Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WTF Sock Knitting

No, it's not the name of the hipster knitting class I'm going to take. I want to know what is up with sock knitting. I just really don't have any desire to take it upon myself. Even as a technical skill. I'd much rather learn Intarsia or Hard Core Sweater Making.

Now do I have a problem with Sock Knitters personally? Like do I log in anonymously to blogs or discussion groups and start spittin' some hate on their discussion boards? Why of course not.

However Sock Knitting brings me down. Much like some people get turned off of a conversation the minute someone starts prattling on about sports or a specific sport they don't like.

I love knitting blogs. I like the ones that are written by "professional knitters" that get their primary income in some way, shape or form related to knitting. i.e. designers, writers, shop keepers etc. I enjoy the ones from the online stores. I like the ones by the dabblers, they knit probably obsessively and maybe sell a pattern or two and spend a few too many hours on Ravelry.com, but alas to their dismay, Knitting is not allowed to be a full-time occupation.

What kills me is when they are flooded w/sock posts. Snoozeville.

Maybe I should liken it to this. I'm a Mom. I like my snarky, anime-morning haired kid. But! that doesn't mean I want to know every detail about YOUR snarky stained sleeve weasel, but I'm still going to end up telling you more about mine than you want to know regardless, even if accidentally.

I am so disappointed with the sock posts. I automatically take my surfing somewheres else.

However it is making me sad to be complaining like this. I must not be so hard on Sock Knitting. Afterall, baby patterns are infinitely more boring.

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