Friday, December 23, 2011


In my attempts to gain holiday spirit I'm going to share with you.

1) I'm going to knit some Korknisse. I think the Kid will be pleased.

2) I'm going to hang the yarn wreath, no matter how ugly it turns out.

3) HM has shared with me this brownie santa hat recipe that I'm going to make my Christmas dessert.

4)This is the Crazy Pants Christmas Eve Menu:
Cheese Plate with Membrillo & Fig Jam, Marcona Almonds, Olives
Roasted Sausages & Caramelized Onions, Dijon & Crusty Bread
Roast Chicken Ala Ellenesque

*Crab with choice of Vietnamese lime salt or melted butter
Beer Boiled Prawn Cocktail

Roast Vegetable
California Salad with Henry's "Shake Well" Vinagrette

Ama's famous butter Christmas butter cookies
Santa Hat Brownies

*Subject to change due to quality/availability/kitchen fatigue

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy Hot Pockets! Christmas is really close!

I got through the end of last week's deadlines a little rough, but OK.

I have since had a chance to raise a glass of holiday cheer with some lovely friends, and have a sentimental dinner with my dear husband, host The Kid's best pal, and trim the tree.

Gift knitting makes slow progress since it appears (as with all aspects of my life) I must make a a multitude of mistakes before i can grasp completion. Two examples:

1) The modified Mothed sweater. I did not include the eyelet sleeves, just good old fashioned bell sleeves 17" long instead of 18". I thought I was on a roll, until I realized I was going to be almost 4" short when I was binding off for the 2nd sleeve. I had to pull back the first sleeve. Now I have a modified Moth with 3/4 sleeves. Really it's fine.

2) The log pillows are angry with me. The yarn is angry, one US 15 double-point needle splintered in anger at me and the knitted caps were a complete bust. I told myself I needed to channel the generations before and try and crochet the caps. At least I finished the body of the pillows right? I'm down to my final week. Well, after tearing apart my knitting notions again... I realize I do not own an "I" crochet hook anymore.

One more thing to procure during these spendy days with stingy time.

I had not planned on giving the adults anything more than "hostess gifts" this year like I always do. However my Aunt suggested we get my father a Chicago Beef Sandwich kit and it was too good of an idea to forgo. He is difficult to get things for on a good day, so this seemed like a great opportunity to do something fun and easy. The problem is I'm now having absolute guilt about not getting other people (the other set of parents and in-laws) something specific. However where we are now, will seriously crush the budget and I'm up against the timeline. I also worry it will set a precedent. I like having Christmas be about the kids and the sparkle and the eats and the small friend treats (hey I'm rhyming I feel some holiday happy coming on!) Everything else, is just painful.

It appears that the Man Friend and I have had a miscommunication over the menu for Christmas Eve and we have both decided to reassess the situation. We will naturally keep things tasty, but we need to be honest about how much work we are taking on, and what if anything has the potential to make prep too stressful to enjoy the day.

Bah, we always have Christmas Day to enjoy and fart around on slow mo.

Also it appears that we have not solidified plans for going anywhere next week. I know, we are unbelievable we really are. I was willing to book it out, but then over dinner on Saturday he tells me, "Well, I'm not sure when the contractors are coming to the restaurant now."

Oh really?

Whatever, it will be a week off of school / work together. I'm sure it will all be dandy like candy. I'd rather have my moments of "Now what?" peppered with what are we going to do with this wonderful time we have together vs. "Now (TF) What?!?" As in what the hell is going on now?" or "What the Jane Austen should I be doing next?"

Well, the days and nights are running out about as fast as my kid's patience. I better hop to it. As of today, I'm going to dwell on the positive. I gave into the holidays "excuse". My December has been to whiny. No more of that. I'm going to roll-back to November a bit. A more thankful time. See you on the sunshine side...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I feel like today I should really write about more than just putting things off.

Today I should write about honestly. This honesty is partly based in knowing that I will either put things off because I'm lazy, or because by the time I have to do things, I have other priorities and engagements that perhaps were not expected to be scheduled but are.

I should also mention that in some cases this is all workable. However if it's relate to your son's school and "the children" are depending on you to deliver, you should really, really think about this.

I scheduled a dinner party the day before Art Entries are due for the district contest. The forms are pretty much filled out. This year they asked for digital copies. Most of that is done.

There is one file ... that I MEANT to review this weekend and deal with. I didn't. I had company and then a family function. This is on ME. This is how things simply work. I did not buffer appropriately. It will get done.

I will have to reach another level of crazy first.

Really, can we discuss why a .mov file is not okay now? Why they tell you to download "any converter from google"? ANY? dear god, have you never had a virus before? Lucky bastards.

Anyhow. This is my own fault. And the fact that I create my own crazy depresses me.

Falalala will be on hold for a few more days.

ps: The attendance for xmas eve is up to 15 now. I'm working till the day before (xmas eve ... eve?). Color me screwed.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things you shouldn't say to your Son In Law

Based on personal experience.

"She can get moody."

"No take backs!" and then giggle at the wedding reception.

"Oh your wife had the same problem as a kid ..." (in reference to your child's habit for chronically wearing their clothes inside out and backwards) "In fact some times she would forget clothes! I remember when she forgot to wear underwear on her way to the bus stop for Kindergarten! Did I tell you that one? I love that one!"

"Don't buy her diamond earrings. She'll just loose them."

"Why don't you want to have anymore babies?"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Off Kilter Again

If one thing you can count on me for, it's having awkward moments.

Often I am just a wild child and like to repeat my mistakes. You know, perfecting awkwardness is awesome.

Sometimes I just feel off kilter and don't know why.

Today I know why. My clothes, my outfit are not right. My crotch on my pants seem really low, like the pants are stretched out, and so now I'm having awkward alignment between my underwear and my jeans. My jeans for the record are not stretched out, b/c they have been just washed and dried. So this is not a case of the repeat wear = stretch out equation.

Also, half for warmth and half for conservative mother voice in the back of my head, I wore a tank top underneath my knit shirt. The knit shirt is sort of like a nice lightweight version of a Jr's sweatshirt. (Don't ask me why I'm wearing it in a fashion sense.) It's comfortable. Okay but today it's not comfortable.

Again the alignment of the shirt and the tank top are askew and I am pulling up my pants and down my shirts and really it's just fussy feeling.

Why am I wearing this atrocity? Because just how I tell my son, to not rush, but to make proper choices. I didn't listen to my own jawing. I was late, I was rushing, I needed to be clothed when we hailed yet another taxi to try and get to school on time. The choice was PUT IT ON or PUT IT ON. I went with the latter.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eating ... and eating ... oh wait still eating!

I'm not depressed. I'm not searching for comfort. I'm just really hungry. Unfortunately I do not have the metabolism of my 8 year old son, and ... this week that I'm feeling particularly ravenous is also paired with a week with little to no opportunities for exercise.

I went Sunday to Zumba for an hour at least and you know, kinda walk around between the Castro, South of Market and the Mission. No, not a lot of mileage, but you know I think meandering counts as some kind of physical movement.

I don't think it's enough to justify eating a mini Super Duper burger (again in the last 4 weeks!) and leftover chicken white wine coq au vin and this is after a ramekin of pudding ... and whipped cream. This is after a lunch of half a baby burrito with some chips and salsa and guacamole from Pancho Villa. I was returning from Serendipity (forever in my mind Princess Animal) and I couldn't help but smell Taco from 19th st. to 16th and Valencia. I was so hungry I could've eaten a hipster, whacky 80s outfit and all!

I started the day with seaweed at 10am.

I ate some instant Japanese noodles (Tonkatsu flavour) because they had to be tried, and I like Tonkatsu and I'm eating curry tonight so I had to save the curry flavour for later.

I had a post lunch snack today of chocolate raised donut. I got it when I was out procuring groceries at Duc Loi for tonight's dinner. I carried that donut back to the office with love.

I ate my donut without any coffee.

I relished that thing.

The word relish makes me think of hot dogs. I think I should have a hot dog this week. No specific timeline.

The beauty of the donut. The trick of the donut is not to have them too often. Then when you get one, even if it's not truly exceptional, the experience can be. In this case it was because it was a "raised doughnut" (Blogger doesn't like when I spell it like Homer Simpson).

Anyhow,  I feel more winter eating coming on, less exercise. I don't know how long it will last, but I'm going to try and enjoy it.

I think what will help is taking some lunch walks and using the Pearlcream method. Ms. Pearlcream swears by this thing called "being rational". You eat what would be a normal, healthy portion. And then (get this ....) you stop. I know!!! She's so crazy you have to adore her! Her "trick" is to wait 15 minutes, maybe get up and move around a little. If you are still hungry, go ahead have a little more. It's nutso, but it works. And there are enough times when I get up during those 15 minutes I can "feel" the entirety of what I've swallowed down my gullet. It helps prevent me from eating more.

What's next? Maybe a lunch time walk for Stichmarkers and Softserve with Hot Fudge? Damn that sounds good.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Status

1. There is no tree in the flat. I repeat NO TREE. All Christmas decorations remain IN the storage.
The Why: Because It means really looking at the layout of my living room and that is just down right depressing, since it is in a new state of chaos never before reached. Also it means that arranging a layout that would allow me to purchase the grown-up couch of my dreams is even further away. Woe are my wealth(y) of problems.

2. The Kid's present is one of those "hard to find" items. I swear that little turd waited a really long time to decide (indecision runs in the family) and then he wants something that makes me feel like I'm going to become one of those people in the movies that throw people a shoulder in the toy aisle. I won't of course, but I'll use all the online powers I have and possibly ask some family members to hit some stores near them.
The Why: ToysRUs Online inventory and instore pick up process ... need improvement. If you're down to the wire, every day counts. One would like to know, if I can't get it THERE, then I need to get it somewhere else, STAT. The store had my order listed as cancelled because it was out of stock. I did not get an email until 12 hours later. Pathetic. BTW -- their in-store pick up policy says it's usually processed from online within 2 hrs. hmm.

3. What about my presents -- you know ME and MY Materialistic needs.
The Why: I wanted to give myself the gift of knitting crap because after having my Paloma stolen out of the car AND my emailed links of the Yarnharlot's gifts for knitters ignored, I have to take matters into my own hands. My own, very dry, knitting hands. However it's just me, so I have to be last on the list.

4. We are going to end up with a lot of people at our house on Christmas Eve. I can feel it.
The Why: See item #1.

5. There are still way too many things outstanding. Gifts that aren't purchased or mailed, cards and photos that need to be sent.
The Why: The work, the knitting, See item #1, The good parent stuff, The lazy beast inside ...

Where is my holiday spirit? It's feeling inadequate and that just won't do. I better make some happy faces, because I don't want to feed The Manfriend's natural proclivity to being a Scrooge or a Grinch. I don't want to bring the household down. A little clean, a little list, a little more time blocked out for ho ho hoing ... It can be done. Oh yeah then I need to get a tree.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Letting the dork shine through ...

Alright I admit I own 2 sets of Harry Potter DVDs.

1) The original issued
2) The Blue Ray version

Yet every time they are on T.V. as in the case with this weekend. The Kid and I end up watching at least one ... with commercials. We dupe The Manfriend into going along with this, because there are cut scenes reinserted into the movie. Not deleted extras on the side, but IN the middle of the movie! (And yes, I'm completely prepared to shell out more money for the next set of dvds which include these extended scenes. I did it for Lord of the Rings, I'll do it Harry.)

And while Ron & Harry were having a chat in their bedroom at Hogwarts, I spotted Ronald Weasley's homemade knit quilt. I said aloud, "I love that blanket. One day I'll make one like that." My lovely son, did not snicker or mock me, but smiled. Ahh.

Then today of course I see in the "Top 20" patterns on Ravelry -- I visited the knitting designer's blog and am happy to see her self-aware obsession. I'm so impressed.

I imagined smaller squares, but that would take even longer eh? And I'm not sure now, were they smaller or larger? Hmm, I suppose I'll have to check the movie ... again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to keep the holiday crazy away ...

I would tell you, start as soon as possible. August, lists should be made. September should be used to piggyback back to school purchases and easy presents. October should be used for prodding parents of any residual nephews and nieces that have not been purchased for if that is how your family works and November should be spent on hostess gifts and forcing your child to prioritize his list for Santa. If you're feeling over-achievery, aim to complete writing your holiday cards by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

This allows one to really get her "ho ho ho" on, smile at all things tinsel and shiny. It prevents complete and total annoyance at holiday commercials on t.v. It makes thinking about holiday recipes ... fun! Best of all, it prevents you from having to drop a load of cash in a short period of time. (Careful with the credit people!)

But seeing how it's already the piss end of November and I have not followed my usual method. (I didn't even send out holiday cards the past 2 years) I have to find another way to keep the holiday crazy away.

Someone tell me what you've got. Ha!

Okay well a smart person should have a contingency plan right? Or at least be prepared to make one on the fly.

So this is what I've got:
  • Go back to the list. I swear even if it seems overwhelming the amount that you have to do. Write it out, confront it. Reorder and prioritize it. 
  • Shop online. If you can support local businesses or small businesses (crafters & artists!) that's great. However if you're feeling constrained by time, do not rely on this unless you know specifically what you are going to get, for whom, from where.
  • Buy boxed cards and start writing/addressing them out. If you actually get off your holly jolly butt and take a photo and decide to share it with the world between work and family obligations and festivities you are a) my hero b) still with the option to have the prints inserted into pre-addressed cards. 
  • I find people prefer visuals of their friends and families and expect more of the written if they just receive a stock card. But most of all, people are happy you remembered them. (crap, I really need to send them out this year).
  • !! bonus point - from your pre-addressed card, make an excel list of addresses that become your "Holiday Card List". I have an old handwritten one (what? I'm a lazy beast!) that I've been using for years. Honestly, everyone in your address/contacts are not everyone you send family photos to right? 
  • Timing. If entertaining, make a general plan. In other words, put out a basic menu. Pick out the main entree and main side you know you are going to do. Figure out how long you're going to need to "clean". Are you volunteering for a school, work or church function? Are you going to need to take time off to clean, cook, volunteer? Determine it now, ask now. 
I could go on, but then I'm doing that "Ellen thing" and making things more complex when really we are trying to simplify. The above allows us to see what we have to do. Whether you block out time or you chip away at it, it can be done. You will have to prioritize, you will have to be honest. If you have a deadline at work that is going to keep you long hours until the 20th, perhaps you shouldn't have 25 people over for Xmas eve. especially if you cannot take any time off. Your nephew wants a lego set for $75 and has not listed anything else, give them a gift card with what your budget allows and let them put it towards that gift.

How do you support this plan, and lower the anxiety levels while doing so?

1) Let's face it. If you don't have any anxiety about a lot of crap getting done in a short amount of time, I worry you may be an amoeba. "Anxiety"is a close relative of "Drive". Use your powers for good.

2) Make sure you insert plenty of truly happy festive, selfish happy things in here. Me? Obviously I make sure I get my holiday knitting time in, I'm planning on some visits with friends I've been swearing I'll see before the year end. I'm going to bake a new pastry (theoretically) and try some new wintery recipes. The Kid and I are going to whip out the old holiday/Christmas books that he used to love and I'll read aloud just like when he was a tattertot. I'm going to pretend like there is mistletoe even when there is not.

Now get out there and start putting some jingle in your jangle.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Turkey Day Sadface

Today is Saturday and we have a kick about with the other soccer families and then I think it's back to the eating agenda.

I will admit I am already sad about the impending doom of Monday ...

I will hold it at bay for the joys of today and tomorrow.

I will also need to reanalyze my Christmas Stategy.

I had this brilliant idea to buy myself something I wanted (within reason) and put it under the tree to unwrap on Christmas morning. The Manfriend and I like to have a gift each, but sometimes one or more items to break up the rotation of our only child unwrapping his presents. I ordered this thinking I was brilliant. I was so happy putting the order in I tell you. Anyways Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the husband comes home with a bunch of groceries to prep from Berkeley Bowl West. It seems like we are on top of this Thanksgiving thing but his face is sour.

He had a bad day at work.

And then he says, "I think someone stole our packages."

The packages arrive during the day at work, and he throws them into the trunk of the car. I feel bad that I have them shipped to him where they usually arrive during the lunch rush, but on the other hand, I am not allowed to have things shipped at the office.

Well he says he is pretty sure they were in there when he went to the grocery store a few blocks from his work, but he didn't notice them being there when he put the groceries in.

He said there were two packages.Such a sadface to wear during the beginning of the holidays. So hard to hold back the bile and the anger. But what can be done?

I hope someone really likes Debbie Bliss Paloma.

I hope that someone cannot fit into size M underwear for men or M for little boys. I hope they get a good price for the size 7 shoes -- they were almost 50% off anyways.

I will replace the boys things. I will replace my yarn. I will not allow theft to taint my love. However, I am fortunate to be able to "replace" so easily. The shoes, were whimsy. I will let them go and not be too greedy.

Here's to beginning the holidays with an understanding it should be enjoyed, but nothing is guaranteed, even when you're trying.

Friday, November 25, 2011

First there was a whole turkey and now there is only some.

The Manfriend's turkey was/is not just impressive but tasty. I admit, my eyeballs sort of bugged out when he brought home all eighteen pounds of it. I made some serious magic in the fridge to accommodate it's behemoth size.

Brined by The Chonicle technique, not stuffed. (He made classical stuffing two ways: 1- with apples and 1 - without apples. Creamy mashed potatoes, (so glad he took my "more butter" advice), and there were sauteed green beans and roasted asparagus.

There was also some wine involved that involved yesterday being a bit of a tired haze. However I went out and about, had my meeting at the bank wore my new boots downtown on black Friday and had lunch with The Kid and The Nephew and the parents. They found a new lunch shop in Chinatown. I had soup with chicken and leek dumplings. I want to try the Bun Bo Hue, which is the El Dorado of eating soup out for me. So hard to find a good one, which makes me so tentative to order it. I saw my sister order "the wrong soup" and her food envy. Very sad business.

Yesterday I got hungry again around 4pm. So we took the little boys to Super Duper where my little country mouse nephew was chatty. (Look at the people! Is this the MUNI?) They were happy for a snack for fries. Little one ate half a mini burger and ""saved the rest for later".

Yet somehow, 2 hrs later when we had reheated "The Day After Thanksgiving", I still managed to put another plate down my gullet. ha!

Half the family stayed in the living room with me while I weaved in those annoying ends on the baby blanket and worked on my sweater. The other half played a relentless game of 5 card draw poker in the kitchen table. I think the little one still requires a little family assistance, but seeing how he's just turned 5, we'll cut him some slack.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Tired Ladies Craft Together

At the end of my mother's first evening with us, she pulls out this squishy fuzzy yarn. It looks like terry clothe boucle. She tells me that people think it's really cool in Thailand. I'm like, "who is knitting thick yarn in Thailand" (apparently my cousin N)

I work on a crochet border for the baby blanket, trying to ignore the wonk. I finally put it down when I cannot remember if I have already done round 2 or not. (As I told Little Snoopy, can't let it turn into a rug.) And I went to bed.

Moms has been struggling with the sleep regulation I think between Thailand and her wild ways in Vegas with her BFF. So she gets up in the middle of the night and reads some People and works her scarf.

The next morning she waves it around in irritation. It's like suddenly she's lost gauge, or she picked it up with larger hook. Maybe she was off on her stitch count? It definitely has it's wonk factor.

That evening she can't take it. She rips it out and starts again, only to discover the same problem. It turns out that's just how the yarn was made. Thick in some spots (say 4 inches) and then thin in another. She just wants a button now. She said she's moving to Kansas, she needs a pink scarf and no-one will know.

I on the otherhand, can't even look at the baby blanket. I still haven't blocked anything. I still need to finish my sweater body for Mothed. (so close!). But since none of these items are very portable ... I cast on a pair of alpaca armwarmers for my long wait at the DMV.

I was knitting on the armwarmers last night when my sister started sneezing. I think she's allergic to alpaca -- which she asked, "is that the south american sheep?" um no ... It's alpaca. "Yeah the sheep that they make yarn out of down there." um no ... It's not a sheep, it's an alpaca, that's why they call them alpaca. "Hmm, but it looks like a sheep?" No, really not at all.

We still love each other.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Spoiled Brat.

I really need to manage my whining. When I get myself in a pickle it's usually my own fault! I figure I have to remind myself of the things that make me happy right?

When I was looking forward to this week, I was really excited. I was anticipating a lot of happy things.

The ability to pick up my kid early from school and hang out. I could walk down to coffee with the Manfriend without rushing, I could go to the dentist without rushing. I would see my mother and hang out in the kitchen and the livingroom chatting and crafting. We'd have a simple family Thanksgiving, with smiles. I'd have a little extra time to spend with my family and take care of items in the house long over due.

Well, the good things have come but not without price and consequence.

Friday I stayed a little bit later, but work items were still not where they should've been. I said I have the option of doing some work from home, knowing how difficult that could be. Definitely a contributing factor to not sleeping well.

I did the 5k run/walk for The SF Foodbank. It was smaller than I expected and it was raining as predicted, but it REALLY rained. My ipod was runninng out of batteries and I was on sensory overload anyways, with the rain and the body heat, and the road.  At one point I took off my rain shell and tied it around my waist until after the race and put it back on. Before and after I checked my pockets which contained my license, public transportation card, and my bank card (still unsure why I took that in the first place). The boys were going to pick me up, but I was making better time than them, and already near the N Judah and opted to meet them at home. I pulled out my "cards" for the public transportation card and got on MUNI.

I beat the boys home and peeled off my clothes and hung them in the bathroom to get into the hot shower. My arms were red from the rain still. I spent the rest of the day at home. (In retrospect I should've been icing my knees -- when did I get my mother's old lady issues?) So I didn't think about my pocket gear much. I remember taking my ipod out and putting it on the kitchen counter b/c I didn't want to leave it in the bathroom. I made wet footprints down the hallway.

We took The Kid to school together and then I realized I didn't have my license and bank card in the jacket pockets. I thought, hmm. I must've pulled them out. But when I got back and ransacked the appropriate clothing and areas, I began to panic.

Self loathing set in, since obviously this is my sloppy fault.

Well at least I didn't have to rush to the dentist that morning! I had to wait a little bit to do the impressions for my retainer. I used the time I had to pick up some lunch for my lovely ManFriend who was trying to Mom-proof the house. She's not very high maintenance, but we like to at least put a little effort into it. I also managed to pick up a few gifts, I had been meaning to get to.

Sister picks up mother bird and delivers her to the house. She does not stay because little nephew is being a brat and she has plans later that evening. The rest of the day is pretty relaxing. Cooking and crafting.

I think that first day off, together set the tone of, "We're going to have a good time together people ... but we're still gonna have to work at it."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another List

I have thought of a lot of (what I would consider) witty things to say in the past few days. Not so much to impress, but more for the exercise of putting words into sense making expression. So the list is back to jump start my consistency again.

Reading: BFF lent me A Visit From the Goon Squad and even though I'm more of an escapist kind of reader and not as smart as her, I really enjoyed it. I was worried that it was going to be some "woe is me, I'm a victim character study", but it's not as simple as that. The way the stories of multiple characters are interwoven was truly interesting. The atmosphere is centered around "music culture", in the sense of wanting to be a part of the music industry, which is not necessarily a topic of interest for me, but the author had a style and voice I really appreciated. I liked being squeamish, uncomfortable and grossed out. I liked feeling angry at a character. I liked some of the personal reflection of my own youth that is now not so dangerously close, I can allow for gentle rewrites (ha!). Also the chapter using Power Point Slides was really fun. Seriously ... I don't even like Power Point Slides.

Family Stuff: Dudes, 16 candles all over again. Sis was turning 30 on Monday (such a baby! ) and on the fence about celebrating. So being the older and wiser sister I know better than to push someone into doing something they say they don't want. I have to try and remember family have FREE WILL. However I think they should just freely and willingly follow me. I couldn't resist completely and asked her gently again on Sunday morning if she wanted to come over and "hang out". This means eating and chatting and watching the t.v. at our house. We did with mini cupcakes, beer, thai food and of course a simple present. So we celebrated but mildly.

On Parenting: My mother is coming to stay with us for a few days next week. Why is it when she stays with me, I get all tense? I revert to bratty "I just want to hang out in my room. I just want to read ... alone" 15 year old Ellen. I get impatient. Is it simply because my space is small, and I like my space? When I visit her and The Colonel I revert to my sweet 12 year old self, reading/crafting on the couch, baking cookies and talking about crime shows on t.v.

On Parenting: The Kid was shaking the other morning because he was so cranky. Any attempts at soothing him are met with such impressive hostility; side eyed glares, various methods of harumphing or grunting. I just wish he would go back to making me coffee. I think he was discouraged when I implied his methods were rather messy when I mentioned there were coffee grinds all over the floor. (This does in fact render the coffee less delicious.)

Spousal Support: 9th Anniversary, of legally tolerating each other has come to pass. Though we've been co-dependent much longer than that, we both decided to celebrate by purchasing "Modern" anniversary presents. This year is Leather. Oh you dirty birds. We bought each other boots. How dorky right? yeah I know, but that is why we love each other. I got him practical work boots that hopefully will prevent him from slipping and he got me "more formal boots". This means they are not rain boots and are tall and not hookery, not trendy with lots of buckles or a Peter Panish slouch and most importantly sensible and mature enough to walk around the city in. They are taller than anything I've worn before (not heel height, but up to my knees).  Haha. Category decided: Nice Mom boots.

Knitting: Oh sweet Jesus. Will I ever knit anything with proper proportions? I think about it all day long. I must really love it if I produce so many wonky items and still want to keep going. I am inspired by so many people's works. One day I can make something pretty too! I can't go into it right now. The knitting is killing me. Maybe next week.

Domestica: ManFriend thinks they are going to close the restaurant during the Turkey Days, since Staff is revolting. 4 days off. That's going to be a lot of time together. I'm sure I can get him to help me clean out a closet eh?

Knitting ps: With all the wonkiness happening in my knitting I have lost my desire to try a first pair of socks. Sock knitters are tough people. I'm just not that tough. I think if I have to pick right now ... I'm going to continue trying to make less wonkified sweaters. I think the pressure of having to create matching socks might ruin me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something is about to slip through the cracks

For various reasons, my focus is again shifting more than a 3 year old waiting to pee.

One reason could be my pure enjoyment of knitting Paper Moon. I'm using that Madelinetosh Vintage in Fathom, which if I'm correct the proper knitting term is "Squooshy" vibrant goodness. I was so in love I admit than rather get to work early and get a jump on the day I sat on the edge of my bed and knit two rows of the band. I'm aiming to get half way through the hat body tonight.

The baby is here, the blanket is languishing. I'm horrible I know. Hats before babies. Madelinetosh before babies.

Speaking of babies, I see a battle royale brewing between The Kid & The Manfriend. It's that stormy smell you get when you wake up early in the morning and know ... it's going to rain on the way to work (and are ill outfitted for this.) They both are teasing too much, and posturing in their demands and humour. Tears will be shed, fists will be shaken, 'ere the sulking side eye glances in my flat.

Everyone should just do as I say. In fact they should anticipate what I might do and say regardless of my usual erratic and indecisive behavior. For the most part they do that. But this behavior is again throwing me off.

There are children's social schedules to plan, spelling tests to prep for, dinner parties to block out and work potlucks to bake for. There are forlorn sister's birthdays and anniversary presents and Holiday presents and ugh ... holiday cards to procure. There are unicorns that need wrapping (seriously this is what Princess M. asked for her birthday this year) and visiting parents that need to be properly welcomed (and cleaned for).

Oh and there is a kitchen window that needs fixing.

They called The Manfriend and said, "We need access to the apartment." He said, "I'll ask my wife if she can come home from the office."

I said, "No, tell them to come by btwn 10am and Noon on Friday."

1) I can't just bail on work. 2) They obviously lost our keys ... again.

So what does someone who is not very organized do when she can see the cracks just up ahead? She knits. Oh and makes LOTS of lists to be left all over the place.

Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Next

I tell you, I'm trying to haul ass at work simply so I don't have one more thing to feel guilty or anxious about. I'm not talking about perfectionist behavior, but a decent attention to detail and respect for timelines you know?

Also, worrying gets in the way of other fun things. I'm reading The Night Circus. I bought The Lord of Light and if it's any good I'll lend it to Harrigan if he's interested. He gave me this Sci-Fi recommendation. It's the least I can do.

I finished Baby Sophisticate on the US 9s with Ella Rae Classic Chunky - size small. Hmm. still smaller than I'd like. And no, it's not blocked and I don't have pictures. But YES it is "finished". I should've done the larger size just to be safe. sigh.

And I should pick up a grown person's sweater. However I'm feeling something else small. Maybe this hat? Seems so 20's and fun. Dunno, I have something else in mind as well ...

We are going to celebrate Lindita's birthday. I sense a very tasty HM meal on the horizon. I'll see if I can give you a recap later.

I am going to wait for the building manager to fix my kitchen's broken window. It was broken when they were "fixing" our electricity, which somehow was just adding in outlets in the kitchen -- right where the kitchen table is. How ... convenient...

Dear friends, I can say I'm living in a flat with a boarded up window. Oh Moms, I wish you could see us now.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Damn I'm Boring

I won't lie to you. I've been trying to post. But I'm glazing myself over.

I had big dreams of a knitting progress post with pictures and the whole thing. But we all know what happens when I try for original photos ha!

I was going to talk about the weather (rolling my own eyeballs I know) and how it was sort of inspiring me to try and cook and bake again. Seriously how boring is that? You wanna know how my sinuses are doing with the drizzly weather as well? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Well we just wrapped up a totally chaotic Halloween weekend. Lots of fun and family and elementary children. But I've recapped this for enough friends, family and co-workers that I'm thinking I am borderline parroting now.

I don't like to reference work too much unless it's socially awkward behavior which I think can be related to no matter if you work at home in your jammies or if you are a coffee house barista with customers of a very particular foam ratio / consistency preference. I got nothin'.

I thought that maybe I'd try and make some witty parenting commentary. I can't, mainly because there is no need to complain extra about the kid right now. He's doing pretty good, and even I know when I need to enjoy and be thankful.  --Though I could go on about how much his teeth are going to cost me and how the school is calling us to pick him up for sneezing allergy attacks... nah. Total snoozeville right?

I think I have been contemplating writing celebrity commentary more than anything. Simply because it is the best case of gawking we can share together. Kim Kardashian single-handedly is destroying the sanctity of marriage with her fame-whoring family. Oh I'm sorry they are just "uniquely open". ugh. Taste that? It's bile. Lindsey Lohan? I have to refrain from telling HM I actually feel kind of sorry for her, that all that potential has just been obliterated by completely entitled, self absorbed, hooker with a heart of gold behavior -- oh and the whackjob parents that let this happen. I feel sorry for them all, because their way of life is going to end very soon, as this girl is never going to be able to work enough to support them all again.

But see this just proves how boring I am. I'm reading the DailyMail and learning about UK tabloid fodder as well. Sheesh Christmas, have you read those headlines? I love how they pick out the WORST of the worst in US News. We're all going to hell in a hand basket based on the items they find. They have one headline for the UK that says a poll says adults think that UK children are becoming more feral or something. Seriously?

This made me feel like I needed to overcompensate and talk some "Occupy - fill in the name of the town here" crap. But I can't... it's just too much. I can tell you that the problems in the Wild West of Oakland are more inherent and systemic than what's being reported on now. Norma Jean my dds receptionist and I managed to solve the problem ;) though while waiting for the DDS to finish with an emergency appointment.

Well I've managed to bore the both of us. Sorry about that. However I cannot emphasize enough (I sound like a politician or teaching administrator) how boring does not mean unhappy. I'm happy. I am not cartwheeling through a field of sunflowers but you know, it's good. I wish more good to people than my cranky drivel shows.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Squishy Me

I am a cranky woman. I have a horrible habit of expressing everything including affection through complaining. I loathe when I become that person that relates to others via bitterness.

Don't try this at home kids.

I get on a roll sometime on that negative rainbow. It's not good for business. My anxiety will begin to grow when this happens. And then the insomnia sort of inserts itself until I am just an attractive hot mess of emotions.

I get upset with myself because it is my own fault I have spiralled to this place.

Self blame doesn't help, so the insomnia drags on for a few days longer.

So I grasp at the yarn. Today it helped a lot at lunchtime to just sit in a corner and knit two rows. Another cup of coffee in the afternoon helped. And I've gone from dreading any sort of physical exertion to looking forward to exercise in the past 4 hours. Improvements have been made.

It's funny how allowing some wrong feelings to fester can set off this whole chain of ick in me. But I think the bigger take away for me (and for you -- since I'm bossy) is that one or two positive things can  perpetuate the good too. Simple things, like knitting a few rows, like taking your kid to school because he wanted you to go, even though someone else would've taken him, taking a turn around the office -- even indoors. Change the pace, the setting, change the perspective.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm thinking if I just don't acknowledge it, the truth will never have to be known.

It's a way of life.

Today after dropping off Prodigal Son at school, The Manfriend and I walked down the hill together, prepping out the schedule for the day/week. Somehow "the hierarchy" question came up.

I felt uncomfortable and tried to change the subject. He joked and tried to reorder the hierarchy.

I chuckled nervously, and tried redirection.

Was his joke a joke? Is the restless answer in my mind a joke?

The Hierarchy according to Manfriend:

1) Knitting
2) Zumba
3) The Kid
4) Maybe The Manfriend

The clarification/joke - What's first Knitting or Zumba?

The redirection - "Oh honey, don't make me choose!!"

The truth - it just depends on the day of the week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As Predicted

Today The Manfriend and I had our first 3rd grade parent teacher conference.

It was nothing ... surprising. (Which by the way reminds me of what my boss said to me during my personal performance appraisal. "Nothing should come as a surprise.")


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

We are pleased that he is well behaved and engaged in class. The teacher admitted he is not sure if The Kid gets on well with everyone or if he resolves his conflicts outside the classroom, but the kid seems to be doing okay. Well that sounds all "yay, not too shabby parenting right?"


The Kid is a sloppy and lazy. He wants to be done with his assignments so he hurries and is not paying attention to detail. He just wants to read his book. The thing is most of his work is correct. But what good is the right answer (as I tell him every evening) if no-one can read it? Well we, Mom and Dad swore on my Asian mother's wooden spoon, we will be consistent together on the homework neatness factor.

First evening = verge of tears, lots of sighing but compliance.

True Confession: When the teacher reviewed an example of him working out a word problem ... I totally glazed over. I'd like to blame it on the little chairs cutting off my circulation ... but seriously snoozerific. Manfriend was actually trying to work it out. I saw  his thinking face, ha!

Family time highlight: When asked by his father who the prettiest girl in class was, The Kid just giggled so much he fell out of the chair.

Low score for: Using sarcasm and teasing as parenting tactics.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sighing Through the Knitting Progress

For the reals. I'm on piece 7 of 10 for the moderne baby blanket. You'd think I'd be pleased. I'm plateauing. These last 3 pieces are getting bigger, that's this pattern, that's the nature of this beast. Picking up clean edges has been more challenging than I thought and when you're staring down a hundred stitches or so at my skill level you start sighing.

So much more garter stitch to do.

But I did complete 2 pieces this weekend so I thought that deserved a reward.

No I did not pick-up either festering sweater at the side of my bed.

I picked up an attempt at a baby sweater! I am trying this one: baby sophisticate, I was feeling good about it. I updated my Ravelry notes and caught the tone. Yes, I'm neurotic, but it's obvious, I'm not happy with what's happening?
I know this project calls for Aran weight, but I didn’t have any in stash. I’ve never done a baby cardigan before, and I noticed that people said the pattern ran a little large.

I used this yarn (ella rae classic chunky - heather) before and thought I could still do it on 8s. I prolly could’ve gone up a needle size and down a garment size. The knit is dense.

However I want to see if I actually follow sweater construction on a smaller scale. I consider this a practice run.

Let’s see what happens. Will my sweater desires be met or unrequited?

I spent a lot of time using my neurosis for paralysis instead of cleaning. I came THIS close to ripping it out, returned to my objective of "practice run" and remembered the biggest personal bullsh*t game in the knitter's handbook. (as reminded to me in a recent post by the yarnharlot), "I'll block the hell out of it."

Good luck with that, self.

But see, I gotta get back to that blanket.

And as the Stark Family Motto says, "Winter is Coming" and I've got some knitting to do. I'm thinking cables somewhere in there, a new hat pattern and maybe a cowl ... or 2 ... or 3? Crazypants I know. I can't be contained.

First though there is a baby coming that needs a shawl collar old man cardigan. Bring on the blocking.

* Blocking is a technique - for shaping fiber garments; a sometimes painful defensive sport maneuver; preventative dating; preventative interweb and cable interactions.

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday & I'm Feverish

I'm hot baby, I'm sizzling. Not like last week, where it took advil to bring me back to normal.

I'm talking about bonafide Friday Happy. I'm making lists, checking them twice with all the sweet goodness weekend anticipation brings.

It actually fueled some productivity at work. E N E R GY like a bad radio song.

Baby Patterns matched to stash yarn.
Determination to back-up the laptop and the oodles of photos aka precious memories and the itunes library - happy sustenance for both The Manfriend and The Kid.
Guacamole. I don't know how but I'm workin' it in there.
Bringing back 9am Zumba Zombie Sunday morning.
Bathroom and Watercloset will smell like bleach.
Laundry will be a life factor, not a bedroom obstacle.

2tbl, slide off needle, slide back onto the left and repeat. A stretchy bind off that doesn't make me feel like an idiot. Thank you interwebs. I still don't think it has the stretch of Jeny's stretchy bindoff, but it's still better than mine with bigger needles.

Must knit more. Must knit all weekend long.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Everyone is kind of neurotic about their hair. There's something really individualizing about what you do to your hair, or how you wear it and style it or ... how you don't.

I see this with my own boys. Man Friend says he doesn't mind losing his hair, he's ready for the shave etc., and yet when he goes Supercutting ... he never gets it very short.

The Kid watches the cowlicks and peaks and points of his bed head on the sidewalk shadows as he walks to school. He likes the top of his hair and his bangs ... longish, but shudders at any Bieber comments and waves his hand at me like an old Frenchman if I mention anything about the reduced shampooing benefits of a cool and freeing summer buzz cut.

Little Snoopy goes through "hair must change" phases. My sister is always torturing hers with little bobby pins and loves when I let her torture mine (inevitably I stab myself  against my pillow in the middle of the night after I knock myself out from hairspray fumes -- this was vegas as well as cousin's wedding)

HM is very punctual with her bang trimming. She's been rocking barettes lately. Like that look. Sweet but not baby sweet. The list of people and their specifics could definitely go on. But I'll spare you. I will.

It all comes down to my hair. I have been dying it pretty regularly since I was about 26. Though what I thought was "going gray" then ... bah, young idiot.
Now finding the time to actually get it taken care of has been a challenge. I have been trying to wait for the right time and opening to see my favorite person. Alas, I am a pain in the ass.

All morning, my energy was skittish, my sentences impatient all with the proper coffee intake.

I was on Defcon Ponytail for as long as I could hold out.

Today I got a haircut during lunch.

I feel liberated. My hair and my head is mine again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Knotted Balls of Yarn: A Personality Test

I was flying, or at least I was feeling positive and optimistic about my stash coloured Moderne Baby Blanket. And then something happened. The yarn I was sloshing around with me got tangled. I spent a lot of time last night untangling a bit and then ... knitting and then repeating the whole thing. It was like a bad break-up, I knew the end was coming, but for whatever reason, I thought I could make it last.

And then right before bedtime I looked where I had joined the third colour and saw that it was pulled tight or something was wrong for about 5 tiny stitches. I think this was a side effect of my tugging and pulling. Now this is just maximum sad face. If I hadn't had a knot, then I would've had more rows to show for it. Probably  0 rows with that weird tightness thing.

I picked up my embroidery scissors and snipped  the knot away.

It still seemed wonky to me. There is another section kind of loose and crazy, but loose. I think to myself, I can handle that tangle. I cut away that horrible knot knowing tomorrow yes, I will have to join yarn in the middle of a colour unnecessarily, but on the other hand, I will be able to make a good pace and hopefully peace with this latest piece.

Sometimes you just gotta let go.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dream Weaver

No worries, my fiber crafting love has not jumped onto the Weaving or Spinning nature. Nope, today I'm talking about real dreams. No, no, not lofty goals and aspirations like having clean surface space or children that chew with their mouths closed. (Really people, we all can't be so ambitious)

Last night was like having an extra day of adventures. Last night was having a super consolidated day off/ vacation with my family. Last night was a confrontation of fears that I could wake from and not sweat. Last night reminded me that essentially I am a freak awake or asleep.

I dreamt that I was naked at Chuck E. Cheese and some stranger woman stole my tokens while I was SO obviously standing in front of the machine. She KNEW they belonged to me and didn't care.

I didn't beat her up. I admit I am slightly disappointed in my dreamself for not throwing down for my tokens. I did give her a firm "Hey!!" or something like that and shook my fist like a righteous pedestrian with an inconsiderate driver. Oh well, I had other issues like making sure my bathrobe hid my nakedness. There was a part of my dream that I was running around Chuck E. Cheese frantically looking for my bathrobe. I didn't know where The Kid was, but hey I needed my bathrobe. And how brilliant am I that after I find my bathrobe I still wanted to play skee-ball. WTF. Well hey, at least dream Chuck E. Cheese pizza doesn't smell as bad as real life.

I also dreamt about some other really cool adventurey stuff with my roommies, but I can't remember them very well, though I was sure to prattle on about it at 5:30 am to Man Friend. I do remember The man friend being worried about me being pregnant away from home and I remember telling him to shut up. WTF? Maybe there is a reason I now only remember the one about being stolen from while in a bathrobe in Chuck E. Cheese.

Naked in Chuck E. Cheese, I think I just found the title of my next novel.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nerds already pays off

Trolling the discussion boards for insight on what's gonna happen in Ninja Warrior Knitting land and getting a "feel" for personalities I came upon this link:
That is so great. My 8 yr old son still pours through his old Teen Titan books. He blushes about the StarFire Robin "crush". I can't imagine his face for these grown up ones. It's a shame that I can't introduce him to the newer? more adult? version of the series. Well, we'll always have Tokyo.

Also I hauled buttocks and just need to stretchy bind off the shawl. However I don't really get it so it's languishing on the needles. I think it is for me so I don't really care ha! I will have to get Little Snoopy to demonstrate. This whole, read and follow instructions thing is apparently not working. Do I only reverse YO and knit and pass over once and then knit the next stitch and passover regularly the rest of the time? That can't be right!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open Post to Little Snoopy

It's like a radio shout out in high school!

All public and stuff. It's like I'm Leo and You're Kate and "I'm King of the World" and the wind is whipping our hair and we're on the Titanic ...

Well the parallel started off nifty, ha!

There I was sitting next to some lady reading, "Merde happens" (this is a real book) on wooden bench at the edge of our balmy bay, watching all the North Bay people flock to their ferries ... and there you were in your cute little outfit and hat glistening a little, scaring away reader stranger lady. I knew then and there, it was going to be a magical ferry building date.

And it was! Knit talk, Moscow Mules and raw oysters and crispy imperial rolls at Slanted Door. Stories that remind me that this family stuff is work.

Dang it's nice to hang out with the cool kids.

Can't wait for our next adventure. And this time I will take a picture before the sun goes down and my "focus" goes off.

You have fired the knitting obsession more. I think I am joining this group:

It's too late for a team (besides I lack that kind of committment to anything besides the family and wine) so I'm going rogue. I'll follow as a Ninja Warrior and see if I understand this war game properly. These geeks are hard core.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Forgive me if I'm glazing over while you talk to me, but I checked out before you even started

Ever have one of those days where you're just struggling to keep making the appropriate acknowledgement responses?

You know, when every other sentence you distract yourself with a thought like, "I know I need to retain some of this, but what part? WHAT? crap , I missed that ..."

The Kids are telling you when the light has changed to cross or when it's your bus stop.

Co workers speak e x t r a slow and there are heavy pauses for your acknowledgement. Others are offering to buy you coffee for free.

Yeah that was today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leftovers of an Imagination

I dreamt of kittens, of hearing kittens and catching glimpses of fuzzy little things but not really being able to "catch" one.

I think it is a good soft compassionate feeling to carry with me through the day. I think it helped with the optimism.

I decided that I have a new "side" project this fall/winter. Maybe if it actually works, I can come up with something for Baby Trois. However I don't trust my skill so I will have to give it a run-through first.

I told Ms. Pearlcream that I hope to knit Lil' Abi something before she gets older and opinionated. Something I can maybe get her to wear once and get a photo in before pitching a fit. I keep trying to tell myself that little people have little clothing that don't take as much yarn and time ... Alas, I can barely finish anything so I'm not making any promises. I am tormented by garments with sleeves -- which is essentially all garments I want to learn to knit. ha!

I must knit-severe! (persevere?)

Manfriend was chucking things in the trash this week. I saw it. Random marbles he just put in the trash, bits and pieces of each of us littered around the house. I was delighted. But you know what really lit the lights on my Christmas tree? Watching him walk out the door and pass the Boy shoerack in the hallway and mutter, "hmm, that really needs work next. Way too much."

... and so the next day dream begins.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seriously, What's for Dinner

I hate being bored by food. I wish I looked at food simply as sustenance. Perhaps I would be a few sizes healthier. Alas this is not the case.

It doesn't matter if it is going out to eat after a long day at the workplace, or a date night or simple Thai peasant meal that I am recreating from my childhood ... I need a level of anticipation.

I mean I start planning what I'm going to eat for lunch at work when I get in. That may seem lazy and vapid to you, but to me, this is the carrot dangling to get me to the half way point.

The Man Friend and I are pretty good about balancing the responsibility of dinner. We don't get petty about it, "every other day" or "I did it last night!! pout pout!" (which for the record I am EXTREMELY capable and proficient at being -- petty that is)

It's nice when someone in the household has cravings. We can base the week around it, even if it's "Oh you want mussels and oysters! Well Wednesday let's go out!" (We're a bunch of spoiled brats I know)

Or, "Dad can we have some salmon this week?" or "Honey will you pick up my favorite Duck won ton soup hold the noodles in Oakland Chinatown on your way home? Please? I'll wear something 'nice'" OK, skip that last bit of TMI. Like I need to try that hard, come on people, I'm a lazy beast that HE married. sucker.

This week ... I'm lost, I'm floating, I'm struggling to slap meals together. The other night, The Kid went to a friend's house for dinner and when we came home we "made" dinner for ourselves. The Man Friend had sardines with tomato salad and saltines. I had my own variation of tuna fish surprise: Canned Tuna, chopped pickle and onion with sesame oil, mayo and salt and pepper.

I hear you people, "GORE MAY".

The Kid sniffed at some tuna and pickle and then had a bowl of cereal for dessert. ha!

We are so spoiled to feel like "oh we had Ramen yesterday therefore let's not have Yakisoba today". We know very well they are two different types of Japanese noodles and really, one should not compare.

Spoiled + Indecisive = Unsatisfied Hunger

And then I leave you with

Monday, September 19, 2011

I SMELL like a Taco!!

Today was Taco Monday. Mayor Harrigan was ready to take his mayoral campaign to the Mission and get tacos after getting over his aversion to ?beans? in your taco.

(I sympathized, because often ManFriend just shakes his head at my bean infested tacos from Pancho Villa.) Hey, it's like instant-dip! Like Nachos in dip form!

Well I didn't have to sell it, I just had to eat it.

And THAT my friends is EXACTLY what I did.

However my chip to "nacho taco dip" ratio was severely off. Much like when one is running out of yarn, I ... made do. I tore off pieces of the doubled tortilla and well ... dug in.

And holy crap I ate more than I meant.

And I proceeded to eat it like an 8 year old boy child raised by wolves with severe utensil allergies.

Well, after cleaning out the shrapnel in my keyboard and washing my hands and face. I return to the bathroom to wash again and throw in some teeth brushing for gold stars and blue ribbons.

But there I am, tappety tapping on the keyboard and I get this whiff of taco. I think, "Bah, it's just the trash. Don't worry about it keep working."

However I smell it following me like some kind of taco ghost. I go home and start to get dressed to go exercise, I smell taco. CLEAN CLOTHES.

I rewash and rebrush.

I think exercise helped. I think I sweat the taco out of me. I think the two pints I had with the Boozey Beavers at The Residence sort of drowned it out.

I better not dream of any stinkin' tacos!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yarn Rationalization

Mmmm Desire to buy yarn ... strong.

It is project based. I promise you.

There is nothing in my stash that will suffice. I promise you.

I will wait. I will wait.

My friend (K-Star) is having a baby though. A real life baby who will need stroller blankets and something squishy to relax on when he travels to Argentina with his big sister and big brother and parents. My friend is turning her maternity leave into a family adventure.

She's always been rather brilliant.

But guess what? She can't knit ... yet.

So the plan is a blanket? A nursing shawl? (Thanks for the idea little snoops)! Maybe some kind of cardigan to bypass a case of the "baby bobblehead". Maybe some fun time booties? I admit "watching" The yarn harlot on Babywatch 2011 has been infectious.

(I admit the past few months the babies on t.v. and on MUNI give me goofy face.)

The other part of the plan? To see if I can teach K-Star how to knit before she leaves, so she can take a very portable skill with her. TenTenKnits said it best:
Did you know knitting has been shown to help prevent stress, arthritis, heart attacks and dementia! Not to mention it's the perfect ice breaker for anyone who has to move to a new city, across the country, or around the world?
K-Star is such a go getter, this will surely provide enough evidence of being a productive craft that she'll at least give it a try.

It's not for everyone though. It takes patience and time to see completion. Which is really shocking that I still like to do it ha!

I think I need to finish my shawl/scarf and then I am going to cast on a new project from the stash ... and THEN I will start project "Baby Trois Star" -- which means a nice trip to the yarn store yah?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is Progress

People Progress is buying enough boxed ice cream sandwiches and bars to make a bunch of hot grumpy people keep working AND smiling. Only being insulted if someone asks if they have to pay you for it. (Geez, who do they hang out with?)

Parental Progress is getting your kid to put his clothes on before he makes his bleary eyed way to the breakfast table without insulting each other.

Work Progress is fixing more issues with your work project than you break.

Personal Progress are those FANTASTIC check marks or strike-throughs on your list, doesn't matter if it's work or domestic. I love completion.

Progress on my optimism is thinking there is a project that would make a great gift AND make you happy working on.

Co-habitation/Love/Happy Hello Kitty Times & all those other long term co-dependent projects progress is Waking up and looking into each others eyes and knowing ... it's best if we don't talk right now, and sticking to it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Discussion: Knitting Cruises

If you would've told me 10 years ago that I would be navigating furiously around a Knitting Cruise Website I would've said, "My that's a fancy bit of crazy you're wearing!"

Then again who knew I would love knitting and pattern reading, and blog hunting as much as I do now eh?

Life it's kooky like that.

Kooky like a knitting cruise. Let's discuss. Or rather, let me ramble on.

LOVE the idea of going from one interesting location to another where local yarns await me.

LOVE the idea of technique instruction in between destinations. LOVE the idea that I can shuffle around project tote bags chock-ful of Works In Progress in between destinations and sit on my buttocks in various nooks and gawk at people and drop stitches because ... well that's what the other people around me are doing too!

LOVE that I would most likely go somewhere international. *Sigh. It's been a long time.

Not so hot that I'm trapped on a boat for long stretches of time. I don't consider myself a motion sickness/sea sickness type of person, but then it's been years since I've been on a proper boat and there's that whole life thing. Who knows?!? Lu came back from a cruise with sea sickness stories that still make me shudder.

Things that make the sadface. ALL the featured cruises are a minimum it seems of 8 days. Whoa, that's a lot. Still got to travel to and from Port home, which is an issue if the cruise is on the other side of this continent or on a completely different one. Also that's a lot of vacation to use without being with the boys.

See, I still like them a lot and like to do things with them. Too soon, they will tire of me, at least the smaller one.

I guess it's something to hold on to for my older lady years, when the nest is empty or the Man Friend has a midlife crisis and runs away with some Berkeley Yoga Instructor that comes into the restaurant every Tues & Thurs for her large chai soy latte with less soy more foam ...

Well, I am SURE I could come up with my OWN version of a Knitting Focused vacation. Just you wait ...

What would you do?
  • Cruise
  • Stick to the Conferences/Summits/Conventions
  • Do my own thang - not big on "others" and social experiments
  • Bah I like knitting on my couch in my pony tail and sweats
  • And since I'm from the Bay Area I will always include the obligatory OTHER option

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Fartinator 2000

The Manfriend celebrated his birthday last weekend. I asked him what he wanted, because he said, he didn't really want anything all summer, and we got him a Color Nook for Father's Day, I was running dry on ideas.

Well guess what he wanted? "Really, nothing. I'm really happy and I don't need more stuff."

Well he is rather fantastic and better than most of us...

Still I rolled my eyes -- like WAY up there.

"You know what I'd really like? I'd really like a card from The Kid."

So I prep and plot.

The Kid and I discuss making him a present on top of the card. Laying in bed at tuck-in we come up with this idea for something that can take away the smell of farts. Everyone knows that Dads, well, they fart a lot. Sometimes they fart in your room, even when they are being nice, like tucking you in, giving you fresh water or returning a toy from the living room.

The Kid noted I could benefit from it as well since I had to share a room and bed with Dad. He said, "Well you need to be able to move it around so he can take it with him."

Our prototype was a kleenex box with some kind of ace bandage that he could strap to his butt.

After some thinking and chocolate we decided this wouldn't work because he would crush it and ... look pretty lame.

So we thought of a kind of room deodorizer that he could keep close that would have "absorbing powers".

We re-purposed a cylinder bank that was actually three pieces banded together. Each bank represented a different bank. Savings, Share, Spend ... well as you can see that never caught on. So we decided that two of the banks would contain deodorizers and the other would have a back up absorber in case you ran out. We used laundry fabric softener sheets and lots of tissue paper and glitter glue. The back up deodorizer is kept in the third chamber in a ziplock snack bag for "freshness".

The Kid tested it out by hovering over it and letting one go. (How do boys do that? Fart on queue? It is one more amazing, disgusting thing in my life)

I think he got some glitter glue on his butt. The stuff takes a while to dry.

Well Man Friend loved it, and tried it out. The Kid borrows it from time to time. it hasn't made the bedroom rounds, but it is an ottoman center piece.

Things that are great: Man friend got what he wanted. The Kid "invented" something. I unleashed a little craftiness in my little tyrant.

Things that are not so great: I didn't give him a card myself. He asked for hair trimmers the night before his birthday.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Knitting Progress

I obsess all day about having some time to knit. I try and whip some stitches out on my shawl while taking the MUNI up / or down market st. to/from The Kid's school commute. I always shove it back into the depths of my bag with pangs of unrequited knitting love. However when I get home I've been spending a lot of quality time with Mistborn.

Every evening, it somehow defaults to reading for fun. People are clean and fed. The apartment ... well ... meh. People are clean and fed. Laundry is warm and folded so I just end up couching it.

I have a project under my chair in the living room. TWO projects by the side of my bed in the bedroom and I think possibly a slight film of dust growing on the gallon sized ziplock bags from lack of work.

It's okay, I'm coming to terms with it. There is so much I want to do and knit. But that's always life right? I want to be a better mother, wife, friend, person -- knitter. Anyways when I am knitting I'm enjoying myself. I wonder if I will ever make anything that fits or hangs right ha! I suppose that's another part of the adventure.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time for what? To do stuff.

I have a little time on my hands right now as I wait for normalcy to completely return.

I admit to reading the news and I find it disturbing.

This one is in our hometown. I'm going to follow this case, because I'm a weirdo.

I'm taking the Man Friend here for his birthday. Grown ups only:

He has asked for the tasting menu which the entire table must participate in. That's fine with me. I think it's cute when he gets all girlie and demanding. Usually that's my role.

Though I told him I'm thinking that since I've been such a good girl I might get either some boots or join a Verb for Keeping Warm's yarn club.

He said go for the boots which is practical (and he's probably thinking less house cluttering) and maybe he'll save the yarn club for special occasion. Can he do that though? I mean there might be a window I have to join in. He also said he can pick it up from the store since the restaurant is just down the street. He likes the people and family that work/own it. Nicest ever he says. In fact as non knitter he knew about this place before me. Love that.

Mayor Harrigan has responded to our inquiries for where he'd like to go for his birthday and he's finally chosen a place AGDT (About GD time) and now the wheels are being set in motion. The place he selected, BlueStem looks like a good time. We might go here for ManFriend's children included birthday dinner.

I hope there is some time to knit this weekend after The Kid and I make his amazing invention for his father's birthday.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coffee, Books, Movies and a lot of my ETC

  • Coffee time at work is a little more mundane while Mayor Harrigan is on holiday and totally more inconsistent. I also substituted coffee ice cream from Bombay for a latte the other day (see previous post)
  • I am suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal. I also find myself taking George R. R. Martin's name in vain ... a lot. Anyone know when the first season is coming out on DVD?
  • I think I'm going to have to see The Debt -- with Helen Mirren and lots of other fabulous people. This Jessica Chaitan girl is everywhere as is Sam Worthington, who has a potential to not be as annoying as usual.
  • Also, Ralph Fiennes is making his directorial debut with Coriolanus. Shakespeare set in modern (warfare) times. Hello a Redgrave is in it and Gerard Butler being all Alpha. My concern? I saw the trailer, and I will still see it even though I felt like he was delivering his Shakespeare very ... Voldemort.
  • I finished Neverwhere by Gaiman. Yeah, I liked it.
  • I have just begun Mistborn ... We'll see... it's growing on me.
  • I am itching to read "We need to talk about Kevin". Tilda Swinton is in the movie coming out in December ...
  • I wished for bread instead of crackers today after buying a spicy pork terrine at Fatted Calf. Even though the products don't always wow me -- I cannot go into that store without a)salivating b)dropping $20.
  • I was exhausted yesterday after pretending to be young with my old friend/roommate visiting from Spain. We danced and we talked about how other people were obnoxious when we were REALLY obnoxious. strike that, just me.
  • Man Friend finished reading The Hunger Games Trilogy and says, "it's chockful of love." I don't think so. But he calls it tweener romance. He makes it sound like Twilight. Embarrassing.
  • I got a new knitting injury. It's holding me back. My right index finger hurts. I wonder if it's from adjusting stitches.
  • My nephew Woody Jr. aka Baby pork bun likes to paint one index finger. Last time I saw him it had gold glitter I asked him if his boogers sparkle when he picks his nose now. HA!
  • I wish there was more time to spend with my yarn. Maybe when this injury improves. heh. Bananas! is already tearing through her Aidez sweater. I can't even finish one. boo!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Junkfood & Exercise Part II

The Kid is now officially a "wanna-be". We have him in Tennis Camp at a swanky private club. (I chose easy commute and paid the money for something close instead of taking time off of work to get him there and back. I can't say what I'll do next year.)

Tennis camp has a "cafe" where they sell smoothies, and drinks and chips.

Tennis camp also provides lunch, but my son refuses to eat it. They are I quote, "Too Healthy". They had a ham wrap day 1. I packed him a mini ham and smoked fontina sandwich. I told him it was essentially the same thing. He made a face and insisted on packed lunches for the rest of the week ... and extra money for a gatorade tomorrow.

I told myself to get the hell out of the office at lunch today. I said to myself, "You need to walk and get some circulation going. You need to take a few deep breaths of non ventilated air and sneeze a little (my allergies are a hairy dog of a non specific gender right now). You already ate your lunch for breakfast..."

I decided to go to Sports Authority to get the kid a new pair of shorts (With Pockets Mom!) The Kid is not much of a shorts wearer, he is very concerned about protecting his knees which I think is not only a by-product of his cautious personality but also a way to keep him from scratching the excema on them.

I could probably find a new dri-fit shirt for class as well. You know I am absolutely obsessed with dri-fit. The fact that I don't have to have a heavy sweaty shirt clinging to my fat bits is FANTASTIC. It's one less reminder of heft and girth ahem I mean swagger.

I found some good stuff on sale for both The Kid and myself ... and then I picked up some Kona Coffee ice cream on the way back to the office. What? I've got my athletic clothes to wear for something, hmm, that exercise thing, and I didn't take a coffee break so it's all "Even Steven" in my eyes.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Timing

Your parents fly into town a few days after you've been out of town and out of commission yourself.

Your sister has a birthday party she's throwing and a wedding she's attending the one weekend they are visiting.

Your good friend from your twenties living in Europe is in town for 2 weeks for another one of her friend's baby happenings. The 2 weeks she is here is covered, 1)by your family vacation 2) your family visiting.

Per usual the house is a perpetual mess, but in any spare time, the family would prefer to read or knit.

Very tense, but no time to exercise. (We should be cleaning, but we are reading or knitting, but this week we are entertaining)

You're not feeling very well while this is all happening.

You have PMS.

This is why there is coffee and crunchy snacks and online shopping. I think we need a mini electric hair remover ...

Road Trip Rebound

I thought coming back two days early from the road would provide us with ample time to relax at home, catch up on laundry and possibly, just possibly some house hold chores.

Well, I think everything but chores was done. And we decided we could ALWAYS relax more. We are a lazy beast family.

I think we were all just happy to be home as much fun as we had.

What kind of fun you ask? Well I'm working on brevity ... so it's back to bullet list!
  • I drove on Highway 5 between SF and Mt. Shasta both ways!
  • We saw Harry Potter 7 Part II and it was great and I was totally checking out all the knitting inspiration mentioned in different knitting blogs! Fair Isle and Shawls stuck out to me most.
  • The boys really enjoyed the movies especially on such a hot day!
  • We learned our son loves breakfast buffets, though he will bottleneck the line at the bacon station and requires some egging on.
  • The Kid got yet another new nickname: GB - Goof Ball. Sigh.
  • We enjoyed the nature and the falls and the stinky bubbling mud and sulphur water of Lassen Volcanic National Park and Trinity State Park and MacArthur Burney Falls more than Yosemite.
  • I went on one of the best hikes of my life on Bumpass Hell Trail with the boys. 50% covered in snow, in mesh trail shoes and a hiking skirt. So cool.
  • I am not eating pizza for possibly 2 months.
  • I'm glad I didn't know about the turtles in Lake Britton until after we left.
  • The water at lake Siskyou is still just as crystal clear and inviting as when I remember it from my teenage years.
  • Got one of the best deep tissue massages at the Mt. Shasta Resort our last night on the road. I was really embarrassed about my feet, but the masseuse had just returned from camping with 4 boys herself and had "camping feet" too. (And yes of course I showered first! Though I was tense that I would have enough time ... )
  • I actually plotted my next Zumba class while I was on the road. so pathetic. The Kid calls me a Zumba Zombie ha!
  • I will ALWAYS be a campfire knitter. Yarn over marshmallows anyday ...
And then there was more fun too, but I think you get it

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Junkfood & Exercise

The Kid is currently enrolled in Soccer Camp. This is thanks to Coach P. -- who is not just a coach but a family friend and has been kind enough to help facilitate getting our child there, otherwise there would be no opportunity.

(truthfully we are that family that our friends help out with rides and pick ups all the time.)

We were a little worried how The Kid would do. Not the stamina -- the Kid can run. However how does one's loving mother say this politely? He is not a natural and he's not very competitive.

He's fine. He talks a bit about the types of drills and watching soccer videos during digestion time. He sleeps hard, is harder to wake up in the morning and is constantly snacking and eating when he is home.

However he is obsessed with the food perks of soccer camp. They are fed by the USF cafeteria which is also feeding the baseball camp. They feed them college kid food: Chicken Tenders & French Fries, Pizza, Hot Dogs & Mac n' Cheese and everything comes with fruit salad. It's kinda junkie I know, but these boys and girls are running around playing soccer and baseball between 2 - 4 hrs a day and need to eat something. They need to feed towards what the majority will eat I suppose. I wonder how the vegetarians are hanging... Part of me winces, but the other part me figures he gets two meals out of me and more a day to balance that out.

Now ask me if I have.

Hm, those apples look nice on the kitchen table don't they?

The other thing that The Kid loves about soccer camp is their "snack shop". Parents and Guardians hand in a "deposit" and the kids can buy things against their account balance. The kid started off with $10 in the kitty and we've added $5 to it. Apparently he has quite the affinity for Gatorade.

I like the junkfood too. However the weird thing is, I try to take class so I don't have to think as much about how much/what I want to eat, yet after I take class, I don't want anything junky. Exercise days, I want things like won ton soup or Salad.

Did I just write something positive about salad? sigh. Next I'll say I prefer water over wine. HA!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Verbal Butt Pats

So I was talking to Zupan about her softball team. The late summer season just started, and she rallies her troops on a Saturday morning to throw the ball, run the bases and spit a little innocent chatter.

It's still fun to get out there she says. I asked her if they still do the verbal butt pats. You know:

"Good Eye!"

"Good Job!"

"Nice Hustle!"

"Shake it off!"

And so on...

I told her HM said to me at the end of a mtg, "Good Job!". It wasn't quite running off the infield after a double play to close out half an inning, but you know, I'll take it.

I told her I think I need more verbal butt patting.

Zupan said, "No kidding huh? When else in life do we get that? I'd love if after a class that I busted my ass preparing for, a student would come up to me and say, "Nice Lecture!!"

Until then I'll have to try and manage my own neediness -- maybe tape up a "Good Job!" affirmation under my keyboard. ha!


Monday, July 25, 2011

An Oldie but Goodie

No, I'm not talking about the Man Friend! ha!

I was actually talking to Coach P. yesterday about the Atlantic Monthly article that I posted about earlier. He agreed that the Atlantic Monthly really is an enjoyable read.

He then sent me this old article from the New York.

Sometimes I am crippled by propriety, sometimes from self doubt in every aspect of my life. I loathe it, but I need to learn to trust my instinct, and then temper it.

The Man Friend is on board in the new regime of consistency, and non negotiations. He is on board to help find The Kid's inner drive. I'm feeling more comfortable pushing (within reason). I'm okay that I have expectations.

Mind you I say all of this like it's the first week of my new "Get Healthy: Lose Weight, Gain Life!" personal campaign.

Check on me in a month and see if we're still team, "Grow a self sufficient, confident well adjusted competent kid"

You never know, all three of us could be back on "Team Lazypants Parenting".

Sunday, July 24, 2011

WTF Knitting Moment #1145

So, I sat down with a sleeve last night. I was thinking, "Ahhh, I'm almost done with my decreasing. In my head I was sure the pattern said, "Decrease every 10 rounds 7 times." I even used my row counter, using the tens side to count my repeats along w/the rows ...

I knit a round, and picked up the pattern to see what exciting inches were coming next in sleeveland, and to my dismay, I read this:

Decrease round: K1, ssk, k to last 3
sts, k2tog, k1.
Repeat this decrease round every 10
(9, 8, 7, 6, 5) rounds 5 (6, 7, 8, 9,
10) times more.
[39 (41, 45, 47, 51, 55) sts]

Now it is important that I am honest and tell you, that I DID pick up the instructions while working on my rounds every now and again. And each time, I would always read the same thing. (Not what was actually printed.)

Somehow I transposed AND ignored parenthesis all at the same time. Pretty impressive screw up right? I know. My mother would be proud. Bananas! is prolly just laughing at my latest attempt at self sabotage.

Well looks like I'm pulling out a sleeve tonight, and starting again. I'd make it short sleeved, except then it would be ugly.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This could've been a facebook post 3x

1. Why does Yahoo mail really really want me to check out the singles scene ... in El Cerrito?

Why are they blonde men and 20 something women?

2. Haha. annoying facebook friends. Which one would you be? I'd like to say, living a great lifestyle and constantly reminding you. Maybe disingenuous dude?

Misery Lady. I know her. I'd rather do sit-ups than read those posts. Maybe she has some good lemon curd recipes for a "creative day" to go with that sourpuss. Ha!

3. Whoa. new levels of crankypants. Maybe I need some starch.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming to Conclusions

I have horrible taste in music.

I get the most unfortunate pop songs stuck in my head. I will find myself singing along to the ipod radio in my cubicle, and immediately want to run into the bathroom like it's Jr. High School all over again.
MoRe THAN I died, I felt mortified. Okay I can't recall if that really happened, but I was(am?) melodramatic enough that I am unable to completely deny it either.

I watched a video on the Sunday morning video show and thought, gosh this is long, monotone and kind of boring. Not just the video of these "cool, fun guys" playing music and showing us what good friends they are ... but the song should've ended like 2 minutes earlier. I didn't even make it all the way through the video. The Kid asked what it was (like he cares if it isn't Green Day!). I said "I don't know, it's kind of boring." and then I said, "I kinda liked it though."

WHAT?? with half-cocked dog ears.

Total true confession: I'm that person that they pick the car commercial "pop music" for. However I have NEVER bought a new car. I would not buy a Hyundai b/c the pop music told me to. I promise.

I think I might be the person when the hip hop song comes on with egregious cow belling that The Man Friend would say, "Is that really necessary?" I will say in my head, "What? It helps keep the dance shaking on rhythm, duh!" I think my ManFriend fears egregious shaking. Seriously!! I remember we went to a dance club to gawk (careful with the brown booze kids) and he was watching some really bad "freak dancing" Like the girl was a stripper, and the guy was the pole and the Man Friend looked like he vomited it a little in his mouth. Ha! I wonder if he equates all cowbell music shaking with that now. Is he scarred for life now. Ahh, but that was a fun night! Ha!

I think you get my point. I think I am going to just keep my love for stupid whackadoo pop music that is known to start wars and end divorces on the down-low for now. I know it's not a huge secret, but it doesn't really need to get out there either, just how Low my Low Brow can go.

I do think there is more behind my attraction to pop music. Hmm -- something else to over analyze later, naturally.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Missing Pieces

I haven't posted in a bit so I will put in a bullet list to suffice. These are missing pieces in my life.
  • Clean surface space
  • Consistent flossing
  • Parenting this is clearly defined as "parental expectation" opposed to my son's version of "parental suggestion".
  • Proper dinners. (lately we have fallen shamelessly into way too many make do with leftover nights. Which would be fine, but we are snacking, grazing and not sitting together and having normal conversation, which I hear is ALL the rage.)
  • Cake. I have been craving it and not having it. I've tried a piece of chocolate, I've tried eating something else to keep the desire at bay. Here's the truth, it's something else I've eaten, it's not chocolate cake, and I'm not stupid, and apparently neither are my cravings. I am going to have to bake some chocolate cake this week.
  • Spare time. Yeah yeah. "Blah, blah, blah.", as The Kid says.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Periodic Periodical Reading

So I think I've blahed on and on about my love of the brief but informative articles within The Week ...

But this weekend when we were at Barnes and Nobles doing the "go to your grandparents house" drop off in Corte Madera I think I found my big girl pants in the Periodical section.

I was excited about getting them home to read (without worrying about neglecting my 8 year old ... again) like The Kid with a Lego Catalog in the mailbox.

I got Vogue Knitting, because suddenly I think I need to knit vests. I blame HM. Then again I like this other Vogue pattern as well ... Bananas do you have this issue? We can discuss more later. For now, I really need to focus my attention on finishing something in progress, after I read my periodical.

I also got The Atlantic which I have been wooed by again. I really like reading the letters to the editors too. Fun times. I really enjoyed the cover article. It was important for me to hold up the mirror in my own contradicting parenting style. (great, I've always wanted a style of my own, and the only thing I can actually muster up is parenting? pah-thetic.) On the other hand, I think that I feel better knowing that other professionals out there agree that, you can't hope that one day your kids will be able to figure things out on their own, if you've never given them the skill set until the end of childhood.

Do I think you need to go all Spartan parenting style on them like I often feel like I want to? No. Balance Ellen, Balance. Yeah I'm crap at that too.

It got me thinking back to basics. I love holding his hand, literally. I love that at 8 he still wants to, he is a sweet boy. Snobby a lot of the time, but sweet a lot of the other times too ... but back to basics. Stop thinking so much. Communicate, but appropriately. Don't think for him.

Basics what is our job? Not necessarily in a hierarchical order:

#1 Keep The Kid Alive. Survival. This is important. I need someone to make sure I get my snacks when I'm an elderly lady. (Hopefully I'll make it to elderlyland)

#2 Teach the Kid to Survive on it's own.

#3 Teach Kid to be a kind compassionate person. Respectful and considerate of others.

#4 Teach the Kid the value of their own voice and happiness.

Not very impressive, I know other people have got more dazzle and determination for their progeny, but this is us.

Ah yes, but moving out of tangent #4569 I got ONE more periodical ... The Economist. Right? Right? I like the stuff in there, but DAMN that crap is D E N S E, like an ACME anvil. Hmm. I feel smarter just looking at it ;)

Right! You know I'm secretly thinking to break-up the Fantasy Fiction problem I might read the new James Bond novel. Mmmm, escapism. Tastes like See's Candies Scotchmallows (preferably in Dark Chocolate ... oh yeah)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exciting Things

No Mom, I'm not having another baby. Seeing how I can barely do dishes daily, it's not so sad as you are probably going to tell me that is.

Also I noticed if you are knitter and you blog about knitting and then you have a baby ... your content suffers ... at least it seems to, to me. Your patterns are small people centric, super cutesy, your words are more ... cutesy, and I'm usually envious that you are able to have someone under 5 and still knit and write and make homemade baby food while experimenting with focaccio recipes and high res SLR photos. whoa. I N S E CU R E much?

I am not a baby hater. (and no that is not an exciting thing.)

This article on Slate about how Freakin' Fantastic Ravelry is, as a focused social network. For all my friends that mock me, IT or not about knitting and my constantly saying, you can find me on Ravelry, not on Facebook ... Validation at last!(Thanks Harrigan for the sharin')

July 15: HP7 Pt II. The trailers look soo good. I may have to re read Book 7 again.

Which might keep me from pre-ordering and devouring this: A Dance with Dragons

Funtime Japanese snack shop opening in Westfield Mall ... just two MUNI stops away!!

Pale Horse is a new Ms. Marple Masterpiece Mystery! on PBS this Sunday. I "Nook'd" it and thought I'd read ahead for best marks on my Compare and Contrast essay. ha! Well lesson #1, Agatha Christie has her main narrator NOT as Ms. Marple but as a Mark Easterbrook. More interestingly Mrs. Oliver the Mystery writer is a notable character, but I remember her from the Poirot mysteries. Then again, were those the screen plays ... or the novels. Who Cares Yay for Mysteries!

Okay and knitting. Let's not forget that I am getting my money's worth out of those Addis. I must have some progress on my projects finished when Lu and Bananas! return from vacation.

More Ellen Excitement to come!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Weekend!! Free to be Me!

This weekend I attempted the Ellen re-versionist history of "America's Birthday" with The Kid of Nutella toast and tea ... I think I got a C+. I think I could've done better given more time to prep and of course ... more coffee.

This weekend, we got rid of some more crap. Not much, but things that needed to be done.

The Kid and I went and did a big walk from Downtown to the Embarcadero back up through Chinatown after a Dim Sum stop and then back through Union Square. We got keys made (You heard it HM & Harrigan!) when the kid stopped me going through the Stockton tunnel and said, "2 sets ... one for your office, one for my backpack ... in case you forget them ... again."

The Kid managed to embrace the cleaning with minimal yelling on Saturday. (I'll take one day out of three thank you very much)

We ate out of the fridge. We didn't try to plan every meal, but there was food enough for another family.

I worked on my stir-fry noodles for breakfast (needs work, needs cabbage and more onion and higher heat etc.)

I got in a Zumba morning class on Sunday (Yay Koolaid!) at a Mobu Studio: Super fun, really a hard work out, I was dying at the end, and again, people so nice it makes you feel like humanity has a chance ;)

I drove to class and back. I drove way too fast. I didn't mean to, I wasn't angry. It was almost so empty it felt like I should. I wanted to race a taxi on Folsom. I didn't but I looked at him so he would know that I was faster than him. And then I did get to the stop light faster than him, but ... we weren't racing.

As if exercise and not racing taxis wasn't enough to make me smiley face, I got some alone time in too, as the boys were set to Beyblade AND video game battle. The Kid received $20 from Great Aunt Deb and had been reading product reviews online Thursday and Friday. After a trip to Toys R Us together, I knew I would be useless to him most of the day except as someone to report back his toy research findings. ha! So spoiled I know! But not as spoiled as me...

I spent enough money at Imagiknit to make sure all the staffers get paid. I bought 10 hanks of Peruvia Quick to knit this:

I know, bulky ass wool yarn during one of the hottest weeks San Francisco has ever known in July? Dude, it's called inspiration -- go with it. I see all these friends, bloggers, knit shop kindly staffers who knit what is fun.

Stockinette loses it's fun, even if it's easy.

So even though Aidez is pieces that must be seamed together, think positive!! big yarn, big needles + cabling = fun times! I'm looking forward to it! That's what knitting is about!

And I couldn't leave the shop without a little happy squishy shawl stash of Madelinetosh Worsted. Oooo dreamy and a colorway chockful of warm that I never knit. It's different. I'm feeling different.

Besides I think that one stockinette sweater on the needles is enough ...

Yet, once I decided that it was okay to take a step back from the "Have To" of finishing the Effortless cardigan, I wanted to knit it.

I know, I sweeten my coffee with twisted logic every morning.

So even after I picked up a sleeve and it looked like an armpit had two holes in it, after 7 rounds or so. I pulled out the sleeve. But see, I had let go again, and decided sleeves aren't so bad and tried again, with better results.

I was able to go to a fun-time BBQ with the family and come back and wind two more balls of yarn that I will probably need to finish this sleeve and the next and the 3 inch ribbing all the way around. (Endless I tell you.)

This is all fine. I also balled 3 hanks of the Peruvia Quick, just lookin' at me all seductively. "You know you want to cable me ..."

!giggle! Oh how I do.

So the weekend started out a Mother and son meandering about, snacks and chores and screwed up knitting, we both got new shiny distraction and ignored each other for appropriate amounts of happy time.

Yay Independence Weekend!