Thursday, January 12, 2017


I finished the first ball of yarn for my friend AV's hat. I was so excited. I decided to prep the 2nd ball in my project bag. I was sure I could finish it maybe the next day.

I tore up my apartment. The second ball of yarn continues to allude me.

No worries, that's what lunch hours are for. I bought a third ball of yarn to replace the second ball of yarn. Are you still following me?

This is the half a hat with breakfast. Okay not my breakfast. The Kid's.

I bought more hat yarn, because another friend has a request.

I didn't knit that much 2016. So far 2017 feels like a gift knitting year.

This is funny because really I have big dreams and plans of socks and sweaters and scarves.

Still need to finish the Christmas 2016 socks. I know.. I know... Have some faith in me, it will happen.

I want to 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year! Waffles & The Knitting Status

Well here we are a little fresher than before. I admit that I'm still "behind", but I'm not letting it get to me. I'm good. Onward and forward my friends.

Santa came through for me in 2 big ways. First, a headlamp so my night time knitting while my husband puppy snores next to me is in a real zen place. I highly recommend this if you're a late night knitter. Second, I got a replacement waffle maker since the old one died in the summer. It's fancy pants, it's Belgian! My good friend HM at work gave me this fantastic yeast batter recipe and it is DREAM city. I'm telling you, if you like a good Belgian Waffle. This is your recipe. It's from Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book. Here is a friendly link.

The Kid was very excited about waffles. He learned to temper chocolate at cooking class during the first week of winter break and wanted to jazz some up for dessert. Not bad right? We finished off the marvelous batter and have frozen them individually for a quick heat up in the toaster oven on rushed mornings.

I'm obsessing over yeast again, so though I will lay low during the week, I plan on taking another crack at bread over the next weekend. 

Knitwise, I finished 2 things. No pictures, I know, I'm sorry. My mother's scarf, but I still have to send it to her! I am going to the post office tomorrow at lunch. They closed the closest post office, so it's quite a hike for me now at lunch.  I also finished a basic hat for one of my friends that I exercise with. I haven't told our other friend we hang out with yet, but I'm knitting him a similar hat for him in another colorway (same yarn). They are such positive folks it's hard not to want to believe in the good in people and want to improve the world around them. One is not so much for photos, but I'll see if I can get the other to model a shot of the finished hat next week.

I'm just about finished with sock #1 of my Xmas 2016 socks. I'm determined to finish them before starting anything else new. But I have been queuing up projects in my mind. I want to work on a baby blanket for my friends who just had this doll-like daughter. I got this kit in the gradient pink. I know blankets are tedious, but you know me, I'll have a pair of socks in a travel bag somewhere. I'm going to return to hats just because I need immediate gratification, but I feel another scarf and cardigan in 2017. I'm crazy like that. 

Tell me, waffles or pancakes? Socks or hats?