains.