Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm wary of people that say they regret nothing. It's just so opposite of what and who I am. I regret so much. Then again it doesn't mean I haven't learned from my past. To me it acknowledges humility.

I could've handled that better.

I wish that person didn't feel that way.

I regret it turned out that way.

I wish I would've done something different.

Why did i say that???

I really thought I was doing/saying the best thing.

I have been trying to write my friend in London an email for 2 weeks now, telling her that I cannot make her wedding. Tell her that I am on testing duty for the Wednesday after her wedding. I had planned on taking a week originally.

I don't know what to do with the kid if I dont take him.

I don't really think I can afford to go with The Kid, or maybe even by myself. It is so expensive right now, just the flight alone.

Yet it tastes so much like regret I can't say just how much. I am so disappointed.

I've decided to not write the email, and see if I can maybe just for for 4 days. One day of recovery, one day for wedding and two days of travel. I may be off my head, but I feel like ... I should try harder. I feel like I'd be missing my sister's wedding -- who asked me to come, but said she would understand if I couldn't.

It all feels like regret.

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