Friday, August 28, 2015

FO Friday

I finally finished those mismatched socks. It feels good to have something done.

Stockinette socks bring me such calm I can't even explain. I am buying too much self striping yarn for this very reason. Ah the joy.

Meanwhile I've just cast on some Undines (read it fast, it looks like Undies, right?) and I'm enjoying the knit for sure. I'll post a photo of it in progress when I have more than a thimble full of rows to show for it.

There are other things resting on the needles as well. But I'm so all over the place I'll need to share for another day.

Right now I'm looking forward to the weekend with more knitting and sports, Go Giants, Go Man City, go Socks (stockinette that is, not Red or White!)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Knitting Friends IRL

"IRL" as the kids say, is "In Real Life".

This week I've already been lucky enough to "hang out" with my Knitting Friends two times this week.

On Sunday I got to hang out with our lady Leslie Suzanne and her beau, Bill who were visiting our fair city. It was so sweet of them to make some time for me during what sounded like a really fun getaway! We didn't get a chance to knit together this time, but we did get a chance to really meet -- which if you can forgive the cheesy rhyme was really ... neat. (why yes, yes I did that.)

Leslie is always trying out different yarns and reporting back on drape and shape, which now working at her cool job is maybe a little too easy sometimes ;) She's a traveler and a weaver and always full of "reveal". Her blog is very candid with her personal and creative journeys. Her desire to improve in all aspects of her life is pretty inspirational to me since I struggle with transition and change more than I like to let on.

We had a really nice walk along the bay from Pier 39 to the Wharf and Ghiradelli Square, where we had sunny day Sunday drinks with some really good chat and laughs. I think she was actually able to follow some of my tangential thinking aloud ! (I call it talking ...)


Crazy fun.

Speaking of crazy fun look who I got silly with last night?!?

My McK Alumni Knit Club gang got together after a summer hiatus. The gang keeps in touch via a group text which has forced most of us to change our notification settings since we chat so much our phones were beeping and dinging like a cuckoo clock driving our families if not ourselves bonkers!

We were very excited to see each other to say the least. DL was hostess with the mostess so we had a gaggle of mini knitters with us as well.

She made an amazing pasta but alas we shoveled it too quickly into our faces to get a proper photo.

Knit Club quickly devolves into food & wine club and the latest is Dance Party. Please don't ask, but they play a throw back dance party show on t.v in the background and then a combination of critiquing and then example dance moves goes on. (Let's just say I've had Lionel Richie stuck in my head ... all night long, since)

Anyhow, somewhere in the pleasant cacophony of it all, we knit a few stitches and show and tell our latest projects and try to help each other out with new techniques or really poorly written patterns.

Do you get a chance to knit with friends? Do you like to knit with people or are you a private dancer? I'm shameless and will knit anywhere in public -- even standing waiting for the bus.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday and a Small Tribute

WIP Wednesday. It's been a while since I've posted any of my yarn struggles. So here's a little proof that I've been yarn touching ...

Yes, of course socks. I started sock 2 on a very busy evening before a funeral. I was grateful for busy hands to calm a busy brain. Somehow my eyeballs weren't working right when I cast on so I didn't start the socks in the same place in the colorway. This means the stripes will not match. It doesn't seem to bother me as much as I thought it would, so I kept going. Heck, it's knitting! There is a chance that if it drives me nuts after I cast off, I have enough yarn for another pair. They aren't very big socks. Meanwhile, I'm not worrying about it.

I know you, the Knitters are going to show concern and support because that is what you do in all things. But let me say that I was glad I could go with my Dad and Stepmother and sister, we made it to the Mass before and saw the family.

I was okay, better than I often am when saying good-bye. She had a good life filled with laughter, dancing and good travels. This woman was a fixture in some of my best childhood memories. I'd see her in summers and weekends and holidays visiting my Great Aunt and Uncle and cousins in the San Joaquin Valley/Central Valley. I can't even explain how magical Easters were at her ranch. I remember holding her hand looking at her seasonal decorations everywhere when I was little. But the thing that really sets my heart a glow was her warmth, her strength and her ability to tap into the best of everyone. She could have a hundred people over and she always seemed to make time for everyone. She always asked me how I was doing and if I was enjoying myself. I always felt like she genuinely cared. When my parents were getting divorced she never asked me about them but always about myself. As a cynical tween, this meant a lot to me.

Anyhow, I hope I show the world a little of the grace and strength that she shared with many.

Thanks for letting me have a moment. She was a fantastic lady.

All the best my friends. Remember the good in each other.

Monday, August 17, 2015

I've decided ...

I've decided to join The Twitter. I will see how much of an ass I can make of myself within 140 characters, because really, why not? All my friends are doing it and I hear not only can I get some great news updates but I can also follow some good sports stuff AND ... some friends. I don't really know if I'll have much to say there, but an account has been opened. elns was taken so it's @theellenreport because I'm creative like that. Why yes, that was sarcasm.

I've also decided that since I'm going to be more adventurous in the world of social media (no this does not involve scantily clad selfies, no worries) I should probably get a decent phone. Somewhere along the life of my current phone I got really tired of my bulky case and well, removed it. Then I went the extra mile and I removed my screen protector. Now the front of my iPhone looks like it has been chewed upon by coyotes. (How do you pronounce it? Kai-Yotes or Kai-Yo-Tees? Just wondering)

I'm getting older and so are my eyes. I'm going to get a slightly bigger phone. Some friends of mine have warned me against it, that this would be signalling defeat, but really how sweet are they to think that I'm only signaling it? ha!

Lastly I've decided I'm going to try really hard to not give myself any knitting deadlines this second half of the year. I'm knitting. I'm knitting slowly, but I'm enjoying and really, why the heck not. (this is slowly turning into a life motto that my mother never wanted me to have. It's a word bedazzled in disorganization)

Crap, I've decided babies throw a wrench in that plan seeing how they have deadlines and whatnot ...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just catching up

August is turning into the busy beast I figured she'd be. But it's been a whole lotta fun being busy.

My lovely friend Mrs. B. is visiting with her boy and this led to a glamping trip up North with a huge extended school community. Many of our friends go every year and for one reason or another our family never made it. This year, since Mrs. B. was coming back as part of the alumni group and we had other very good friends going with their families as well, I threw my hat in the ring.

What a good time it was.

Here are a few snaps.

This was my kitchen table the morning we left. Gotta have baked goods for glamping! (Besides I had to leave a few for The Manfriend as he works every Saturday)

This was The Kid's attempt at Muffin tin eggs. Not bad, but not best results? We will try again, we struggled because we were not able to control the heat, and were cooking off a burning fire instead of brickets or campfire coal logs.

Try the recipe from here!

So, I originally had a rustic one room cabin with basically bunk beds and a double to share with some pals. We got upgraded to a fancy lodge due to some logistical issue on their side. Can you say, air conditioning? Totally changed the experience, and the packing. I'm not complaining. hehe. The people that ran this place were SO amazing and kind and patient with all the families.

This was my friend's lodge next door with all the kids swim gear drying :)
This was the swing in front of our lodge. Perfect for knitting overlooking the Andersen Valley. Dreamy. I didn't get to knit a lot. There was a lot of things to do with friends. The night sky was amazing with stars from this spot too.

Knitters Dream (when it was towards of the end of a HOT day)

I am knitting, it's slow but lovely. I think this is a common theme among knitters right now. I am monogamous and just chipping away at the Banana Leaf shawl. I'm sure once the life pace slows down, I'll find some knit pace again. 

Besides, school starts next week, mwahahahahahaha!

Wishing you all a good August.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Little bits of green

The knitting is slow growing but it's going.

This is my latest playdate, Banana Leaf gifted to me by the fabulous Andi.  I'm working this in Madelinetosh Prairie, colorway is "leaf", fitting non?

Not the best photo, but you know, it was nice to work on it a bit with my Mint Lemonade waiting for lunch. :)

This past weekend, we went out to my in laws to have lunch and visit with family.

The cousins had some couch time together.

But they also got out into my MILs garden.

Lots of pretty things.

Tasty things

Raspberry and wild strawberry cake avec Pinot Noir
lamb loin chops seasoned by MIL, cooked by Manfriend
And even a few surprises.
why, hello there!