Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scattered and Spaced Out

I'm okay with it. I have been battling a head cold. I kept telling myself I was going to call in, and lie in my really nice, warm comfortable bed with lots of warm liquids and wait for my energy to increase and the congestion to decrease.

I want to go into "sleep" mode.
But honestly I think getting up and about seems to help circulate it out.  The downside is I'm in public with a kind of ding dong expression on my face and speak in clipped sentences. I'm relying on everyone else's intellect to figure out what I'm trying to communicate.

This morning though, I didn't have to hustle. The Manfriend let me sleep in as he herded our moody cat-boy through the morning before work/school rituals. Toast was eaten, teeth were brushed. The Manfriend stood in front of his dresser picking out yet another black shirt to wear to work. (Apparently they are different ... shrug)

He said, "Are you checking me out?"


"This can be yours, but you can't have this  AND the knitting. It could get dangerous. The needles..."

(I know.)

Last  minute Where is your water bottle? Did you even wash your face? moments are heard from our railroad hallway and I lay down enjoying the last moments of warmth. I look up and see the lovely plastic bags of various colours and weights of yarn, the pattern books in  my craft tower or bookshelf. I see a box of yarn on TOP of the shelf. I know I'm going to have to get some work done today.

Which means I'll probably be knitting tonight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Judge me: I love to read the thriller trash.

It's happened again. I am neglecting my knitting, my family for a book. For an absolutely gloriously smutty vacation paced read.

It's got everything! The sex trade, detection, Buddhism, murder by ... snakes, drugs, cultural divides, cultural stereotypes.

Kapps lent it to me. I started reading this Sunday or Monday this week. I meant to call her Monday and tell her "You were right! It's so fun, so escapist!" However I didn't call her because ... I was reading the flippin' book.

I have managed to exercise. But then I can come home and read my book over dinner. The Manfriend has tucked the boy in bed 3 nights in a row ... because I'm reading smut.

Thanks Kapps ... I owe you big. Um do you have the next one in the series?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ode to Madelinetosh

It is not unknown that I have a little problem with Madelinetosh. I would like to get a fish and name it Madelinetosh. When no-one is around I would call it "Mad Tosh", like Mad Max -- because I'm Mad about it and I don't want to do too many embarassing things in front of other people. I have enough Madelinetosh dk hoarded for a sweater ... for myself. I have skeins here and there for hats and shawls of Madlinetosh Vintage, that always yield me enough scrap to eventually make me the mother of all throws ... A Madtosh throw, I mean Madelinetosh Throw. ahem. It is lovely yarn. There is such depth to the colour and knitting with it always produces a happy, squishy sigh or too. If yarn could bounce post knitting, I believe Madelinetosh would bounce ... with joy AND exuberance.

Anyhow, I realize this is something my friends, Lu and HM keep an eye on. They track my Madelinetosh issue, they want to make sure that I save enough summer camp money for The Kid.  I tell you though. With mailers like these coming from WEBS ... it's hard. It's very hard indeed. Please note the red boxes that scream to me...

Science Socials and Ice Cream Inspirations.

Saturday, I dragged The Kid to Zumba with me for the 10am class. No I did not subject him to a headband and legwarmers for his own dance-a-thon. I did ask him to bring his Harry Potter book and wait in the hallway where I could see him. He did well for the first 40 mins., and even though the last 20 he was obviously bored and could've used Angry Birds on the Nook, he didn't outright complain or throw a fit. I was very pleased. I encouraged him to take me to Mission Science Workshop. It was the 2nd Sat. of the month, when it's free and open to the public. It was very cool in the way that there are so many things to explore and try and build and test. It was also kind of an uptight Mom's panic attack trigger. Drills, hammers, nails and saws ... and your child. Reptiles alive and wriggling, (which don't really bother me, but bother me more these days) various bits and pieces of large and small dead animals, some of which seem to have their pelts still partially attached -- decomp in progress? Did you know you can "build a gopher" out of dead skeletal pieces? Anyways, I was glad when both RCD and AB celebrated the cool and admitted the creep about different pieces with me.

The Kid was a little sad that none of his best pals were there. Well CM was, but he was hanging out with another kid at the moment. Considering none of his best pals were there, there was plenty of school kids, which is also very impressive. I talked to CM's Mom (AB) and she's like, "Today is pretty busy. Tomorrow, hopefully the schedule will settle in the morning and I can let you know if he can come over to play before Futsal practice." This should appease The Kid right? At least one playdate over a long weekend? Sounded great to me.

How she coordinates 3 children's social/academic schedules on top of her and her husband's incredibly saturated professional life is beyond me. I try not to take it personally that her ability to not just "make it work" but to exceed at it (which you can see through her children as well, *sigh) proves how inept I am. I like to think that I'm just another spectrum of the organization diversity amongst my friends.

RCD invited The Kid and I to get ice cream with them. I didn't want to pressure him into doing something he didn't want to. I wanted to show that the day could work both ways, that I could cooperate with what he would like as well. However when I asked him what he wanted he was like, "Really Mom, I don't really care." He repeated this when I promised him I didn't care either.

So this is when I have Mini-Man Friend. Are you saying this because
a) you REALLY don't care.
b) you feel I'm going to subject you to do whatever I want anyways.

And yes, both are completely possible.

Well, here is the indecisive again. I say, let's go with them, it's on the way we're going anyhow, if you want a taco. Besides "no obs" we can always go our own way. RCD has her two girls with her. Pre-school as well as 3rd grade like The Kid (different class). She additionally has her eldest daughter's friend from class as well. Girls, they laugh, they bicker, they hug, they question. Such a different world. The Kid, holds my hand as we cross the streets and doesn't really interact with anyone. Slowly there are some jokes cracked and some shared laughs.

As they wait for their tacos and the girls start to talk to him a little more and his answers begin to expand beyond monosyllabic, G with her beautiful ginger hair and big bright blue eyes cocks her head and says, "You have a lot of earwax." Not in a mean way. In a matter of fact way. Her pal A. goes, "ohhh yeaahh."

Ever the "helpful" mother but aware of not wanting to appear too aware, "yeah, he gets a bit, but he just showered."

Some help. I have to admit sometimes the silent act probably works best. I should follow The Kid's lead on some social things eh?

That was it though. The girls were on to the next topics, their knowledge of woodwork and The Pirate store. (not necessarily in that order.)
After the tacqueria and a trip to the Pirate Store we headed back towards Bi-Rite for ice cream. The line was L O N G. (the ice cream is G O O D). There was no line at the soft serve/ice cream sandwich window. I told The Kid. Whatever you want, you waited for me, I'm fine waiting for you, we have nothing else but some grocery shopping. The girls were displeased. Well there was 3 of them each with a slightly different preference. The elder two knew it wasn't exactly what they wanted, but also were more aware of what a line like that meant. The little one was insistent upon Strawberry. We divided and conquered. Though the girls returned to the soft serve line when they realized Mom was not going to be able to last in that line this afternoon even if they could.

The Kid said his good byes and just ate his ice cream outside of the Bi-Rite grocery store while I whisked around for 3 days worth of food. I worried that people would think I had abandoned him on the side walk. However it would've been torturous for him to be in there, not enjoying his ice cream. He knew I hadn't abandoned him. I think somehow a day without any real agenda, turned into a really nice Mom and Kid day. he suggested we walk home since it was so nice. Indeed it was.

Monday, January 16, 2012

3-Day Weekend Post Mortem

I am rested.

I am satisfied that this weekend went pretty damn well for all involved.

Were there things I wanted to do? People I wanted to see? Of course! With an extra day and the amount that could not be squeezed in, just proves to me how ridiculously ambitious and/or optimistic I can be. (Don't worry Friends & Family -- it just applies to weekends.)

Friday was everyone rest up. It was also my determination to finish reading The Murder Room.

True Crime. Yes I know, I'm turning into my mother at a faster rate than we all realized. That and by being fascinated by the dark side of human nature, I could possibly be sensationalizing it. I should really stop reading The Daily Mail UK.

Much like the Amazon reviewers say, this was an interesting concept to me. The writing was meh. I didn't have a problem too much with the narrative skipping around though it could've been handled better. It did seem random when the author was going to resolve a story line and carry out another. I did not like a lot of the repetition, and yes, Mr. Capuzzo is a bit too much of a fan boy to me. Favorite part? The chain smoking profiler, a familiar character (who is real) to anyone who watches crime procedurals. Yet, I will send it on to mother after the Manfriend. I have a feeling she will not even bother with it. But who knows, I love to see a book have another "life" with another reader.

Saturday I went to a lovely cocktail / birthday/puzzle party for AS. All the ladies got dressed for the evening, dresses, heels and makeup. Wine & Cheese and some lovely desserts accented some great stories, and lots of laughter.

I managed to get a playdate over for The Kid on Sunday before they went off to Futsal practice. CM came over and talk about a sweet kid and a good eater. He's excited for fruit dried (pineapple) or fresh (citrus - Kishus are BACK!). Wow.  Pickle me impressed. His parents had a quick drink with us before heading off to yet their NEXT social gathering. (The Bs & Ms are really frighteningly impressive in their social stamina).

I cooked a nice dinner for the boys doing a potato galette with The Man Friend's Chicken stock and sauteed green and white onions with leeks. My porkchop turned out alright. We are at the point where we will start having to buy a second piece of protein for the three of us. The Kid is eating more.

Monday = Bonus Day off!! MLK meant we went down to the Metreon and saw The Adventures of Tintin which was a bunch of fun. We got big bowls of ramen. We saw the gathering of people celebrating MLK day at the Yerba Buena Gardens. We took a quiet 14 Mission bus home.

And then my friends ... I got my knit on.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wait I can explain!

I am kind of over New Years Resolutions. It's all just continuations in self improvement. It's the attempts of keeping the dark-side away, and using more positive tools. It's a chance to develop self-awareness, or do something constructive with it.

Then there are moments when you know, your mouth is going and well that's the only piece that seems to be working. Self awareness cannot get out the brain before the stupid comes out the mouth.

Today, I wanted to show littlesnoopy that I got my new Tilt camera (Merry Christmas to Me). The boys used it in Legoland. I haven't really gotten to use it myself. I've been plotting though. What would look good "miniaturized"? Here are some of my ideas. Though I notice I'm just as bad as the boys at wanting to miniaturize what is already small (i.e. Miniland photos in Legoland)

Table Still Life - Food & Terrariums

Playgrounds -- I worry this is creepy literally but that's not what I mean. It should be good faceless happy crowd shots.

Hipster Dolores Park on a Sunny Day


Ferry Bldg & Ferries.


Alcatraz :)

But landscapes I will have to work on.

I know Why? Because I don't really know how to use cameras and take photos and I don't have patience for editing. However I like pictures. I figure those pretty pictures on Photojojo made it seem like I could incorporate a pretty picture hobby without a lot of "stuff".

I'm really trying to keep knitting my only "stuff" hobby. I love it enough.

The problem is today when I was trying to show Little Snoopy the camera and the boys photos, I forgot to check what they took besides Lego pictures first. I remember The Man Friend trying to figure it out when we got to the hotel after I charged it.

So there is a photo of his foot... Lying on a Bed.

There is a photo of a shirtless Kid, with all his skinny bones sticking out, getting ready for Legoland.

Awkward. Harmless, innocent, but wait! I can explain, the innocence of trying to learn a camera ... but then I shut up and just checked, because this could get bad. It probably looked bad.

But see, I really shouldn't have tried to share with people this morning anyhow. I should've known better. No coffee, no adult conversation, not 8am. I should've known, my hair was still wet, my left eye was twitching and the right one was watering and my nose was probably running and it took me a while to notice.

One of the Dad's at school looked at me like I was seriously having issues. As my "family photos" faux miniaturized came to view AND I was having all kinds of malfunctions. So I was. He's already seen me put my foot in it a billion times, come in late, laugh like a beast at my own jokes (which can be funny! they can!) But I kept thinking oh it's just fine. I kept talking.

Where were those braincells? Where was the self awareness, the social filter, the "think before..." speech I'm constantly monologueing at my own kid?

Yeah, better keep working on that.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekend Ready

Oh Yes I am. I know I'm not alone.

The Kid has been stretched thin. Re-entry post holidays has been ... challenging. He looks forward to sleeping in as long as he doesn't miss his cartoons.

Not wanting to miss out is something the two of us share. We need to check each other a little bit.

I have a few errands to run in the Mission on Friday, hopefully it will be quick and I can hustle home in time for some KQED+ Mysteries! -- With my knitting of course. Almost done with that textured shawl. I think I discovered why I was off on my stitch count. I'll let you know who is really right, the pattern or me in the future. I am sure I will do this pattern again. It just really celebrates a pretty yarn.

Even though the battle of the laundry hamper must continue, a Futsal game must be played and somewhere I need to get some grown woman exercise ... I look forward to collapsing in a heap of yarn on a couch or in a corner, or anywhere I can.

The weekend feels ... comforting at this point. It is something I can enjoy at a pace that feels like my own. There is space.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And Here We Are

The holidays are done. I am pleased with this, and shall not speak on the closing ceremonies of 2011 anymore.

Suffice it to say as in all times and aspects of my life, my wish list fell short. Enough was accomplished, but what I thought were priorities became, nice to haves.

The best thing about being out of the holidays is a real schedule. Like small children and old people (hmm) I do well with routine. I like that the Zumba teacher is back. I like that she has moved her class up a half hour because that means, even if I walk home to cool down, I am still home in time for bedtime, also known as "evening pleading time". Exercise makes all other patience exercises easier.

Work is not so bad. The parameters are set, unlike at home, where it is totally acceptable to lose your cool with other people in close quarters. I mean it's not totally cool, but we don't feel quite the need to censure ourselves do we?

Really? It's just me?

In the talk of schedules. My schedule is really, breathable right now. It's great. I am not scheduled out 2 months in advance. I've got a PTA meeting here and exercise there, and some playdates to schedule, but other than that. I see laundry and knitting time in my future. I know it may not last but I'll enjoy it now, thank you very much.

Back to knitting. Just where exactly are we in the knitting? I've got the Log Pillows somewhere between finish and chuck it in the bin. I am frogging the Endless/Effortless sweater. There is just too much fabric in the front, and I think I ended it too short in the body. Its just not worth it. like the gang says, why knit something you aren't enjoying anymore? I'll find completion somewhere else. In fact I'm thinking of reusing the yarn as a 1st pass for Tea Leaves. Now the question is ... do I start Tea Leaves before Aidez? In the meantime, with minimal frustration I am in the middle of a Textured Shawl that I'm convinced has an error in the lace pattern, but I don't trust my knitting or my math to be convinced enough to follow-up on it. I looked and the magazine had not posted any erratas for it on Monday.