Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Holiday NYC 2013: Day 1

Saturday evening the boys and I took the red-eye to NYC. I haven't been since I was a kid in my 20s visiting my parents in DC.

I was excited but nervous. I dislike other people's discomfort and disappointment. My desire for everyone to enjoy themselves was at high alert, when The Kid slept for maybe 4 hours on the plane.  

We took our time getting into the city via subway from JFK. We dropped the bags a little sluggish at our hotel, where they offered to try and check us in early.

We went off to the edge of the park for a proper breakfast at Sarabeths. There was construction outside so we had a chance to get seated fairly quickly for a NYC brunch. We just had to endure the noise. This was not a problem as family focus, individual or otherwise was minimal.

So sleepy, but I like the crispy pig mom!

I had "the Popeye" which was scrambled eggs over spinach and grilled ham on gorgeous homemade English muffins and a side of griddled tomatoes. Mm. The Manfriend had the eggs Benedict, classic.

We took a turn around the bottom of the park for constitution.

We then came back and checked into The Parker Meridian where everyone had a rest.

We walked the town some more towards Times Square and had dinner at some Neapolitan pizza place my husband looked up and we had some arugula to validate this:

And this was The Kid's which supplied his breakfast:

The Kid was giddy at  the flagship Toys R Us. They were sold out of the Minecraft poster he wanted, but the store guy thought they might restock the next day. We told him we could return. He skipped back to the hotel. 

A little bedtime reading and a few sleepy rows of knitting later, we went to bed ready for day 2.


  1. Oh boy does that food look good, especially the eggs! I've only been to NYC once. I didn't get to explore Central Park.

  2. looks like such a fun time! I haven't been to NYC for 3 years and we keep thinking of going for an overnight visit. Yum to all that great food!

  3. Oh you came to my city! Sarabeth's is so yummy!! That Toy'R'Us is pretty amazing and oh so crowded during the holidays!

  4. All that food has made me very hungry! Delicious!

  5. I'm so glad you visited my home town!! : )