Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Latest Addition to the Dream

I'm not talking about my nightmares either. I have had plenty of those these week. K-Step says I need to watch what I eat and drink more, so I can minimize my crazy.

So some other bastard won the Mega Millions Lottery. Which really disappoints. As El Diablo says, 7 Million is still small enough that you don't want anyone to know that you are a winner. 226 Million gives you some room to please others and yourself.

Anyways, I want a Craft Case. Technically a Bookcase, but! It will store bins of yarn and notions and important crafty things. And I can organize books and favorite magazines and patterns! yay me! It will be tall to the moulding. Ooooooo I can see it now. It can go where the hideous end table sits in our bedroom. The one where people put random pieces of clothing no one knows what to do with. I think that is also one of the places where the less than satisfactory Christmas presents go.

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