Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Glamour Shot

The best compliment for a knit gift is when the recipient wears them. I am chuffed.

Enough said.

Her kids are gorgeous with or without the knits. It's a picture of the picture on my fridge so there is a bit of morning sunshine reflected in it, sorry it's so Inception.

Friday, March 8, 2019


I know all you quilters out there got all excited. Ooo, maybe she made the jump!

Alas, I haven't. My craft life is in chaos as it is so friends, I really think it's going to take retirement to get me to quilting. I have ONE quilting goal right now, and that is to put together a very basic Christmas Quilt because:

1) I love Christmas
2) I love a theme

So in the meantime I will continue to collect Christmas fabric remnants and eventually I'll work on cutting pieces. Then, and this is a big maybe I'll learn to use a sewing machine. LOL

My mother spent so much time telling me to be careful or I'd sew my finger when I was little (4?) I never wanted to be near one of those devil machines. I did love my Grandmother's sewing machine in Thailand. It was old fashioned with a pedal. It was absolutely beautiful and let me feel in control, but that was many decades ago...

Well I've been back on the garment sweater train and I'm struggling. I cannot work on this sweater very much because I need at least an hour at a time to address construction or more accurately said, errors. Ha!

My latest roadblock shows me I read the pattern wrong, probably ended a section on the wrong side and am now turned around w/not enough stitches to start the next section of Fisherman's rib.

So I am thinking I'm going to just hack it. I'm a little concerned that my gauge is off and it's going to be tiny, but so be it. If it is, I will give it to a girl child and move on.

I crave progress right now. Unfortunately it will probably have to wait until Sunday because I have a ton of things to do.

Before I go off and begin the weekend of stuff I will leave you with this most excellent brownie recipe. I left out the chocolate chips and frosting because, why gild the lily and it's sweet enough on it's own. If it's not, slap on some sweet cream ice cream or whipped cream. The boys were very pleased with this one. I plan on making a batch from my friend who is returning to work after a bit of medical leave.

What's been on your weekend agendas?