Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Camera! Hello New List!

Things are chugging a long. The swans are singing with the reclaimation of my camera. The chair was picked up today for a month out at the spa being "revitalized" ... in Paisely. HAHAHA

So I must think what else can I shift my focus on?
  • Paperwork in the bedroom.
  • Sorting/Chucking The Kid's school stack.
  • Getting rid of excess clothing for the whole family. Thin it out, move it out.
  • Measure Kitchen cabinets for curtains.
  • Stop being so non confrontational and ask the building manager to fix the hutch cabinets in the livingroom.
  • Get new shelves. (Now that I don't have to pay for a new camera ... this doesn't seem so whacky.)
  • Update my life in photos: Kid, Family and Knitting.
  • Paint at least the hallway
  • Get kid to ride a bike where he's not terrified.
  • Plan vacation without being a brat.

Not necessarily in that order.

Speaking of which -- tried to watch Hoarders the other night while I was knitting, but it got me all choked up and it was SO depressing that I had to switch between that and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Yeah, well fictional murders are less sad than these real people's lives. Anyways, while watching I got off my fat ass and put the knitting needles down long enough to tidy up my nightstand and get rid of 3 pairs of shoes that are taking up space in my shoe rack.

Perhaps I should watch Hoarders more.

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