Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reading is not funny or fundamental. Reading makes me dysfunctional.

Long ass title right? Yeah, I know. You know why? Because of this crazypants reading thing.

They tell me it's supposed to be good for your brain.

They L I E D.

Last night, being the "smart" person that I am always faking to be I decided to take an ergonomic rest from repetitive boring syndrome called fixing my latest striped garter stitch project, I decide to read.

The Giants were already working my stomach acids and I sensed extra innings and the knitting was simply not "one off" distracting enough. So I Nook it up and see where I am in the Impending Doom and Ever INcreasing sense of foreboding and Medeval/Fantasy crazy pants world of Game of Thrones.

The next thing I know Buster Posey has got a busted ankle and the Giants won't pull a win out of their special place no matter how hard they try. I imagine Buster's wife was freaking out while watching this. (See! I do have empathy!!) I tell myself whoa, it's late, I'll just finish this chapter and get my snooze on.

The snooze doesn't come until 2am, when I really can't stand the Queens any longer and I'm not sure if it's because of the actions or I'm just getting grumpy.

Insert crazypants face here when I realize that 1) I am going to get max 4.5 hrs of sleep, and 2) I am not able to actually fall asleep until I imagine my fantasy world and their characters doing their mischief in my MIND's EYE.

(sorry for the Kanye caps, but it's residual late night reading crazy pants)

Anyways, this morning was OK, I didn't feel rough until about 10:30 until I realized it was 10:30 and snails move faster than me at work. Impressive no?

Functioning at a pace which is unacceptable.

Fake it, break it, fix it, make it better, do it faster and make the happy face!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Mish & The Mash

Last night The Kid and I flew back from Honolulu just after 9pm. It was a rough flight for me. The Kid has had these weird bouts of wretching or gagging lately that we have not been able to understand. He gets texture conscious and has been known to throw up in public.

So of course he has a spell the night before at what my parents were hoping was a special dinner.

So of course he has a spell on the airplane after eating three Mentos. I wonder if it gave him some kind of post nasal drip. Anyhow, I am not sure when it is diet related and when it is isn't. I've seen him chew too fast on a piece of bread and it start up.


This is a gross post. I really am sorry.

The stress has been eating at me. The truth is I get worked up about everything and anything to the point of no validation, so I really was a gem this week. My stomache feels like a battlefield.

On the otherhand I drank the koolaid this week and went to a Zumba class with my Mom. It was absolutely fun, the fastest hour of cardio I've ever done ... while clock watching which is saying something. On the other hand I could absolutely NOT look at my mother. She is so cute while she gets her Zumba on. She thinks the lady in front of her w/the pink shorts needs more zest and needs to put some more effort into her moves. ha!

I think I will try to take a class with Ovando after work one day just so I can "write home" about it. Besides Ovando is kind of like my other sister/mom. Same goofy humor and all, I probably won't be able to look at her when she Zumba's either ha!

On the way out to Hawaii I managed to knit a lot. The Kid was a little impatient, but made tame by a combination of electronics (the ipod and the Nook). I managed a few rows on the flight home after The Kid started to feel better, but during one of his many trips to the bathroom (induced by heavy liquid drinking to quell the gag reflex) he managed to take my new "Different Lines" project down the aisle with him. We were an interesting sight, me chasing him and my yarn and needles dragged by skinny ankles ... ha! Anyways, I thought I picked up all my dropped stitches, but something is all wonkerella about it. I started to back it out towards the end of the flight, but really was just so bone defeated ... it will have to wait.

So tired today, did not even bother packing yarn in my bag.

Mini can of sprite = tasty, less sugar, and a happier belly. Oh and the packaging is SUPER cute.

However in the name of better health and to make my cubemate happy, I will try to eat mini yogurts for Ovando. Can I start next week?

I feel like WEBS ( is trying to corrupt me. I actually took a sale mail out of my trash box to double check and see what they were promoting. Please Lu, Bananas, send help now.

Why am I obsessing with the yarn again? Because when I went to look up other people's comments on Different Lines I saw someone's "palette" version: sweet jesus that's lovely. And of course now, a seed has been planted.

I was a good girl and took my camera with me to Hawaii, The Kid seemed to rediscover his picture taking enjoyment first with my sister's camera and my own point and shoot at the beginning of the trip, and then discovered how cool his new Fuji instant max is. I will have to start budgeting my happy money for regular film supplies.

Now, if I can actually get some photos online by the end of the holiday weekend ... that WOULD be impressive, and my mother might actually love me a little more.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflections on the Bay to Breakers

1) Trust my instincts. Next time, just take the MUNI, do not try and take a taxi part way down. I added another mile to my journey because I panicked when I saw the early Corrals running near my house. The taxi was only able to get me half way there anyhow because or rerouted traffic. Ellen has yet another duh moment.

2) On naked people running: wow, it just seems so ... bouncey! I think I saw one man and one woman under the age of 35 naked. Everyone else was older ... and harrier.

3) I haven't run/walk the Bay to Breakers in 12 years. When did it become a tradition to throw tortillas at the start? It seems so ... dirty, you know ... litter-wise.

4) This year was the first "dry" race. No alcohol was allowed. Of course people were drinking, mainly the youthful collegiate crowd. I understand why the rule is in place, though it did seem to take away from the spirit of the race before ... after doing the race, it was still fun and festive, we just don't like people telling us no I suppose.

However I am just not one to really mix the booze with any sort of physical exertion. I've always liked my booze, ass in chair. couch, beach lounge, pool side, bar stool. But I am a simple girl.

5) By the time I'm finished with this race I don't like to hang around at the festival and eat and "trick or treat" for samples. Dairy at a race? That just seems wrong. You still have at least a mile to walk to get to transportation.

6) Old people problems. I went out and walked more, afraid to be still. I stretched standing up. I stretched on a foam rollie. I even stretched in a hot shower. It doesn't matter. I will stretch again before I go to bed, but every inch of me (esp. the lower half) is beginning to tense up. I am beginning to walk bow-legged down the long hall of our small flat. uh oh ... wait until tomorrow.

Oui, C'est V'rai .. Photo Crazypants

Enjoy it folks. Photos come once a year ...

This is my knitting (the seed stitch cowl) enjoying some well earned onion soup ...

This is the harry pooper potter sweater going over the golden gate bridge:

These are Liz's handwarmers going over the bridge:

This is J-SIL's sweater going over the bridge
Are you sensing a theme? Are you sensing that I like to knit in the car? You might be right.

Believe it or not. All but one (the sweater) is completed.

Tonight I take on the task of a garter border on Ale's blanket. The question is, can I pick up the stitches neatly or not ... ooo  crazy talk!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pictures, cheers!

I am known for my history revision. I can have a photo and I will have my own story about what happened or what that person was feeling. But lately I feel like I need the picture. I feel greedy to remember and not forget. I bought one of these from photojojo:

The Kid loved the old mini polaroid camera I had before the film died and the camera died. Even when the old film was developing in rainbow dark shadows he was still excited. I think it's an appropriate follow up item -- fun for the whole family!

Today the school is doing the first day of U.N. Days. Where each classroom represents a nation and there are food samples and decorations and projects that represent the nation's culture. The Kid was SO excited. He is convinced it is the best event all school year. He was up early this morning putting the kettle on to get me going. Encouraging me to perhaps not take a shower or we might be late (We were also responsible for donating Gouda cheese ... guess our nation?!?)

On the way, I asked him if he would like to borrow the camera. He said, "No, that's okay."

"I thought you liked taking pictures?"

"I do."

"Are you embarassed to take them in front of the other kids."


"Okay, well you shouldn't feel embarassed about it, it's something you like, but I understand."

There was more rambling about it not hurting anyone, don't take pictures of people who don't want it etc. That was incredibly long and boring.

However it makes me feel like I need to encourage him in this, maybe when we are alone or when he's with his Dad. Not friends public pressure.

He used to take pictures all the time. I remember putting together an online photobook with him in Kindergarten he was so control freaky it was funny. But now he is older and more self conscious. Therefore I need more snaps.

Because once upon a time it was this:
And yes that's a scanned old timey photo back when ravioli was an amazing brand new experience

This one, was Kindergarten, when things were still so innocent and things were exciting like these pretty flowers. "Mom aren't they beautiful?" and agreeing to take pictures was the norm.

before we had to take surly mug shots for soccer teams (thanks coach P) showing our general feeling about everything ...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Kid: Expectations Edition

His expectations or mine? Let's do a comparison shall we?

Me: Manners are important. Get used to saying and doing the right thing, make it natural. See list of 25 Manners kids should know by 9  Thankfully the title of the post says, "should know". So it's not really a compliance list ha!


Me: Knowing is not good enough, mister.

Him:You're really bossy.
Most of it is common sense, but I know yelling or long winded boring explanations is not the best parenting but still common sense fails me without reminders.

And you all know how I love a list ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am the Ninja

I move ... sneaky sneaky. My feet look smaller than they should.

I bought black running shoes.

It feels strange. I had/have a hard time with them. But they were the only color in my size. They are last year's version and they were almost 50% cheaper than this years. Also, my sister AND the shop girl felt my existing running shoes were rather beat up.

Sister said, "I like them. Black shoes are actually very trendy.*"

She said, "You're like a Ninja in them."

So I had to Ninja pose in Sportsbasement. At first I was sort of in my own world with my sister, so I wasn't really conscious that we weren't in a fitting room and everyone could see me.

Yet, when I walked in front of the mirror ... and tried to channel the Ninja, I came back to my sister and posed again. I knew there were other people there. I didn't really care.

I am the Ninja.

Besides I think only one other patron noticed the chubby girl in small shoes vogueing Ninja stances.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I dream in knit

Last night as I finished the last batch of cookies after making a vegetable red curry with questionable outcome. (It seems sweet ... that wasn't my mother's coconut milk I tell you!) I thought. Geez, that was nice, my kitchen is rather tidy, but I didn't really get to knit they way I wanted to, and tomorrow we have guests so I won't get to knit the way I want to either.

I will never finish BFF's shawl. Then, I read this:

I am towards the end of this project, knitting on public transportation and soccer practice and, using madelintosh sock so there was a lot of "me too!" while reading this post. However surprisingly, I'm eyeing my stash and considering doing it again very soon, perhaps on my whirlwind trip to Hawaii. I read her mod, "11 stripes" and I'm thinking "doh!" -- why didn't I think of that?!? I don't think I'll have enough to finish now ... In the best words of Scarlett O'Hara (and since I won't be able to freak-knit until the weekend) "I can't think about that right now."

What's also In Progress? or In the queue?
  • This Lacy Stole from Lion Brand in Cascade Pima Cotton Green. Tediuous, but not boring.
  • This seed stitch cowl is STILL not done. ALMOST THERE ... This is tedious AND boring, however it will look nice ... just like a few bad dates;)
  • Sister in Law J is patiently waiting for her endless cardigan. Good thing I targeted next school year.
  • And of course how simple would life be if I didn't STILL have Ale's blanket on the needles ...
Admittedly I am redundant. I am purposely not listing what I want to do next. There is plenty. Seeing how much I have in progress was rather ... sobering. I will say one item upcoming is our knit along at work ... Rock Island. I think it will be very challenging for me, and completely different from something I would normally gravitate towards.

I have been reading a bit about knitting in public. I read a lot of things like, "Knit in public! Let them Stare!" Whoa, I never even thought (except once at a basketball game) that my knitting in public could possibly offend anyone. Crazypants! It's not like I'm having some phone conversation on the bus where everyone is learning about my personal life or business habits -- not like those brief, "Okay you pick up the chicken.", but the long winded detailed ones. *you know who you are.

Well I don't care. I'm knitting anywhere I have space or time. However if it demands eye contact ... that goes into questionable, and one must use context and common sense or more crazy pants ... ask if it's okay.

I refuse to feel dirty about it.

Well, here's to champagne wishes and knitting dreams ...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Open Letter to HM

Whoa, having you out of the office for this block of time has totally made me realize how co-dependent I am. You realize that my whole thinking outloud with you is actually, me gathering important useful information in my most lazy beast manner, asking you -- since you are of quality reference and no B.S. (esp. if you don't have the answer.)

I have had to consolidate my rambling for this open letter into focus points of appreciation.
For Pork & Shrimp Dumplings can this recipe be steamed? You know if I'm not going to fry a wonton I prefer my dumplings steamed. However I don't believe all dumplings are made equal. Do I know what qualifies as something fit to be steamed? No, no I don't, so YOU HM must tell me.

Leeks look lovely right now. I'd love to do them with meat, but pork again? Really? Should I try ground chicken? Don't ask me to do a squash. El Boringo. Get your sugar out of my dumplings! I guess I could do leeks and mushrooms right?

When describing to Pearlcream my steamed dumpling dilemna, she said, "It depends on the type of dumpling skin. Honestly I just buy mine."

And it's true you know. I usually just buy the skins. But perhaps in your absence I feel the need to channel you and attempt to get in touch with inner culinary control freak. As I told Pearlcream, my life is chaos, I'll probably never get in touch with my ICCF. FYI I'll probably just buy dumplings at Nijiya.

I dreamt about Silktest scripting this weekend. I think that my brain has officially disowned me. Even in my dreams my testplan was failing on the Stage environment. Why does Silktest hate me? Why? I was so close to completion on Friday ... so ... close.

Is Shia dating a Vietnamese girl? Not to sound incredulous. I know! Am I horrible because her last name is Pho -- making assumptions?

I am still working on that striped shawl for Anne. Yes ... still.

The English P's are supposed to come over for dinner post swimming lesson on Thursday. Desperate, I asked Harrigan in the blue room to "go over the menu" with me. Ha! He's like,  "yeah you're totally co-dependent."

However in case you are wondering (it's the usual suspects) we are looking at prepping out a red vegetarian curry the night before. If the salmon looks good Wed, I'm doing a few small pieces almost appetizer style for crispy toppers. Cabbage and Pork dumplings -- steamed. The boys will get Skillet Porkchops (start on the stove, finish in the oven) with wedge russet fries and fresh english peas w/butter, salt and pepper. Market options? Well, maybe substitute out the salmon with kalbi and homemade dumplings with frozen ones. I have literally 1.25 hrs to have dinner on plates by 6:45. I'm thinking it will be 7pm. But we'll see.

We all miss you, but you know of course I am the most dramatic about it. I carry a waded up piece of tissue with me when I pass your cubicle. ;)