Friday, December 14, 2018

I lied to you.

I didn't knit this weekend or the one before that. I didn't manage a single row or round.

None of us are shocked. I know. It's okay, it was still a good weekend.

I slept, I had coffee, I exercised. I got some chores done. I kept my nag levels down. I did bake a bit.

This was my second time doing the brown butter cookies. I froze the dough for days I don't have time to do everything from scratch. I thought they baked up even nicer this time around. My son thinks I overbaked them. Shrug.

Sunday I cooked some food and baked cookies for my friend who recently had knee surgery. Our other friends had already been taking the family over some food to keep our friend off her knee a bit. Even though she's already healing pretty well, I wanted to help her out and hopefully keep her on the healing track.

My friend is Canadian so I used the opportunity to workshop a Maple cookie. My husband loved fiddling with the special message cookie stamp. I wasn't going to use it because I didn't have a lot of time, but despite a wonky C, we thought it was cute.

Most importantly they were tasty!

I experimented a bit with some gingerbread this past week and some sprinkle cookies and neopolitan cookies. Trying to figure out my Christmas game plan.

But really, this weekend I'm going to knit ...