Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ducks & Horses!

Ducks & Horses is my attempt to tone down the sailor talk. In my knitting mystery, the lady says, "Son of a Sailor." And I have whole-heartedly decided to incorporate that one into the vocab as well. Why? Cause it sounds good. Very Mysterious Benedict Society Sheesh.

The Room is swallowing things again! I was going to wear a pair of comfy dark brown shoes with my new brown skirt to work the other day. They are so comfy that even though they've got some heel, I can walk all around town in them. They are those Born, Mom shoes. I can only find one!

Then the next day I was going to wear a pair of light brown, open toed, cheap but comfy, "almost flats". Guess what? I could only find one ... again!

Snakes & Dogs!

Oh and my fancy hoodie, I thought I put it in the cardigan shelf. And yes, I do have half a shelf in my wardrobe dedicated to cardigans. Well ... it wasn't there! But I think this is under my knitting bag on the trunk. Now, if that sentence didn't reveal something to you about my "lifestyle" you are SILLY! drat!

I wanted to add a feature to my blog that lists posts by labels/categories. I was super excited because there seemed to be a feature within that allowed you to manually select WHICH labels to display in a list. Well my enthusiasm evaporated when I realized said feature doesn't work.

Maybe it's my browser? Ugh, I hate troubleshooting.


The Kid made sad eyes to me in the bathroom while flattening his hair with his hands. (ooga ooga we know not brush is! Two rocks go boom!)"I wish I had Michael Jackson to listen to."

The Kid made sad eyes at me again when I was leaving his classroom and said, "Today is library day. We were supposed to have our books. We left mine at home ..."

Aww Crap man. I really don't feel like takin' this one for the team though. He hardly ever reads all of them, and I always say he should bring them in EARLY, when his Dad has the CAR, which is good for carrying heavy things, since he likes to check out 5 of the heaviest books in the library. Crap!

May 6, and still no sign of the camera.

Bonus, found yarn I forgot I had. AHHHH Love the stash.

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