Friday, May 28, 2010

Slow Stitches

The Medano Bag is so slow going. I feel like reaching 11 inches from base up is going to be like swimming 20 laps or 500 yards. It seem right around the corner until you get half way ...

And each time you get towards the turn, the lap counter waves a number still too low under the water...

That has been what it's been like for me when I pull out the measuring tape when I am checking the height of the bag.

I have not really done any uninterrupted knitting except for when I am right about to go to bed. Though I've been OK with it with the family, reading/watching t.v. or playing legos for an hour. However this time is constantly interrupted with help with the lights or reading outloud or dessert fetching.

Anyways I thought maybe I'm just really tired when I'm measuring and therefore my measuring is all wrong. Alas I check in the morning and I'm still short. Sigh.

I like this project, but GEEZ do I want to finish it. There are so many things to do! And I still need to finish that shawl!

Knitting in jello-like speed.

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