Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's in Progress?

I feel completion coming. It's right around the corner and if I might say, it's feelin' frakin' delicious. But that is the delight of anticipation isn't it? But this is even more fantastic, because I KNOW that things will come to fruition. Afterall I'm really in control here.

I have been rotating through 3 projects. The baby blanket, Sian's organic cotton shawl and I have started the Madrona Beach Bag. HM is doing it too, and making fast tracks, I figure I should Knit-Along as closely as I can, so I can ask her for help that is a fresh pattern in her mind. Her expertise and validation, is a key factor in my ability to fall into project paralysis.

I have put the Shimmery Shameful Shawl in hibernation mode. I'm almost done w/ball 2 and probably have 2 more balls to go on the skinny yarn. At least I feel comfortable with the pattern now. Besides, I'm not really sure where this thing will end up. I will finish this ball of yarn after one of these projects finishes up, but I think I will press on to something else.

I have crammed my free time into yarn. I have/had 3 yarn/knitting related social gatherings this week. I may possibly squeeze in another lunch. I brought some knitting to a retirement party. So worth the money to participate, just to be away from my cube a little longer and get a few rows in.

Our long hallway has two bags of balled yarn that still needs to be put away. I balled them at HM's house. I also have the hibernating shimmery shawl hanging out there, because I just haven't put it away, and partly because I'm not sure where to put it. I also have a bag with random leftover project yarn in my bedroom. I'm like a yarn hobo.

Guess I could really use that craft tower now eh? I still think it wouldn't be contained.

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