Monday, May 10, 2010

Glorious Yarn!!

How you know when someone has a problem ...

  • They look at others with similar circumstances and say, "oh well, I'm not THAT bad."
  • When they don't participate, "it's an exceptional moment."
  • When in their "circumstances" they don't want to be intruded upon or talked to. In fact ... don't look at me. (*ahem, I mean them.)
  • When they try to squish their stash into too small places, to reduce the "appearance" of said stash.
  • When working multiple projects gives one the feel of "working through the stash" when productivity may still be questionable, or at least completion.
  • When teaching each other stitches, and demonstrating samples, you try to push the stash yarn onto others, to share the wealth, and make others envy the softness of your hoard and justify future purchases. (lookin' at you k-step ... um and the mirror)
  • When friends travel and line up Local Yarn Stores to visit, upon the advice of their bad influence friends and when friends discuss purchases abroad and proper methods of transfer. (*cough, shing, ms.pearlcream)
  • When at work, thoughts turn to one of the current projects you're working on, and you must thrust your hands in your too large for the average person hand bag, to check on your project and "see how it's feeling."
  • When you lay in bed unable to sleep, but you cannot do anymore, b/c your body physically aches.

Yes, I am aware this post feels familiar. Many people, have similar circumstances. It's okay to be a little ashamed. As long as it doesn't get in the way of the knitting and the yarn.

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