Sunday, May 9, 2010

Realizations Come Lately

I found the Canon Battery Charger!

Get this! I found it while I was cleaning my bedroom, and said, hey really ... where is that other brown shoe? And I snuck a peak under the bed, and bent down a little lower, and moved out some man-friend shirt under there ... yay.

Ooops! Still no camera! But! there is hope -- which I know there are a million quotes out there, that could express sufficiently some recent optimism. Especially since I made the effort to tidy up my room and sure enough discovered the new hoodie on the trunk, under the knitting bag, just like colonel moutarde said in a previous post. HA!

My brilliant idea of putting a craft kit in the place of our ridiculous end table will not work. It is too narrow. I will have to measure to see if I can find a suitable "craft tower". But right now that sounds boringo.

I told Man-Friend about my May 15 deadline to find camera before I bought the new one. So he says not necessarily snidely, "So, you lose your camera, and then you buy another more expensive one? Is that how this works?"

And because he asked so nicely, I replied, "Yes."

Welp, today is, "Hey hope you're a responsible person that had a kid day and you contribute to the economy day." This day didn't mean much to me really, but slowly I have learned how to milk it, and make it mine.

Oh noodle house, oh homemade dinner, oh swim or local yarn store, which ones of you shall be mine ...

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