Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Finish FYI: I still loathe sewing buttons on.

So my friends, I managed to sew some buttons on The Henry Sweater.

I've been telling everyone and anyone who will listen I am not sure how I feel about the double-breasted look and functionality. Feels kinda fussy for a small gassy person.

I do love the old man look of it.

Shaking your fist at the kids to get off your porch pose ...

Ellen the Knitter, lovin' the old man look since the 70s

I think I actually wanted to knit something different with this yarn since I have quite a bit left over, but that's okay. I think the pattern looks good in the Plymouth Tweed. And of course, now I'm in the middle of an obligatory extra yarn hat. I think I'd like to wrap this gift in a receiving blanket just to be cute. Too try hard?

Word on Ellen street is an old co-worker has also had a little boy this month. Perhaps I should try to knit him another baby sweater eh? As you know Baby Sophisticate is my go to, but I'm not in the mood. I hear that the Gramps cardigan is great, but looking at all those cables is giving me hives. I want to turn something out quickly and get back to my summer shawls and socks and things I will start but may never finish this calendar year ;)

I'm looking at Oscar right now. Maybe Harvest. But then if I'm really concerned about time and I have adequate striping quantity, it might have to be another  little coffee bean.

Thoughts, feelings or other recommendations are always considered and appreciated.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cast on, Cast off: Cast Cozy

My friend at work broke her foot while exercising. She was doing some light warm up jogging and she felt that, "something".


Sure enough it was a clean break. I'm not sure, but it sounded like a stress fracture, which doesn't surprise me. She's been super active and athletic since she was just a wee lass. Did I mention she's a black belt? Yeah ... 

Anyhow, a life of crutches and cast for 6 weeks  ... I wanted to make her something that would I dunno, show some supportive spirit and maybe keep the bottom of her cast from getting too dirty. 

Originally I got it into my head to just knit a giant tube and then when I did a circumference test over her cast, I realized how awkward it would look. So ... I thought, GIANT SOCK! Also this way she keeps her toes and heel cozy! Cast cozy!

I used some worsted acrylic I had in my stash.

I dropped it off at her office while before I left for the river. I asked her to send me a few photos for knitting friends. I'm so glad it fit!

But what's more hysterical is that it seems her beautiful but ginormous cat person has decided to claim it. What's up with Cats & Yarn? 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to the real world, but I'm definitely in summertime mode

Re-entry to work was not too bad. I admit I was not at full speed. I managed to be late a few minutes and still forgot my headphones. I'm like a teenager where I need some secondary stimulation to work "in the zone." You know, like knitting with the t.v. on or an audiobook...

Anyhow today was also the first day of soccer camp for The Kid, so you know I was worried about getting him ready for his ride (which was coming after I left the apartment). He was fine, but I was still fussing. I actually went back to the apartment after a block away to confirm he packed a water bottle (it's a warm day) and I was secretly glad he hadn't so I had a reason to validate my sMothering.

The Manfriend and I both agreed our week at the Russian River was a success. We enjoyed it, we are not going to get divorced, we still like children ours, as well as others. We were active with some canoeing, swimming and hiking, and we were lazy loungers with knitting, video gaming and movie watching and reading. Lots of card playing. I might have a Rummy 500 problem. More than once I grilled a few 11 and 12 year olds on their "point totals". I concede these children probably have better math skills than me. :)

While at the river, I showed you we cooked a lot, I baked a lot. I tried to make homemade things that even if they were sweet, were at least, made with stuff that wasn't too manufactured. I really didn't eat much of it. Somehow I don't really indulge in my own baked goods that much, except for really large chocolate chip cookies. I kind of want to make out with them. They make excellent "bread" for ice cream sandwiches. swoon. I'll have to do that ... soon. 

Oh wait where was I in the ramble?

But now, I am back in "the real world" of responsibilities and other people not wearing beachesque gear, I have a bit of a tan. I wore a dress and espadrilles to work. I have fully embraced summer.

However all I can think about is ice cream and junk food. Ugh! I know right? What's wrong with me? Hot weather and fatty foods are a big no no! Even if you're a skinny minnie that stuff can make you feel heavier and more bloated than you are. 

I'm so conflicted! As I was walking out at lunch, I caught myself thinking about trying to lap swim a bit this summer and then I also thought, a frapuccino with whipped cream and chocolate sauce would be like celebrating my birthday at lunchtime. I thought it would be okay if I just had that for lunch. (but technically I ate my lunch before lunch time so you know, it wasn't as if I was forgoing anything, ha!)

Now I explain this to you, because it's not really a healthy eating tirade, mindful of moderation. blah bitty blah. I'm not going to boss anyone around that. Crap, I can't even boss myself around on that, obviously. I think what is interesting here is that I so clearly associate summertime with junk food. 

I actually read a review for Smoreos. Did you know this? This is a thing? Smore flavored Oreos? Now there are two sets of people. One who are pretty grossed out about this and probably not huge packaged foods/Oreo people anyhow, and that's okay. And then there are the other half, that are like me and known to dabble in the, "I know that sounds crazy but I think i have to try it." sphere.

Color me crazy. I'm going to sneak a try this week. I will bring them to the office so I can see how my co-workers feel about it. I live with 2 people that are in the "pretty grossed out" category, so they would go to waste at home.

Next up, moving on from my appetite for destruction to my appetite for construction (Guns n' Roses -- anyone? anyone?) I will show some knitting this week. I've got a cast cozy I made for a friend of mine who broke her foot. I also finished knitting Henry's Sweater, which requires some button sewing and blocking before I post on it. It's doing the edge curling thing that makes me twitchy when I look at it. I swear, it better block out! Also I managed to cast on for Twinleaf

It's sMiles of garter stitch and shaping up to be a relaxing summer knit. But I think I'm only half way on the border right now, so it's early days.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning of June whether you're knitting, eating junk food or going for your 10k steps. Be happy in hearts and minds.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Vacation Eating

We are winding down our week at the river. It's been lovely. However with a rental comes a lot of cooking. Definitely more than I do normally. We aren't home for 3 meals a day and dinner is via take out or eat out once a week with my schedule.

We also are cooking for The Kids lovely guests. Good boys, good eaters and good behavior influences (both have siblings).

Also my Dad came up and we had a great canoe trip and some tasty meals - surf & turf!

Now Auntie A. is visiting with Mabel dog and another wave of summer tastes are playing up.

Here are some samples:
Butterflied, grilled roaster chicken

Raspberry chocolate chip muffins

Fresh snack plate 

Grilled asparagus

Grilled Korean style short ribs 

Knitting is happening, but a lot of cooking too.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

At the river

Summertime and the livin' is easy...

Off to a good start. The Russian River is allowing us some fun and relaxation. 

The Kid got up at 6:52 to make his friends eggs. (Man friend helped out slicing the back bacon)

Everyday is a trip in the canoe, a wade through the water. There have been and will be day guests. There have been and will be treats cooked in a strange kitchen.

Marshmallow and raspberry brownies.

So far I am a monogamous knitter. Just working the double breasted Henry baby sweater.

I always pack too much knitting for vacations, but who knows, maybe I'll get a chance to cast on something new.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Brown and a little Bulky

No, this is not some of my trademark self deprecating humor, it's my finished cardigan.

I fixed the edging and it worked out well.

The hood is a cute touch and functional.

However, I still don't like the garter stitch upper body. It adds a bulk and block to my upper body I do not need.

Also the yarn is too dark for the gentle lace. That said, I'd knit it again 😜. In gray without the garter. Maybe this winter?

I'm in the country --river side this week, so hopefully between cooking for everyone there will be some knitting and more posts. Jesse is probably sad for me out in the knitting universe since it appears I've left my kindle at home ... More knitting!