Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Quotes: My Mom

Me: Hey Mom, I see all these cool sewing projects on my knitting blogs. People who knit love to sew. I should really learn how to sew. Even the nephew is doing it!

Mom (in her exasperated tone): I have been trying to get you to sew forever.

Me: I know ... but ...

Mom: Next time you are out here, you need to put the needles down and sew some napkins or something. You can knit whenever you want. You need to learn how to sew.

Me: O.K.

Mom: That reminds me. On vacation, I want you to put down the needles and spend some time with your family. Look up from the knitting and enjoy your vacation.

*Put your needles down said 2x. EVIL

This is why mothers and daughters endlessly bicker. No matter how much they love you, they are going to tell you to do the opposite of all you desire. Because it's good for you.

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