Thursday, May 3, 2012


One word header today. Makes me want to center the paragraphs and breakout in haiku.

Fear not.

I met my sister today for lunch.

It's weird how much I can miss her when I see her. Laughing and eating. That is probably our favorite. And not that we don't love our kids, since we talk about them quite a bit when we are together, it was nice to see her ... alone. Just us, no distractions or interruptions.

We get along really well. Why? Because we genuinely like each other, and also it helps to have 3 decades of familiar with someone else's kind of crazy.

Also for the most part we have found "our rhythms".

She would say I am easily defensive and chatty.

I would say she is sensitive and prone to sulking.

We'd both we be right.

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