Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I Learned This Holiday...

I am the last one to get my land legs back from water travel (Clipper Ferry from Victoria Island to Seattle)

I am a little evil when I'm hungry.

Never eat a Space Needle hot dog -- even if you are VERY hungry. (Husband has sworn off hot dogs indefinitely after a bad one. For him to swear off the hot dog is a big deal. Sausages are apparently still OK.)

I think from indulging in so many lattes while on vacation, I have learned I'm kinda lactose intolerant.

I am the most forgetful one in the family, despite the fact that I badger everyone else and run through their checklist. (I left my swimsuit at the Stanley Park Public Pool changing rooms and had to go back for it ...)

My husband has anxiety dreams when away from home. The funky small double beds at the Waterfront Marriott didn't help. Amazing how we payed HALF the price for the room at The Blue Horizon in Vancouver and were TWICE as happy there in terms of room accommodations. (Although we should've taken the fancy shmancy ginger orange toiletries from the Marriott ... ah best not to clutter.)

I don't snack on holiday like I do at work.

I found my new favourite pastry. I love raspberry croissants. Unfortunately they are in Seattle from Le Panier. (I know, it's not savory crazypants!!)

My Kid knows his Japanese ramen. He specializes in Shoyu and Chashu if you must know. (Don't hate on the fact it's a chain ramen house. Trust me, this was some tasty stuff. I had the only non Asian with me in the joint.)

If I lived in the Pacific Northwest I cannot say I would embrace the fleece, but I would totally nurture the wannabe jogger/runner in me. The weather is perfect for it. I would also learn to knit socks, for sure.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Quotes: My Mom

Me: Hey Mom, I see all these cool sewing projects on my knitting blogs. People who knit love to sew. I should really learn how to sew. Even the nephew is doing it!

Mom (in her exasperated tone): I have been trying to get you to sew forever.

Me: I know ... but ...

Mom: Next time you are out here, you need to put the needles down and sew some napkins or something. You can knit whenever you want. You need to learn how to sew.

Me: O.K.

Mom: That reminds me. On vacation, I want you to put down the needles and spend some time with your family. Look up from the knitting and enjoy your vacation.

*Put your needles down said 2x. EVIL

This is why mothers and daughters endlessly bicker. No matter how much they love you, they are going to tell you to do the opposite of all you desire. Because it's good for you.

Friday, July 13, 2012

What's Next?

This week, I have not knit for a few days in a row. This is kind of sad since I was really on a roll again. Maybe I can finish another sleeve over the weekend. Maybe I can cast on something new!!

I have to be strategic about it. We leave for a small getaway for Seattle and Vancouver in just a little over a week. I will obviously need to bring knitting. I would like to bring things that aren't almost finished, so I don't have to haul around dead weight. I know this goes against what other knitters do. They seize the travel time as a chance for completion. Hmmm. Well ... maybe if I pack light on the shoes/clothes.

The plan is one something mindless, because as much as I would love to whip out some intricate knitting, I need something that I can look up from and enjoy the view on the train from Seattle to Vancouver. However I'm not going to bring the garter stitch Wonder blanket, too much bulk. But garter stitch is the idea ... so i will pick up Color Affection. I ordered the kit a while ago, and have been hoarding it :) I reread the pattern and it feels familiar enough. Though ... I will screw something up, I usually do, ha!

I also need something different and fun. So ... I've been whining about Rock Island, really wanting to make this for Mrs. P. but the truth is ... I'm afraid the chart reading will make me blind in frustration when I'm supposed to be enjoying my holiday. So I will cast on for it this week, and see if it's something I can actually travel with or if it's something I will need to set aside until I return and then go back to in the silence and solace of my bedroom.

If it is something that requires complete focus (which is something I lack) then I will bring a couple cakes of Peruvia Quick to cast on the ever popular Aidez.

Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small Wonder

Evelyn @ Project Stash is perpetually posting knitting ideas and this seemed like such a good idea.  A mindless knit of 170 sts in garter stitch. Use up the stash, make some stripes and lots of happy.

After finishing one sleeve on the  Tea Leaves cardigan (@10pm!!) I got ants in my pants and joined Evelyn in casting on for the Wonder Blanket.

Cast on 166 with some lovely heathered green. I was just shy of 170 and a lazy beast to undo my cast on for 170.

I'm slipping the first stitch for a cleaner edge.

I realize I have a bunch of Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn that I got for random scarves, handwarmers and baby blankets. I have sometimes whole balls of yarn. So this will probably be more color blocked Wool-Ease, but I'm SO excited to have something move this yarn out of my stash and make something practical with. There are more babies and couches to warm this fall/winter. I sense this will be the first of "Wonders" to come.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kid Inspiration

I had set the pace for Sunday in advance. I am determined on managing tone and pace. There were things to do, but if there is time to relax, then everyone feels like it's manageable and there are less moments of opposition. Also The Kid asked if there would be time to kick around at home.

At swimming lessons,  I watched The Kid swim back and forth across the width of the local pool (with breathing yay!) and I was very proud. His class practiced diving for the first time. It was a beautiful Esther Williams moment of belly flops of the cute and shivering.

We had big bowls (size small!) of albondigas soup and ate beans and cheese with guacamole and chips for lunch  and fresh squeezed orange juice, even though The Kid said he wasn't hungry. right.

We came home and there were some small chores (left mostly unfinished) and individual play. We let The Kid flip some channels while we knit and read and he lounged in his post lunch food coma. He finally found the Food Network. More specifically he found, The Pioneer Woman. I have read her blog on and off through the past few years because there is usually something accessible to me and she's not snooty.

He got really into it. He pointed out this recipe and said, "I think we could do that!"

I said, "Yes, we'll use some good jam."

"Oh, squares? Hmm, I would cut them in rectangles, like bars."

"We can do that." (sheesh, presentation critic eh?)

The other recipe that caught his eye was her broccoli and cheese soup, served in little bread bowls. He loves soup, and though he's not a fan of broccoli, he was intrigued by the bread bowl and the kids his age, gushing over the meal.

Meanwhile his father walks in and starts commenting on the recipe. "Hmm, I don't think I would cook the broccoli in the cream. I would boil it in stock chicken or veggie and ..."

But The Kid and I were not having any of it. We're going to try HER method first and then he can Iron Chef his version afterwards. I think it's important to let The Kid explore what his first inspiration is. He doesn't have a lot of recipe experience. He needs a baseline. It's like the experienced knitter that prattles off the mods you can do to a pattern to achieve something. But if you want what the pattern is ... you follow the pattern the first time to understand it. Otherwise you're getting something different. (that's okay too. I'm just trying to further justify why my husband is wrong. ha!)

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Kid Comments On Knitting

This morning over breakfast The Kid says, "You know I might want to learn how to knit."

I controlled myself over a nice cup of Kona blend. "Sure dear. If you want to, I'm happy to show you. I'm sure you'd be great at it."

"Would I start with a hat or scarf?"

"Start with the scarf."

"But I may not want to learn now."

"Whenever you want, just let me know." (A chance to share my other love with my other love? It is too good to be true. Enjoy this moment!)

I think this all came about from Steve & Kate's camp, which has all kinds of activities, including crafting ones that my son seems to avoid. He's done everything from run around like a crazy beast and fall of the slide, video game, make music "tracks" and hang out in the lounge playing board games in bean bag chairs. My nephew goes to a different location and he whipped up a pillow for "Peanut butter" his little dog stuffie. He made it on their sewing machines. I cannot even use a sewing machine.

Anyhow, I thought the morning conversation on knitting was the perfect way for him to model my finished Christopher hat.

Project Stash was whipping a bunch of these out in the winter and I promised myself I would make one. I am definitely not a quick knitter, but that didn't upset me as much as the messiness of my stripes. I pointed it out to The Kid and he said, "Yes. It would look much better if the stripes went all the way around without that little bit missing." (you can see an example pic on ravelry, I'm too embarrassed to put it on blast here.)

I was worried he would hand off the hat (which he'll probably do anyways, but give me at least a day where you like my handknit.) "I am thinking it just looks like a seam right now."

Well anyways, I am not thwarted. I will try the hat again in another set of colors. I enjoyed knitting it, and that is what matters most. Maybe I'll have someone to join me to enjoy the stitches ...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A piece of knitting.

I know I haven't really written about knitting in a while. (Thank goodness whispers Harrigan). Mainly because I am embarrassed I do not have pictures, and I know it can get boring listen to someone ramble on about what they'd like to achieve.

(I'd like to achieve a lot on and off the knitting scene just in case you were wondering ...)

Well I finally weaved in the ends for my blanket for MoMo's family. It wasn't so painful, since I was watching Two Towers, which makes even folding laundry relaxing.

I wish I had a long shot of the entire blanket to show you, unfortunately I do not really know the best way to take a picture like that. I should ask littlesnoopy, aka Ms. Photo Know How. I like her smarts, she's always very supportive and gentle and even when I don't understand something obvious doesn't make me feel like a dumb@ss. (This is an important quality in a friend.)

Stay tuned because thanks to the new apps for Ravelry, Wooly and Yarma I think I might actually have a few photos of some additional "moments of completed knitting".