Thursday, July 29, 2010


Really does this need an intro?

* Today my Kid looked at me through the plate glass windows of Summer Camp and gave me the "wtf?" shrug pose. You know, where you put your arms out to the side more straight than bent and shrug. I came back in and he walked over to me and gave me a big hug. In front of all the other kids, including the big bad 4th and 5th graders.

*Man-friend's summer tomato pomodoro sauce with Angel Hair Pasta. So FRESH n'GOOD! Bonus points that an hour after cooking when I finally deemed myself hungry (He cooked for The Kid first), I requested a little protein and he fried me up an Italian Sausage. The Kid got one too. After he almost finished frying mine, and he didn't complain (Like I probably would've.) he actually was quite sweet about it, "no problem guys."

Aww shucks. I feel squishy.

*Sleeping 8 hours is AWESOME. I wake up and even though I'm still really tired and feel like I could sleep another hour, by the time I make it to the kettle, I feel like a singing Disney princess, flowy pajama pants and all ...

*Fixing Mistakes Yay! -- Knowing that thanks to the experience, support and kindness of my Knitting friends like Kappy, HM, Shingly and DA the Sweater Guru, I can overcome bad increases and not have to frog a week's worth of work. Knowing that when I pick up the Golden Shimmery Shawl of Shame and my Purple Sweater ... I can progress is FAN FREAKING TASTIC.

*Deluxe Mani-Pedis. Cause that's what I'm doing after work. I should really go and buy some grown woman supportive over the shoulder boulder holders, but like I told mlouis & badette. Momma needs a new pair of feet. And guess what ... it's a great time to knit. I'm going crazy today. Bring on the wax!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Uncomfortable List

These may double for awkward as well. It depends.

* Worrying you might have lice. It makes you feel itchy. Really Itchy.

* Swearing in a meeting, and they know you don't have tourettes.

* Chatty people in public restrooms, that aren't really your friends.

* People who want to hang out, but your kids don't get along.

* Telling the truth

* Death

* Eating someone else's food you really don't want to at a sitdown dinner.

* Being at a small social gathering with someone that

a) you know doesn't like you

b) you don't like

c) smells bad

* Talking about someone who is within hearing distance and someone in your party doesn't know or won't stop -- worse if the person you're talking about thinks you're saying something negative but you're not.

* Knowing someone is going to ask you for something that you could do, could give but you don't want to.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Worlds Collide...

Now I'm going to have that damn Bakugan cartoon theme song stuck in my head. Thanks Kid! Your toy tastes have tainted all of my thought processing ...

Anyhow I got a glimpse of this little gem on And I don't really want to discuss my problem with reading celebrity smut. I'm not proud okay?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ellen's TV List: AKA Knitting Accompaniment

So I feel like I watch a lot of t.v. Unlike a lot of people I know, it doesn't really bother me all that much. Mind you these other people are probably a lot smarter and more productive than me, but still ... it does not bother me. My Dad told me not to be like other people to be me so HA!

But see, just because the t.v. is on, I'm not really watching it, if it's someone else's show. I'll read. Even if it is something I chose, and am watching, I'm usually doing something else; folding mountains of laundry, making shopping lists, doing lice checks, reviewing homework, and if I'm really happy knitting.

Anyways, most of the time, I don't like prime time, I watch the Netflix stuff. But lately this has been changing. This season ... I have been following (in no particular order):

1) Hell's Kitchen.

Why: 'Cause even though I prefer his Kitchen Nightmares where it's more constructive and less about personal issues between people on a CONTEST show ... I love hearing him say Donkey. And I kind of love how oblivious everyone is to their own hypocrisy. It makes me feel better about me. Schadenfreude Ja?

2) Sports (Pretty much baseball right now) but I tell you I can zone out or groan out loud to Golf, Football, Basketball (Warriors) and yes, I have been known to fall asleep to the World Series of Poker. Though right now I'm angry with the Giants. 0/8 w/Men in scoring position last night. Jesus ... Zito pitched a good game too. I was angry on his behalf. He's too pretty for that kind of crappy offense.

Why: Because I grew up in a household of sports and I find it relaxing. I'm not married to it that I have to watch everything or anything in particular. I am okay turning off a game that is going sour. (Like Last night but Man-friend had to see the final bitter nail go in the coffee)

3) Top Chef DC.

Why: You know ... I'm not sure why. I missed most of this season, and one day when we were flipping through the channels after The Kid went to bed, looking for something to watch along with our periodical reading and knitting, we started watching. Come on, love the whole creativity of it. I love Tom Colicchio's smirks. The Man friend enjoys Padme's post baby body despite her still monotone voice. She is charming in an elegant, "no I don't want to be your friend" way. a "Don't touch me ... by accident" way. HA! Yeah, I like watching them try. It reminds me how "safe" I am in my own tastes and kitchen, but doesn't mean you can't learn something. I'm fascinated w/their flavor combinations and textures. Busy Plates! Oh and ... Schadenfreude

4) Last Comic Standing

Why: Because I like to laugh, and I think it's so cool these people want to make people laugh and get paid for it. That in itself makes me want to laugh. I like the different styles, techniques, characters. I like that we get to see them as a work in progress, opposed to the professionals that have had writers or have had practice with particular routines etc. over and over again. I realize some are using polished material, but it still seems less polished, and more interesting for it. Like I get to learn WHY something didn't work for someone, based on my own opinion or one of the judges.

5) Sandals - Big Break

Why: Because it's a game show in golf set up to look like "a reality show". But it's really minimal cat-rat female behavior. In fact the girls are really nice, and focused on golf. Sure they prance around in their bikini's, but I understand ratings. They actually cheer each other on in competition. The women actually are golfers, played in college, and are trying to break into the LGPA. Their prizes compromised of entrance fees and golf equipment. Oh and I was really excited that everyone wasn't white initially, and that the blondes were smart and strong and competitive. I look forward to it every week.

6) Masterpiece Mystery!

Why: Duh. Because it's the best thing ever. We saw some new Miss Marple and are in the middle of some new productions of Poirot. They are darker, and he seems more mournful, but as I was telling Ice Princess, I'll take it. I have been rereading a lot of Agatha Christie just to determine how much mucking around w/the screen plays they've been doing. I don't care too much. Two versions of a good story. Inspector Lewis comes next and I LOVE HIM. Perhaps more than Morse. Man Friend concurrs.

A Caffeinated Yarn likes it too. I squealed when I read her post

Well, time for lunchtime knits ...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Serious Knitting

I have been trying to knit as much as I can. I have all these projects in progress, and my sense of completion (as I've blog/whined/touted) about is ever elusive. The thing is, all I can think about is starting more projects.

Our work Knitting/Yarn group has begun a seamless topdown sweater, thanks to Sweater Guru D's volunteering to mentor all us, non garment knitters. She told us to have no fear! She is tackling our varying degrees of skill level and has been really encouraging and supportive. I picked a hooded pullover pattern from SimpleKnit Magazine.

There was such excitement in the air, as people learned about increasing for the first time. There was also a silence of group concentration, counting cast ons and rows. We also had a few people practicing basic crochet skills that J.Ro was mentoring. It was serious yarn time, and we were so excited we decided to meet again on Friday. :)

This is why I love knitting and most knitters. They really love that you love the same thing they do, even if your specific interests (socks, scarves, chunky, lace etc.) varies from theirs. Great friendships are bonded on prattling on about patterns and techniques. People whom I think on lame unfounded judgement I wouldn't think I would get along w/ have often turned out to be the sweetest most thoughtful people.

Most of the afternoon, between obligatory emails and research I found myself daydreaming about knitting. Patterns, and yarns in stash to match, which new yarns I would want with new patterns, and who I would give these items too.

I have been knitting 2 rows, half rows, whatever stitches I can get in, waiting for MUNI, waiting at the dentist. I am eating my lunch while I work so I can knit in a conference room for 20 or 30 mins. I am knitting after dinner, switching projects when I get into bed for 2 - 4 rows. I am on knitting fire.

The best part is I am having a GRAND TIME knitting. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Crap Improvement Update!

Three of the earlier listed items have been addressed.

1) I started The Kid's camoglauged blanket campfire side. Little Sis crocheted a little bit before her Minion and his big headed wrath awoke.

I hope that this blanket's knit is "tight" enough for his royal highness and that after a wash, it's soft enough. However he did select his own yarn and it's only for the car and travel anywho.

2) I did buy a big extra pack of PUFFs travel tissues. Everyone is happy. My sister apparently is a huge fan of Puffs as well her logic? "Each tissue isn't folded into this ridiculous rectangle that I have to shake like crazy free to open to full size. And they are much softer and don't come falling out of their little plastic wrap."

Too Right Sis. Too Right.

3) I left the dvd player alone. I looked at it longingly, and thinking I had given it enough space, popped a little Lord of the Rings in, and saw Frodo's furrowed brow appear, with no weird static sounds. Yay! He has returned to love me Mr. DVD. Thank you for lulling me to sleep last night! You are the best best knitting friend EVER! If only you could decode the mysterious patterns like HM and my Sweater Guru!

4) Fitness Man our pal at work is doing sit-ups for me! yay! So annoying goes to the gym before work, if he misses that and can't go for a run after, he goes to the gym for lunch. Ugh. He's running the SF Marathon this Sunday. Always makin' me look bad. On the other hand, it's thanks to him, I walked a couple 5ks this year. :)

Crap Improvement is good. However the house is in what we are referring to a post-camping calamity or Camping Recovery. There are still some random bags of stuff that need to be put away, maybe two in the hallway. The on-going battle with Laundry is back on, including campfire clothing and dusty extra bedding.

The Man Friend and I are on kitchen chore time-out, forsaking this cooking and dishes thing for eating out. But some things are getting done. The Kid kind of got his haircut after daycamp yesterday. Kind of, because he got a trim ... barely -- it will be back in his eyes in two weeks. Some foods for lunch were purchased for me and my offspring.

I think today between the two of us, the kitchen will lose a level of grime and the hallway will begin to clear up. Crap Improvement Continues!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How To Improve My Crap

1. Make a cootie catcher or carry a Magic 8 Ball for indecisive moments. Today I asked HM if I should get coffee, after telling Mlouis, I didn't think I was going to have any.

2. Always carry Puffs Travel Tissue. The Kid's nose is an unpredictable thing.

3. Go and purchase Craft Tower, and not wait for any validation Man Friend or Triad Friend. Tidy up that Crap!

4. Start the Kid's Camoflauge blanket car camping. Febreeze to get the campfire scent out later. That's the best the gang had. Oh and, "Is campfire smell that bad?"

5. Buy New DVD Player for bedroom, since it seems that I have ruined the old one falling asleep to various dvds at night, and letting the motor run all night when I don't wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off.

* Invent sleep function for DVD? Stop the insomnia! ha!

6. Sit-ups. 'nuff said.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Yarn Visit Kind of

I have to tell you, I had a pretty rock-tastic Sunday, except for the incessant needs of The Kid. He was pretty good considering we bored him to death. But he found things to read and build and really, as an only child you should be able to entertain yourself. Mom & Dad can't wear the clown outfit everyday. If he doesn't learn now, the adult consequences are ... well crap, just look at the people around you. You know what I'm talkin' about.

I don't know if you are all aware of this, but parenting requires like, patience. Also I found out, you have to do things for THEM even if you're not really in the mood. And one more note for those of you teetering on the edge. Be warned, there is no mute, volume control or demo mode.

Okay more stuff you already know. But I am a regurgitation queen. Just like one of those Antarctic Penguins. Come On! Who doesn't love a Penguin? Did you see that fantastic Nature last night? ZOWEE Momma! It was on PBS

Okay back to Sunday's Yarn Visit.

We decided on a mellow jammy Sunday which was pretty awesome. We had the in-laws visit. Totally nice and mellow and it's been a while since we've seen them. (Busy Ass People). Watched World Cup, and grazed on fridge snacks all day long. I managed some laundry stuff, which meant puttering around in my room.

Puttering around in my room long enough requires a visit to the Box and Basket. And there protected by plastic is my yarn, the alpaca, the malabrigo, the merino wash the bamboo and fun blends. The plastic is opaque, which means I have to actually open up the bags to see and remember it, squeeze it and feel it and love it. Sigh. Ahh.

My yarn looks good. My yarn beckons me to start a new project. My yarn is not a lot of sock yarn (thank god. I decided the next time I have insomnia, I'm going to look at pictures of sock projects on ravelry. zzzzzzzzzz).

I know I have been saying this, but really completion is around the corner I think for 2 projects in the next week or two realistically.

I have delusions of grandeur for the next projects and I think things in the queue will be shifted around again since the Tuesday Knitting Knerds at work are going to crack open a sweater Knit-Along with the quietda mentoring us. I have decided to go to the stash for this one, so I can justify some fall purchases ...

I feel like I should work on a few small pieces next, hat, handwarmers, I don't know. But I fear another complicated shawl or blanket. Yet that is what I want to move in the stash the most ... the afghan/blanket yarn.

Oh not to mention, when the family was in town there was some talk of me maybe sending out a completed project this winter and The Kid reminds me, "well don't forget my blanket and my mini-figure!" (Well crap, tell your dad not to forget about winning the lotto for us either -- b/c ole Moms here is going to need some more knitting time. I'm no speed demon obviously.)

I know what will happen I will end up with another 3 concurrent projects going and it will be another 3 - 4 months for completion of them. crap. Well it can't take that long. Because then I really will be obsessing about the holidays in September.

I've come so far, but think that I will be visiting my yarn a lot longer than I anticipated before I can "regain custody" of some of the good stuff. Crap.

I love you yarn! Momma will be back soon! sniff sniff.

Friday, July 9, 2010


The Kid slept until 9:30am. I hope that Couz & Company made it out the door and onto the Eastern Road not too worse for wear.

I am an Enabler. We had a lot of fun last night, even after the "old people" left.

The Kid and Couzin's boy Kid still ran around the house like banshees. The tone it downs were reduced to loud television so they could hear over the banshee-behavior of the adults.

I'm a ham. I know it. But basically I'll act the fool for a laugh. It's really not about the attention on me. It's really about getting someone to squeal. Hmm. I think that makes me, an Entertainer. I'll have to see if The Triad will make me a t-shirt. Sounds a little lurid though, no? Kind of you know like i'm "Soliciting" for attention. Hmmm.

Back to me and my self deprecation. I dusted off some pudgy 1988 dance moves for them. And if those pictures ever see the light of day, I will be very unhappy Couz.

That was for you and you only.

And now they know my other secret. The Report, where I sort of try to work it out. Especialy my anxiety. Again I try to laugh in my head and knit with my fingers. It keeps it busy, it's being processed, but it's also positive and productive. I think it is too easy too dwell for me.

I may not be Bella? with my retreating withdrawal. (By the way that New Moon scene where the months /days go past with her sitting on her bed was worse than a tilt-a-whirl after a bad corndog topped with funnel cake. BLECH. It made me dizzy.)But I know how paralyzing depression or anxiety can be.

I also know how self-centered and over analytical it can look to the outsider.

I wish I had more time to just chatter away and maybe whip up some 1990s dance moves for the Aunts and Cousins. But perhaps they'll have to keep until the next time. I just hope it isn't until the next world cup.


Wow that looks all futuristic. Geez, maybe we'll take our hovercraft to see them. HAHAAHA.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Breaking News: Breakthrough In Understanding Twilight!!!

So I knew I was going to have to have the obligatory Twilight/Eclipse/Phenomenon/WTF conversation with my sister and my cousin after they went together to go see the matinee on Monday.

You should've seen them when they returned. Between getting up to administer to fallen or arguing children they would sit close together on a little bench on the porch, discussing it's remarkable qualities and astounding achievements. It went a little something like this...

Couz: That was the greatest movie. That was SO good.

Sis: I KNOW! I think this was the best one so far.

Couz fully turned body looking at Sis, making big eyes and big smile: TOTALLY.

Aunt snickering next to me: Oh that Robert Patterson isn't cute at all!

Couz/Sis: Ohhh, you don't know what you're saying! OMG. Please!

Me: He's handsome. But the Twilight thing, I'm sorry. I think it's snoozeville.

Couz/Sis: whispered protesting something between a Masterpiece Theater parlor room and an awkward PTA meeting moment

Couz: Oh no! You just don't get it!

Sis: No she doesn't!

Couz: You see, this is about a girl who is indecisive.

Sis: She's all caught up in her emotions, she doesn't know what she's doing, what to do. What to think.

Couz: Exactly! See you are nothing like that, so she irritates you.

Sis: Yep.

Me: Well ... I guess not.

But secretly I think it's so funny. Because I am EXACTLY like that in so many ways. Just well hidden, waiting for the 5150 ambulance call. And I like to to think I have more moments where I DO know what I want, or I at least know I want to be in control.

In fact I realize I want to be in control so much, that I'm willing to pretend I know what I want, and that I'm decisive just to maintain it ... buying myself some time to figure it all out.

I seriously think I should work on some poker skills.

On the other hand I can be super indecisive about the most basic points.
*Do I like the shirt enough to buy it?
*What restaurant do I want to go to?
*What do I want to eat for lunch? (And I will waffle 6 times between 8:30 and 9 -- convinced this is an argument to bring lunch more often)
*Exercise vs. family time on Sundays
*Which camp should we send The Kid to?
*Where should we go that weekend?
*What should I cook for that event?
*What should I say I do if I don't want to go, but am afraid to say something?
*What should I say if I might hurt someone's feelings? Is it worth it? Am I being selfish? Yes, but how do I reconcile that?
*How do I let go?

Bah same ole same ole.

Ruled by Fear. Boringo. Oh God I am Twilight.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

List Random Again

* My Father's Sister's, my girl-cousin Air and Kids are in town. We have been having great fun. I joke that we see them like the World Cup, every 4 years. I am so thankful for that. The Kid is smack dab in the middle of my cousin's two kids and they laugh and screech, and talk sassy and complain together. Ahhh it reminds me of when I was a kid running amuck with Air and Bry. And that is how they were with me, light and dry. Fun, comradery, bickering and laughter, between bike rides and snacks.

I remember catching fireflies that I had never seen before coming from California, Paddleboat fishing, and one Aunt renting Children of the Corn and letting me eat sugar cereal. My other Aunt and Uncle letting us pitch camp outside and rolling around and playing board games on the carpet late at night and barely ever telling us to calm it down.

I wonder if I'll ever be such a good Aunt.

* Ituning. That's right. I'm making a great attempt to update my thingymabobberpod. And I made good on my Michael Jackson, Thriller promise for The Kid. Whodda thought I'd be downloading it now?

*Knitting continues. Strong I am. Shrug knits on the go. A few rows of the strap every night before I pass out.

*I dream about Lice. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

*Can I recommend a Summer Albarino? (*I had to update this b/c I saw I wrote Albino! HAHAHA) Because you should just be drinking it. Light and refreshing sometimes fruitier, sometimes crisper, but a nice break from the Sauvignon Blanc. Oh! The Copious Chardonnay. Yeah I said it a Chardonnay I like. "Stainless steel with a little bit of french oak." HA! No wonderbras!

*Guess what I return the love of the musical. I might sing my dialogue and blogposts from now and ehhhhhhhvvvveeeeer! (Went to see Wicked! with a bastardization of the Triad. Dude ... it was WICK-ED

*Sunshine on water. Go out and find you some. Ocean, Bay, Lake or Pond. Right now, it's lovely folks.