Monday, September 24, 2012

Knitting Woes Instead of Wows

Can you feel the weight of the gray that is called my knitting sadness? Can you hear the lament of sheep in the distance?

My friends, I bound off the lovely, inspired Color Affection that thousands of projects have come to fruition from. The fabric had stitched up so nice.

But in reality, my end result, sucked only the way a project touched by me can.

This will not make a decent gift.

The three color striped section was pulled too tightly between color changes (horrible technique I know, trust me, the shame is there!). There is pulling, puckering and basically a ruffle on that one end.

I think about it and feel sad.

I know, I know, frog it and try again. The yarn is lovely. But I feel like I would definitely do it again, to conquer it, to clean my technique. On the other hand, not w/that yarn. Like, I can't ... I just can't with that combination. I need a true fresh start.

So do I just donate it or try and salvage the yarn?

I can't think about that right now.

My case of the knitting sads was bad, like sit in a corner, pet yarn with a glass of wine bad. I had Sunday evening to knit, but I didn't feel like I deserved to, or inspired or whatever. I was "afraid" of picking up Aidez and screwing that up to. (Paralyzed by fear ... a running theme, yes I know)

What to do?

I picked up my Wonder Blanket and just knit garter stitch row after garter stitch row, hoping to feel better. I did. That knitting validation was coming back, and just like this project, it's been very easy going and natural. I knit on this basic piece of happiness still more than my other projects combined.

I am still mourning Color Affection but at least I can still knit forward.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The obvious report

I have an iPhone. I don't know how to use it much. I found out there is a maps app this weekend. I also forget I can take fancy photos of things.

If you don't drink enough water, you get dehydrated.

If you don't eat by the time you are supposed to, it can make you cranky, even if you are old and chubby like me.

There is never enough time to knit.

It's very hard to take photos of in progress knitting when it's bunched up on circulars.

Decluttering only works if you actually take the stuff out of the house and not just lined up in your hallway.

Uploading photos takes so much longer than I think, but keeping them on the computer and not sharing ... doesn't count.

Pedometers only work if you put the battery in them, and set a pace.

And that is the rundown of how I am still skipping the obvious.