Thursday, November 29, 2018

Once Upon a Knitting Time

A long long time ago I had the intention of knitting a larger hat for my cousin's baby who well ... was not a toddler anymore and had outgrown the original I knit him.

This kid is so loving and sweet. He is a HUGE fan of his Dad. I figured, why not matching father/son hats? So after a pause I knit a matching hat.

This little cousin has an older brother who works a lot in the stables and Kathy B said she gave fingerless mitts to her fellow stable volunteers where she lives so ... after a pause I knit a pair of handwarmers.

Well this older brother has an older sister who also works in the same stables ... so after another pause, I knit another set of handwarmers. So essentially 6 months after my original send date ... most of the family got some handknits.

My dear cousin in Colorado told me everything is fit. (I figured the elder siblings would work out which one got which pair -- same size and whatnot.) I apologized profusely for taking SOOOO long, but they were all very thankful and understanding.

The End.

I'm still finishing 2 baby sweaters. This weekend I swear it. I just am not knitting very much because that is just how it goes sometimes.

I do enjoy gifting knits, but I think I am going to do some random fancy free knitting in 2019.

Do you enjoy gift knitting?

Friday, November 16, 2018

The air is really bad in San Francisco

Our State is on fire. Unfortunately despite our amazing Emergency Responders people's lives have been lost and forever changed. Landscapes are scarred, and our horizons are unrecognizable.

Hundreds of miles from the nearest of the worst fires our air has officially put us at the top of the worst of the world list. (This is under some debate, but suffice to say it's pretty crap right now.)

I supply you with photographic evidence.

Last week  vs this week: the view from my street (admitting different zoom levels)

But seriously, where did the Salesforce tower go?!?

We are reduced to this when we have to travel outside. This is lunch with the ladies (I'm the second from the right.)

Ours schools were closed today. Sports for the kids have been cancelled after already being postponed. Playoff games were settled with a coin toss. (I had to verify this a few times).

With the fires up in Napa /Santa Rosa we experienced something similar. This is MUCH MUCH worse. Fire season feels like it has become a thing. Our lungs hurt, our eyes burn. Everyone feels a mess. 

Anyways. That's what is happening.