Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update: Chaos Reduction Reduced

Meaning, I haven't really been reducing my chaos. On a good and proper note, I haven't increased the chaos ;)

Things aren't where I want them to be, but I am not forgetting that every bit counts. I am reminding myself, that even when The Lazy hits, there should be something productive I can do to return things to right, moving between rooms.

More good news!

Chair is being picked up on Monday for work.

The Beach bag is making inches, slow and steady but I only missed one day of knitting this weekend!

I found the camera!!!

I know! It's funny I went to see my parents this weekend and I was like, I bet I left it there. Because when I can't find things in my house, I usually left them there. The weird thing is I talk to them pretty regularly and they've never mentioned it. So, today after we were talking a bit I said, "Hey, did I leave my camera here?" And they said, "You sure did."

I'm happy. But it also goes to show how long its been since I've been over for a visit.

It was a nice visit for more than the camera. Really relaxed, but I won't lie...

Yay Camera!

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  1. now you can take pics of all your knitting projects and POST THEM ON RAVELRY (hint hint).