Friday, December 23, 2011


In my attempts to gain holiday spirit I'm going to share with you.

1) I'm going to knit some Korknisse. I think the Kid will be pleased.

2) I'm going to hang the yarn wreath, no matter how ugly it turns out.

3) HM has shared with me this brownie santa hat recipe that I'm going to make my Christmas dessert.

4)This is the Crazy Pants Christmas Eve Menu:
Cheese Plate with Membrillo & Fig Jam, Marcona Almonds, Olives
Roasted Sausages & Caramelized Onions, Dijon & Crusty Bread
Roast Chicken Ala Ellenesque

*Crab with choice of Vietnamese lime salt or melted butter
Beer Boiled Prawn Cocktail

Roast Vegetable
California Salad with Henry's "Shake Well" Vinagrette

Ama's famous butter Christmas butter cookies
Santa Hat Brownies

*Subject to change due to quality/availability/kitchen fatigue

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holy Hot Pockets! Christmas is really close!

I got through the end of last week's deadlines a little rough, but OK.

I have since had a chance to raise a glass of holiday cheer with some lovely friends, and have a sentimental dinner with my dear husband, host The Kid's best pal, and trim the tree.

Gift knitting makes slow progress since it appears (as with all aspects of my life) I must make a a multitude of mistakes before i can grasp completion. Two examples:

1) The modified Mothed sweater. I did not include the eyelet sleeves, just good old fashioned bell sleeves 17" long instead of 18". I thought I was on a roll, until I realized I was going to be almost 4" short when I was binding off for the 2nd sleeve. I had to pull back the first sleeve. Now I have a modified Moth with 3/4 sleeves. Really it's fine.

2) The log pillows are angry with me. The yarn is angry, one US 15 double-point needle splintered in anger at me and the knitted caps were a complete bust. I told myself I needed to channel the generations before and try and crochet the caps. At least I finished the body of the pillows right? I'm down to my final week. Well, after tearing apart my knitting notions again... I realize I do not own an "I" crochet hook anymore.

One more thing to procure during these spendy days with stingy time.

I had not planned on giving the adults anything more than "hostess gifts" this year like I always do. However my Aunt suggested we get my father a Chicago Beef Sandwich kit and it was too good of an idea to forgo. He is difficult to get things for on a good day, so this seemed like a great opportunity to do something fun and easy. The problem is I'm now having absolute guilt about not getting other people (the other set of parents and in-laws) something specific. However where we are now, will seriously crush the budget and I'm up against the timeline. I also worry it will set a precedent. I like having Christmas be about the kids and the sparkle and the eats and the small friend treats (hey I'm rhyming I feel some holiday happy coming on!) Everything else, is just painful.

It appears that the Man Friend and I have had a miscommunication over the menu for Christmas Eve and we have both decided to reassess the situation. We will naturally keep things tasty, but we need to be honest about how much work we are taking on, and what if anything has the potential to make prep too stressful to enjoy the day.

Bah, we always have Christmas Day to enjoy and fart around on slow mo.

Also it appears that we have not solidified plans for going anywhere next week. I know, we are unbelievable we really are. I was willing to book it out, but then over dinner on Saturday he tells me, "Well, I'm not sure when the contractors are coming to the restaurant now."

Oh really?

Whatever, it will be a week off of school / work together. I'm sure it will all be dandy like candy. I'd rather have my moments of "Now what?" peppered with what are we going to do with this wonderful time we have together vs. "Now (TF) What?!?" As in what the hell is going on now?" or "What the Jane Austen should I be doing next?"

Well, the days and nights are running out about as fast as my kid's patience. I better hop to it. As of today, I'm going to dwell on the positive. I gave into the holidays "excuse". My December has been to whiny. No more of that. I'm going to roll-back to November a bit. A more thankful time. See you on the sunshine side...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I feel like today I should really write about more than just putting things off.

Today I should write about honestly. This honesty is partly based in knowing that I will either put things off because I'm lazy, or because by the time I have to do things, I have other priorities and engagements that perhaps were not expected to be scheduled but are.

I should also mention that in some cases this is all workable. However if it's relate to your son's school and "the children" are depending on you to deliver, you should really, really think about this.

I scheduled a dinner party the day before Art Entries are due for the district contest. The forms are pretty much filled out. This year they asked for digital copies. Most of that is done.

There is one file ... that I MEANT to review this weekend and deal with. I didn't. I had company and then a family function. This is on ME. This is how things simply work. I did not buffer appropriately. It will get done.

I will have to reach another level of crazy first.

Really, can we discuss why a .mov file is not okay now? Why they tell you to download "any converter from google"? ANY? dear god, have you never had a virus before? Lucky bastards.

Anyhow. This is my own fault. And the fact that I create my own crazy depresses me.

Falalala will be on hold for a few more days.

ps: The attendance for xmas eve is up to 15 now. I'm working till the day before (xmas eve ... eve?). Color me screwed.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things you shouldn't say to your Son In Law

Based on personal experience.

"She can get moody."

"No take backs!" and then giggle at the wedding reception.

"Oh your wife had the same problem as a kid ..." (in reference to your child's habit for chronically wearing their clothes inside out and backwards) "In fact some times she would forget clothes! I remember when she forgot to wear underwear on her way to the bus stop for Kindergarten! Did I tell you that one? I love that one!"

"Don't buy her diamond earrings. She'll just loose them."

"Why don't you want to have anymore babies?"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Off Kilter Again

If one thing you can count on me for, it's having awkward moments.

Often I am just a wild child and like to repeat my mistakes. You know, perfecting awkwardness is awesome.

Sometimes I just feel off kilter and don't know why.

Today I know why. My clothes, my outfit are not right. My crotch on my pants seem really low, like the pants are stretched out, and so now I'm having awkward alignment between my underwear and my jeans. My jeans for the record are not stretched out, b/c they have been just washed and dried. So this is not a case of the repeat wear = stretch out equation.

Also, half for warmth and half for conservative mother voice in the back of my head, I wore a tank top underneath my knit shirt. The knit shirt is sort of like a nice lightweight version of a Jr's sweatshirt. (Don't ask me why I'm wearing it in a fashion sense.) It's comfortable. Okay but today it's not comfortable.

Again the alignment of the shirt and the tank top are askew and I am pulling up my pants and down my shirts and really it's just fussy feeling.

Why am I wearing this atrocity? Because just how I tell my son, to not rush, but to make proper choices. I didn't listen to my own jawing. I was late, I was rushing, I needed to be clothed when we hailed yet another taxi to try and get to school on time. The choice was PUT IT ON or PUT IT ON. I went with the latter.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eating ... and eating ... oh wait still eating!

I'm not depressed. I'm not searching for comfort. I'm just really hungry. Unfortunately I do not have the metabolism of my 8 year old son, and ... this week that I'm feeling particularly ravenous is also paired with a week with little to no opportunities for exercise.

I went Sunday to Zumba for an hour at least and you know, kinda walk around between the Castro, South of Market and the Mission. No, not a lot of mileage, but you know I think meandering counts as some kind of physical movement.

I don't think it's enough to justify eating a mini Super Duper burger (again in the last 4 weeks!) and leftover chicken white wine coq au vin and this is after a ramekin of pudding ... and whipped cream. This is after a lunch of half a baby burrito with some chips and salsa and guacamole from Pancho Villa. I was returning from Serendipity (forever in my mind Princess Animal) and I couldn't help but smell Taco from 19th st. to 16th and Valencia. I was so hungry I could've eaten a hipster, whacky 80s outfit and all!

I started the day with seaweed at 10am.

I ate some instant Japanese noodles (Tonkatsu flavour) because they had to be tried, and I like Tonkatsu and I'm eating curry tonight so I had to save the curry flavour for later.

I had a post lunch snack today of chocolate raised donut. I got it when I was out procuring groceries at Duc Loi for tonight's dinner. I carried that donut back to the office with love.

I ate my donut without any coffee.

I relished that thing.

The word relish makes me think of hot dogs. I think I should have a hot dog this week. No specific timeline.

The beauty of the donut. The trick of the donut is not to have them too often. Then when you get one, even if it's not truly exceptional, the experience can be. In this case it was because it was a "raised doughnut" (Blogger doesn't like when I spell it like Homer Simpson).

Anyhow,  I feel more winter eating coming on, less exercise. I don't know how long it will last, but I'm going to try and enjoy it.

I think what will help is taking some lunch walks and using the Pearlcream method. Ms. Pearlcream swears by this thing called "being rational". You eat what would be a normal, healthy portion. And then (get this ....) you stop. I know!!! She's so crazy you have to adore her! Her "trick" is to wait 15 minutes, maybe get up and move around a little. If you are still hungry, go ahead have a little more. It's nutso, but it works. And there are enough times when I get up during those 15 minutes I can "feel" the entirety of what I've swallowed down my gullet. It helps prevent me from eating more.

What's next? Maybe a lunch time walk for Stichmarkers and Softserve with Hot Fudge? Damn that sounds good.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Status

1. There is no tree in the flat. I repeat NO TREE. All Christmas decorations remain IN the storage.
The Why: Because It means really looking at the layout of my living room and that is just down right depressing, since it is in a new state of chaos never before reached. Also it means that arranging a layout that would allow me to purchase the grown-up couch of my dreams is even further away. Woe are my wealth(y) of problems.

2. The Kid's present is one of those "hard to find" items. I swear that little turd waited a really long time to decide (indecision runs in the family) and then he wants something that makes me feel like I'm going to become one of those people in the movies that throw people a shoulder in the toy aisle. I won't of course, but I'll use all the online powers I have and possibly ask some family members to hit some stores near them.
The Why: ToysRUs Online inventory and instore pick up process ... need improvement. If you're down to the wire, every day counts. One would like to know, if I can't get it THERE, then I need to get it somewhere else, STAT. The store had my order listed as cancelled because it was out of stock. I did not get an email until 12 hours later. Pathetic. BTW -- their in-store pick up policy says it's usually processed from online within 2 hrs. hmm.

3. What about my presents -- you know ME and MY Materialistic needs.
The Why: I wanted to give myself the gift of knitting crap because after having my Paloma stolen out of the car AND my emailed links of the Yarnharlot's gifts for knitters ignored, I have to take matters into my own hands. My own, very dry, knitting hands. However it's just me, so I have to be last on the list.

4. We are going to end up with a lot of people at our house on Christmas Eve. I can feel it.
The Why: See item #1.

5. There are still way too many things outstanding. Gifts that aren't purchased or mailed, cards and photos that need to be sent.
The Why: The work, the knitting, See item #1, The good parent stuff, The lazy beast inside ...

Where is my holiday spirit? It's feeling inadequate and that just won't do. I better make some happy faces, because I don't want to feed The Manfriend's natural proclivity to being a Scrooge or a Grinch. I don't want to bring the household down. A little clean, a little list, a little more time blocked out for ho ho hoing ... It can be done. Oh yeah then I need to get a tree.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Letting the dork shine through ...

Alright I admit I own 2 sets of Harry Potter DVDs.

1) The original issued
2) The Blue Ray version

Yet every time they are on T.V. as in the case with this weekend. The Kid and I end up watching at least one ... with commercials. We dupe The Manfriend into going along with this, because there are cut scenes reinserted into the movie. Not deleted extras on the side, but IN the middle of the movie! (And yes, I'm completely prepared to shell out more money for the next set of dvds which include these extended scenes. I did it for Lord of the Rings, I'll do it Harry.)

And while Ron & Harry were having a chat in their bedroom at Hogwarts, I spotted Ronald Weasley's homemade knit quilt. I said aloud, "I love that blanket. One day I'll make one like that." My lovely son, did not snicker or mock me, but smiled. Ahh.

Then today of course I see in the "Top 20" patterns on Ravelry -- I visited the knitting designer's blog and am happy to see her self-aware obsession. I'm so impressed.

I imagined smaller squares, but that would take even longer eh? And I'm not sure now, were they smaller or larger? Hmm, I suppose I'll have to check the movie ... again.