Monday, September 20, 2010

The No Shame Vegas Trip

I never really went to Vegas when I was younger without my parents or my boyfriend ... who now has become legally bound to me. So when I did go it was always pretty wholesome. Even with the BF. We like to people watch, eat, drink and play. But we didn't like to play big tables, and we really didn't go to clubs or want to interact too much with others. Hahaha. We sound so boring!

Well I just got back from a trip with my sister. We flew out for 2 nights to visit with my Mother and her BFF who were having their annual girl's vegas fun time trip. BFF "C" flew out to Hawaii first to see Moms and the Colonel. He leaves for a business trip and they leave for Sin City.

I called to check on them earlier last week right when they got there. The phone call was like talking to giddy girls on Spring Break:

Mom: Hello? giggle. Hello? Is that you honey?

Me: Yes Mom it's me, how are you guys doing?

Mom: Giggle. OMG C! We are having a great time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You HAVE to talk to "C"!

Me: Mom I can barely hear you! What about this weekend are we ....

Mom: Honey the Casino is too loud! "C" can't talk she's talking to her machine. We have to go now bye!

Sister and I had a great time. Our flights were delayed there and back, but aside from small ants in our pants prepared girls used the time productively. I knit, she studied (Chemistry) and in Vegas we gambled some allowance money.

We really had a good time, and we didn't get into any trouble at all. The worst thing we did was take a long time to get ready and go to bed really late (4:50 / 5amish)

Highlights & Happy Moments:
* O show! Duhs I love synchronized swimming, fancy dives even mish mashed with Cirque Du Soleil's french Canadian McCreepy clowns, death, dancing animal spirit things and spooky music.

* Drinking my much needed vegetable servings in Las Vegas via Bloody Mary with "C" playing Community Monopoly.

* Getting over my card table fears and having another go at Twenty One at 1:30 in the morning.

* Walking down the Strip gawking at everyone. Posing for pictures with BumbleBee and Michael Jackson -- for our boys.

* Drinking Sancerre with my sister outside on a perfect weather evening.

* Listening to the world's most polite doucherella in the taxi queue at The Venetian. He was wearing horrible sports jersey with baggy jeans and a Louis Vuitton weekend bag. He was bragging about his expensive drink (that he was drinking out of a plastic cup ... to go), he was bragging about the thousands of dollars he dropped the night before and his friend (on the phone) should know he's "good for it" to have a good time. He also told same friend (girlfriend? escort?) that he was going to spend some money tonight, they were going to have a good time, and not to wear her white house shorts (or something like this) and put on a dress.

Then he turned to me and told me I reminded him of his mother, because I had pulled out a tangerine from my bag (thank you Bellagio Buffet) and ate a half of it. He was waiting for me to finish it. ha. "My Mom always had healthy snacks like that when we were kids. Always had them on her." And then proceeded to ask us all polite like where we were from and if we were having a nice time.


* Watching my mother wreath balloons together with some thread she happened to have on her person, in her jammies and drinking Duncan Donuts iced (no sugar) coffee. hehe.

* Duncan Donuts

* Knowing that God created the following grown-up video games for me: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Monopoly, Pompeii, Triple Diamonds SLOT MACHINES

* A group of Jersey boys on their way back to New York in the airport recapping their trip. They might've experienced a "little more" shame than us.

* My sister. My mother. A grown up moment appreciating things close and afar.

** Regardless of the fact that when the boys picked me up from the airport my son was unable to pick his head up out of Tintin to say more than a french hand wave of, "Hi" I was happy to see them.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Pick Me Ups for the Superficial

Below is a list of go to make it better items that may or may not have redeeming qualities or may on the other hand display the full-range of my shallow sinful existance. However these items, help prevent the pity party and remind me that lots of things can make you smile, if you do something about it instead of fret.

* Buy a $1 scratcher lottery ticket. hehe. love the sense of reveal. even when nothing matches on the card, the fact it could've or might maybe next time is comforting.

* Soup. Seriously, I can eat it for breakfast and it will make the say seem more promising. I feel satiated, but not overwhelmed.

* Knitting a few rows. Provided I don't screw them up, instant gratification. Productivity and meditation all in one.

* Lipgloss/Chapstick/Lipbalm. Because it reminds me to take care of something small that makes me appear I care without all the self-consciousness of lipstick during the day.

* Earl Grey Tea with Milk & Sugar. Better than any chocolate chip cookie for me when I need something sweet and feels like a hug. (Granted I am not a sweet tooth)

* Fishing for Affection. I am lucky I have a very nice man-friend and a fairly compassionate child. So ... I can call (at an appropriate time) during the day and say hi to Man-friend, and ask him something mundane about dinner plans. Or I can be 15 year old cheezy, "just wanted to say hi." and I'll get my "have a nice day dear, love you". I can fluff The Kid's eternal bed-head and get a squishy hug or say, "Hey! I love you, you know." "i knoooooooow. love you too Mom."

I'll take it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Honorable Mentions & Gold Stars

I had some personal improvements that I've been working on that made some progress this week, but nothing that will get me a blue ribbon. On the otherhand, also did some fun things that definitely merit Gold Stars ...

Honorable Mentions
Bagged up clothes and shoes. Kid began a bag in the hallway. Recycle Queen! Can't be gold star with so much more to do!

Scrubbed the private hell out of my fridge. Inside I wiped it down two more times to make up for neglect.

Dented paperwork for various kid functions. No gold star because it's not done.

Went with Man-friend to get The Kid his first bicycle. No Gold Star, because we still need to teach him how to ride it, and my father thinks we should've given him one that he has.

I hit tennis balls against a wall. No Gold Star, because I should've hit with a friend or hit for longer.

Gold Stars
Pioneer Tree Trail Hike at Samuel P. Taylor State Park with the kids. Lame - I forgot my shoes and had to do it in wedge flip flops.

Brunch in San Anselmomomo at L'Apart. Mizuna salad happiness and lemonade with Kennebec fries. Who knew I would like the flavor of pear in my Moules?

Hanging with Madam B. She's so witty and observant and hospitable. Our kids play nice and her husband is nice too. Dangerous when I feel that relaxed at someone else's house I don't know so well. Hope to find some time for an afterschool date.

Going into Michael's craft store and only coming out with the knitting needles I needed.

Shaking off the bad knitting vibe and reknitting the All Day Beret. It still looks like funky. Like I won't gift it to the Good Girl at this point, but I am enjoying the way the pattern feels. I can knit it fast and I will finish it. I won't lie. I'm secretly hoping that it all works out in the end, worn by someone.

Somehow making it to work despite not sleeping well for days. Hmm, maybe this should be an honorable mention.