Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter break begins

I requested the week of Christmas off. The entire week before I was antsy pantsy excited.

Excited to knit, bake, have our parents over for a Christmas eve meal, to take The Kid to stay up in the snow for the first time.

I am grateful for all the things I am excited and busy for.

I wanted to do something that really kicked off that spirit. And I know I had a ton of prep work I could chip away at. I knew he'd love to hang out with his pals. I was selfish.

I made it a mom and son day. We went to see The Rise of the Guardians with junk food. Don't report my fake buttered popcorn and chicken tender feeding to the SF Progressive Parents movement. Then we went ice skating at the nearby Yerba Buena rink. There are 2 outdoor rinks up in the city for the holidays. But it was rainy and The Kid said there's more space indoors.

Anyhow skating was such a hoot we want to go back next week. Maybe we'll try it outdoors then.

Meantime we will continue making Merry.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Downton Abbey Excitement

I love to see what other knitters are up to. I usually follow the links from one knitting blog to another. I find such interesting things. Knitters reaffirm my faith in humanity. It is something I am particularly grateful for this holiday season.

Anyhow, look what I found at luvinthemommyhood:

downton abbey knit along

Yay! She's got a whole post on the plans for a Downton Abbey knit along. I'm going to do the Jimmy Bean's Wool knit along as well. So the question for me is this two projects or one? I have been eyeing shawl patterns lately.

I feel shawls are very Downton, non? This one in particular has been calling me:

from Vogue Knitting 2012

It's the # 29 Textured Shawl. I love the fact this is knit with US 13 size needles with Mohair. I am hoping it's a lofty airy pattern, lofty and airy (a quick knit at the very least). I can see Mary rocking this for a little Matthew in the firelight quality time, heh.

Then again, I've been wanting to do this one for quite a while. It's got that lace, period feel, but on the other hand has a bit of a modern spin that I like, especially if given the proper colors.

Oh options!

But the knit along is definitely going to be a Shawl!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Knitting: Mission 1 Completed!

Woo + Hoo = Woo Hoo!

I managed 5 hand knit hats by 3pm (coffee time) on Dec. 17th. Speedy G is going out on holiday for 3 weeks and I was determined to gift the Koffee Klatch all at the same time.

The hats are a little homeadey, but the boys seemed to like them well enough. Honestly, I told them, not to feel obligated if it wasn't their thing, they could find them another home.

But first, I wanted pictures. I tried to match patterns to the person as best as I could. I think I did okay in that respect. Anyhow. Here are my FOs (finished objects, non knitters) on my friends.

For Speedy G, the fischer cable hat. Faux brim. I figured if it doesn't work for him, he can pass it on to one of his many mini-mes.

This is Harrigan sporting the striped side of the Christopher hat. A Madelinetosh knit!

Jhui, Mr. Slouch himself, so the last minute slouch was perfect. Cascade 220 Heathers, can't go wrong.

Then there is Mr. WP. Such a swell sense of humor and lots of good brown jackets, I thought a classic watchman's hat would go well.

And last but not least RJ, his love of burgundy both the color and the wine is not lost on me, nor his simple style.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's the status?

It was a strong desire to call in "knit". It was that adrenaline junkie feeling of, really that work stuff can wait. I'll still make my deadlines missing a day.  What I need to do is finish my knitting deadlines!

Well, it didn't happen. Guilt won out. I talk a good game but I never "call in". There are days you really need them for yourself or your family and you remember the value and importance. It's one of the few places in my life I have some discipline.

So ... I will be up late finishing this tonight:

Wish me luck. Shortly after I finish it, I will be weaving in ends for 5 hats, because I'm nothing if not an excellent procrastinator.

But after this I ask myself. What next? What do I knit? Is the knitting world mine again? Can I finally finish my sweater?

I will get it done this month. But first ... my sister's cowl, and maybe a pair of handwarmers, some decorations? and ... oh crap.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Quotes: Gentle Teasing, The Morning Edition

We were lagging by 5 mins this morning to get out of the door. The only thing we forgot were the library books, but I didn't remember that honestly until just now, ha!

Waiting for a light to change at the crosswalk, I look at my handsome son. 'Tis the season to be Mommy ...

Me: Hmm, you forgot to wash your face again this morning huh? You have bits of sleep in your eye, and milk on your chin.

Him in humble voice, avoiding eye contact: Yeah.

Me in a matter of fact voice .. very dry indeed: Well, that's okay you're too young for girlfriends anyways.

He smiles

Me:... And your friends already know what a dork you are.

Him: You know, I don't think I get all my dork from Dad.

Oh really?

Me: Yeah, I know.

French Onion Soup at Chez Maman on Hayes St.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hoarding Desires

Military Wool Blankets: In this case a lesson from tragedy. As a kid we always had these in the car, and in the extra linen trunk in our foyer of our childhood home.

Banana Saver: They look more ... nsfw than the banana slicer, but I suffer from that problem where if a banana is over bruised I won't eat it. Let's just say my point of over bruised is illogically under bruised.

Maglite: Back to safety first. Our last one was stolen from our old car. It makes me sad on the inside, but it also terrifies me that one or more loved one could be stranded somewhere in the dark.

Benedryl: Antihistamines are amazing. If you or if you have a child that suffers from various allergies or just bloody awful hayfever. This is the bringer of relief. Sometimes it doesn't come as quickly as you like, but it usually kicks in after a little nap. I have a child's dose in every purse/bag I own.

Okay so obviously I'm having some anxiety as worked out through my Hoarding Desires.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

They See You With Their Non-Knitter Eyes

from pbs site
Last night after an evening of shopping and dining out with the in-laws, the Manfriend and I had a night cap and a little conversation.

I confessed that I had ordered a little yarn. That I was very excited about it because the colorway (he doesn't understand why I can't just say, "color") is called " “Christmas at Downton". From the Ravelry pattern page:
Jimmy Beans Wool is hosting a Mystery KAL in celebration of season 3 of Downton Abbey! Our December Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition color is called “Christmas at Downton”. The color itself embodies late Edwardian style perfectly with muted tones of sage, teal, plum/cranberry, gray, and eggplant. It’s a simply gorgeous color that will be perfect for the design I have in mind…of course, you are welcome to use any sport weight yarn you would like. I recommend a more durable plied yarn for this project…oops, is that a hint? :)
Him: You mean like the Masterpiece show? Downtown Abbey? (yes, he often refers to it as Downtown Abbey --> sounds so much more urban doesn't it? Like there should be a hip hop soundtrack or something)

Me (emphatically, fan girl style): YESSS!

Me (animated, almost knocking over glass of red wine ... it's okay the couch is beyond help): Oh it's for a knit along the yarn store is hosting! See we all buy the yarn, and then they leave us a clue on New Year's eve, where we knit up a swatch for practice. Then we all get the first clue to pattern and knit while watching the first episode of the new season! I'm SO excited.

**Part of the reason I'm excited is because I should be done with my holiday knitting right? Except for the odd gift that's been pushed out for "Chinese New Year"

Him: Wow, people really do this?

Me: Yes! Knitters love them some Downton Abbey. They love Masterpiece, but there is a special place for Downtown Abbey in our hearts.

Him (smiling that Non-Knitter smile): Well, that sounds cute.

Me: Just smiling, big foolish, excited 'cause it's Christmas at Downton smile.

The non-knitters are very supportive in my house. They "understand" my people. They are open-minded and accepting of the random lists of yarn weights, things to knit lying around, along with my muttering for where such and such needle size went hiding. (Seriously, where do needles go when they are feeling lost, forlorn and forsaking their master?) They have seen the Lord of the Rings inspired knitting patterns, they are wise to the meeting of the knitting groups and craft fairs of all themes. And now they have been educated on the KAL better known as The Knit Along.

This doesn't stop them from giving me the side-eye from time to time.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anniversary Eating

We started at Ad Hoc for dinner, had a lovely little early breakfast at our Inn (The Villagio in Yountville) and then lunch at Bistro Jeanty before heading back to the city.

This was a grilled salad with tempura mushrooms, carmelized onions and grilled escarole with a tad bit of fruit and cheese. So wonderful and different than the usual salad course.

Osso Bucco Meat Pies ... with a surprising and savory tasty kick. The "extra" dish at Ad Hoc that evening and absolutely delightful

Somewhat out of focus, but a lovely dish of Stuffed Veal and Grilled Romaine with Bulgar and Turnips and Persimmons.A fantastic plate of fall.

Dessert a simple build your own sundae. Manfriend poured his espresso over. Really, there was just not much room in us. Sharing one would've been more than enough ...

Leisurely Lunch
Duck 2 ways with a frisee salad at Bistro Jeanty. Man friend was very pleased.

My lunch, always an easy order for me. Sole Muniere. Lemons and Capers! Oh My!

That's my Manfriend. Such a good dining companion. He's pretty swell in a lot of ways.

TaDa, 10 years legally bound, celebrated with a little overnight-er and lots of good eating. I think that is the first time we've gotten "out of town". It was the weekend before Thanksgiving and it was a great way to start off being thankful.