Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's Happening In My Knitting World

I finally managed to pick up a pair of size 11 needles for my Ally. Which is good, since my grand plan of loaning her out mine went to poop after I realized I could only find 1 needle. (Hmm. need to add reclaimation of size 11 straight needles to the list)

I finished Shirley's baby blanket, got her address ... now I just need to get it to the mailbox. Exciting Times I know. I am slow with these things. It's hard to find time to go to the post office when I'm either en route somewhere with a kid, at work or the joint is closed. Don't Scoff!

I have not started another baby blanket because I feel like I can wait a few weeks before I return to the dark place. Maybe I'll do it after my 37th birthday when I can really have a good cry about how my quality of life window for breeding and potty training has passed. I can knit and crochet pastels while crying into my skeins over the lost smell of baby. ha! I think I've practiced too much for it to be an effective performance. I may have already peaked for that moment of melodrama.

I feel like I am really working hard on that Medano Beach Bag. I brought it into work and compared it to the other kids, it's much smaller compared to IPs but she pointed out she was using larger needles and not following the decrease. However it's much smaller than I remember HM's being as well. Oh well, I think it'll be cute in a mini-version. I'm more worried about actually having proper dimensions and construction than overall size.

I've decided that I'm going to pick up the Shimmery Shame Shawl afterwards. I think it'll make a nice gift for crazy soccer mom AKA the other ES. She's such a nice lady, and she could use some sparkle too.

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