Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sustained Chaos Reduction

So this week, I am making an effort not to plop my ass down as soon as the lunch box is unpacked, dishes done and dinner started.

Mansfield Park may take longer to get through this time.

Which reminds me I just joined the Jane Austen Book Club Group on Ravelry.com. How mcKnerds is that?

-- They are reading Mansfield Park this month as well.

In my non plopping time, I'm immediately tackling junk mail. I'm finding something that get be removed/donated. I am doing things like picking up stuff of the floor that needs to go back to the right place and sweeping. I'm getting the kid to do his part for only a small manageable part and not bitching at him while we do it.

Today, I will shred for 30 mins. I will dust around the bed.

Then! I will plop on my ass and watch the Sharkies and knit! I think I will hold off on Mansfield Park a little bit, so I can see what chapter they are on, and if it was one where I was just like snooze city.

I'm glad to read it again and separate out the movie in my head.

Yay Knitting Knerds!

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