Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Trying to enjoy the hours: Highlights of the happy

It's been a long time since I last posted. A number of reasons. The main one I think is that I'm not knitting as much. I was baking a lot since soccer and softball were underway, but it was much of the stuff I've shared before.

And this is what's been happening, much of the same stuff as I've shared before.

It's ok. I've worked really hard at being as boring as this.

But I'm not bored, and honestly I don't think I'm all that boring. I like stuff, I like to do stuff. I know some nice people that like to hang out :)

(I think I'm pretty funny, but my son thinks my jokes are super bad. Bad like they stink, not like Michael Jackson Bad which is cool. in case you weren't sure what we all mean.)

Lately, I'm trying to think and SAY good things and not just be the natural snarky snot of commentary that runs in the back of my head. It's important to back down if all you are about to do is yuck someone else's yum. I think I have been working on battling some of the inner negative. I was wound a little tightly coming out of the winter, more than I like to admit.

I miss knitting. I started up again this week. Yes, normally I miss a day or two but never as long as it's recently been. I'm knitting some socks for my friend Miche that I hope will fit.

The last pair I knit were for my friend, Georgia.

I still have big knitting dreams, but I'm tired a lot. I sleep better, I exercise more and I'm trying to stay on top of my laundry more. Laundry is so overwhelming it really is. So instead of knitting when I'm watching sports, I've been doing laundry. Remember 1 machine for 6 units in the building, I gotta be on it. ha!

The world, the grind. I'm keeping pace. I'm ok. So here are a few highlights of happy:

Molasses Cookies

Strawberry Buttermilk Cake w/crusty sugar top!

Smitten Kitchen's Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Coffee Cake. You fold the whipped egg whites INTO the batter. FLUFFY.

Any Yay! It's Time for the World Cup!! Send me all your duplicate stickers ;)

Find your happy. xoxo