Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Holiday NYC 2013: Day 3

It seems our family is a bunch of sleepy heads. Day 3 and we still couldn't get the lead out in the morning. 

We went to Norma's for breakfast. The portions are huge, perhaps to help justify the expense. My friend from Zumba who gave me the rec warned me, but she spoke so fondly of mother / daughter weekend getaway breakfasts that when I heard it was in our hotel...I had to give it a try.

I had crab cake(s) they give you 2 -- but really?!? The Kid said his scrambled quesadilla with bacon was too salty. We realized it was the tortilla, and it was salvageable. The husband had enough smoked salmon on his plate to feed a small cocktail party.

No pictures, business conference breakfasters and the morning brain fog did not make it worth the effort.

Now don't get me wrong, Norma's was not bad, just not spot on for us.
It was pouring rain that day. The husband had us take the D along the west side, but we wanted the B which stops at ... Our stop, ha!

It was fine, we doubled back along the line, and the subway here hauls. 

when we came up-top, it was coming down hard and consistent. 
Then we trudged through the watery path in Central Park to The Met.

I was happy and excited to see this place again. I warned the boys about the size and that rainy day crowds would be wacky. (I admit I used my "mom voice" on a lady that tried to cut the audio tour line. But really, a little consideration is not too much to ask)

When the kid was starving again, they got a NYC hot dog and we split up.

I got stuck visiting the familiar and old friends. I remember studying and I felt young for a moment.

 Why, hello there Homer Winslow!

Thomas Eakins pairs knitting with elder wisdom, love it.

Mary Cassat was a fan of the Crochet apparently.

Ahh the scale this place is capable of displaying is really awesome.

Even the visible storage is impressive.

There was so much more but I won't bore you to tears with all my snaps. I did get a few good details of knitwear in the Punk: chaos to couture exhibit until they told me no photos were allowed for the special exhibit. And since I know they are contraband I cannot share them with you without feeling guilty. Sorry pants.

A quick snack for the kid and a beer on Madison ave. and our first bus ride back to the hotel.


  1. was it raining (snicker snicker). I cannot imagine you packing any more wonderfulness on your vacation!! Loved viewing the city through your lens.

  2. Oh boy, it rained? In the summer? Bummer.
    Don't hurt to try an eatery, yeah?