Monday, September 29, 2014

The Monday Whatnot

It was a very busy weekend as my entire family will agree.

There were: 

baseball games.

Middle of the night illness.

A soccer match with a tough loss.

Friends and sliders and lots of kitchen prepping for a BBQ where children played in the backyard and parents laughed.

Aside from the weekend recap. I have list for you. 

I have discovered Instagram. I joined mainly to follow The Kid but I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I use some of the photos here there etc. But I like that it isn't as high maintenance as say, Facebook, for me (is that to me?)

My family has decided I am the world's worst mango selector ever. 

Not just the ones that live in my apartment, but the ones that grew up with me too. I can literally see my little sister shaking her head.

I impulsed bought $6 worth of vegetarian jelly beans this morning when I went into shop for dinner on my way to work. No, I'm not exploring vegetarianism (I was picking up salmon at my son's special request) but they were pretty and they were there. They are pretty good except for one flavor that I cannot put my finger on. I avoid them. The texture is grainy, but for whatever reason, I actually like that.

I made a new crudites dipping sauce this weekend: Sour cream, sriracha, soy sauce, sesame oil and a dash of Worcestershire 'cause I like to say it. An interesting kick. Particularly good with cucumber coins and blanched haricot verts.

What's new for you? Any new snacks or realizations?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Backwards and forwards and all over town.

My projects have been somewhat stalled by life lately. I was angry at the pumpkin socks. Unreasonably angry. I had dropped some stitches while dragging it all over San Francisco (without actually knitting). I managed to get them back on the needles, but struggled to figure out where I was. I think I could've managed but I was feeling (yes of course I was) impatient and I think the fact I didn't do the fancy decorative cuff at all (I was impatient remember and rushed for a 2x2 rib as is) just pushed me over the edge. So I frogged the whole pumpkin enchilada and tried to start up again.

Alas, it was too late. (You know the Giant's v Dodgers game went extra innings and finished (with a Giants win!) at 11:30. My focus was divided.

So here is my pile. My pile of Ellen's impatience. I am reading the second book of The Giver series by Lois Lowry. I sort of do this, between things where knitting doesn't quite fit in. I can't really knit before I leave for the gym, because then it's really hard for me to leave my chair. Like SO hard I don't leave for the gym. blech.

That other little bit / bob on the end is my new Unikitty keychain from the Lego Movie because she makes me happy. Her horn lights up when you touch her nose. She is rather large for a keychain, though.

I'm not giving up on my pumpkin socks. I like the thinking, "it's okay." I just need the time. Also, I know I will finish that baby sweater soon, so all is not lost.

How are your projects going? Are you as easily distracted as me? Has a shawl or baby knit been pushed to the side as you experiment on a new pumpkin recipe or hat?

Oh yeah, I really want to knit a hat. I feel like I need a new one, since my kid loses all of mine.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Moving Fast

This guy who is huge by the way was furious in his fiber arts this morning.

He moved so fast I couldn't keep up with him when I was trying to take his picture with my phone.

I think people thought my crazy was showing because they couldn't see him. I heard one woman say "Ohhhh!" When she pulled up to the light by us.


I saw a ginormous crow in the tree across the street from my office, but there was no way to get a proper photo of him with my phone.

It rained for the first time in months for a few hours last night and this morning. We all noticed.

Back to school night yesterday, today is PTSA. The Kid is getting home from soccer late again. I think we need to slow it down this weekend. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Knitting Blues

I finished this shawl during my long delayed layover in Mexico City this summer. I just managed to block it during my week of ailing. I couldn't knit all week for feeling crap. On Saturday as I began to feel more human, I stuck Antarktis for a soak and a pin.

I had a hard time fitting it on the ottoman which is my makeshift blocking station. (good thing I bought blocking pads with no wear in a small apartment to put them!) It did open, but since it's asymmetrical, I question the size, the wearability for most etc. but I do like it. I just have a tendency to pick at things sometimes.

When I went to visit my parents out in the East Bay for a family BBQ, I took these photos in their backyard. Yay for natural light! Yay for a backyard!

Sigh, I really do love this pattern. Very easy peasy. As you can see, from the detail, it's truly lovely with the different textures. I saw it knit in a variety of colors and even an ombre yarn on Ravelry. So pretty. I will knit it again. Maybe in the spring...

But now, it's time for fall knits. I picked up the baby sweater for my cousin. I hope she likes this blue and gray combination. At this slow rate, I might have an FO in 2 weeks.

Afterall, I have to get back to my pumpkin sock knitting.

ps: I just want to thank all of you for the nice words about my snotty situation last week. I know it was just a cold, but I really appreciate the kindness.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wyoming Winner!

The random number generator gave us 6! Nancy of Wyoming Breezes is our winner for the Indian Summer yarn and pencil case tool kit!

If you aren't familiar with Nancy's blog you should go visit. Crafts and charity and lots of interesting looks at life. She does the Quilts for Valor that are so beautiful. Foreign Fridays are always interesting and I love her old photos and commentary on farm life, well really life in general. But the farm life is so far from my own life experience. 

Nancy ping me on ravelry, I'm elns and give me your mailing address!

Meanwhile back at my "ranch", I can tell you I am trying to ride out a crappy back to school cold - yeah (groans a little). I woke up in the middle of Monday night with a horrible sore throat. The kind where your ears hurt. The next day I stayed home stuffed up. I made it into work the next day, but I tell you, congestion was just overwhelming. And if you're still not grossed out, today the "stuff" is finally working it's way out, but I'm drowning. I'm tired, b/c I can't laydown without the pressure building or the nasal drip drowning.

I have knit a bit on a baby sweater, my pumpkin socks are not growing, but I'm hoping that the weekend will allow me some health and time to knit a bit and I will finally show you a blocked shawl I finished this summer.

Lemme get healthy and focused and I'll be with you all shortly. Hopefully I'll be amusing.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Indian Summer Give Away!

Hello Yarnies,

I realize, I missed a month in my year to make a give away every month. Le sigh.

But I'm back here to offer you something that might compliment the change of the seasons.

Here is a ball of the Jawoll Color including a little reinforcement yarn. I do not know the actual name of this colorway, but I call it Indian Summer, cause that is what it reminds me of. Is it a sunset or sunrise? You tell me.

If you're interested in this little bit of fiber please leave a comment and a way to contact you i.e. Ravelry handle etc. by Wednesday, September, 10th. I'll even throw in a "Tool Kit".

Which is basically a fun pencil pouch, but definitely the type of thing I use for my portable kits. It can hold tapestry needles, double point needles, markets etc.

Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So Quickly Comes September

August was fun-filled and social.

This weekend was too much busy bodying to actually knit, but that's okay. With September here, I feel there will be many clicking needles during soccer match warm-ups and parent organization meetings, orthodontist appointments and homework revisions (ugh) ... ( I love my kid, but sometimes some of the things we deal with take such over compensation to get over my instinctive  "No, I don't want to" feelings.)

This weekend my phone died so there weren't as many snaps as I would've liked to share with you. But that's the story sometimes. Highlights:

Dinner with Mrs Canada and her fabulous family. Such good people, fun people. The littlest Canadian likes the frosted tea cake cookies so she pretty much showed her decorative skills off here.

Picnicking and swimming in the Bay. We were invited to hang out with a couple of families at the South End Rowing Club  (not to be confused with the Dolphin Club next door hehe) and see if we could brave the Bay waters. It was warm, air and water -- not the usual year round temps. I'm so impressed with open water swimming, it frightens me a little bit. I did a few lengths between the pier and the first buoy that marks the entrance to the big round laps of Aquatic Park, but I'm not ready for that big circuit, maybe one day! Regardless, super fun. Friends, Sunshine and Guacamole!

Afterwards we went to a cocktail party for one of my husband's former bosses. We managed to clean up a bit first, it was a tight turn around, but we made it.

 It was good and fun and an early night.  We took a taxi to pick up our son from our friends' that were watching him, and took another friend's  boy home with us. Pals are the best on 3 day weekends.

Ebelskeivers and sausages for breakfast.

There were a handful of other happy things. But I feel summer is slipping away. I have been obsessing over this song lately, maybe in preparation?