Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where the world seems to get away from you and you try to slow down ...

I admit, I've deleted about 5 different drafts of a new post. I actually liked a few of them or at least their starts, but since they were incomplete they lost their timeliness. Somehow a post is related to it's time relevance. This seems silly, because if the post is truly of good content, when it happened technically shouldn't matter.

But somehow, it does -- at least to me, and well ... now. Ha!

I've just come into the work week off of three days without work. To call them down days or days off seems laughable since they were filled with a fun hustle and a large bustle.

I tried a new recipe for the soccer team that really needed a little something sweet after an ugly loss. No other way to dance around it. It was ugly.

The match was a morning one, so I was thinking something "breakfast-esque" because as much as my mind is a sea of tangents, it is desperately trying to link foods and things and themes at the same time. Also the soccer team make excellent guinea pigs.This is Food52's Cocoa Quick Bread

First off I really think anything that takes 50 - 60 minutes to bake despite the amount of time it takes to put all the stuff in a pan should not be labeled quick. I was literally cooling it off in a shoe box in my lap, on two buses on the way to the pitch Saturday morning.

And yes, I did kinda "Hello Kitty" it with the sprinkles. I really am just a third grader at heart.

Moving on ...

I finished a pair of socks. They aren't blocked and I was desperately trying to get a photo of them in semi natural light (not on my kitchen table) for prosperity so I hung them up on the side of my cubicle.

In my hurry to leave on time and get groceries and dinner on the table on Friday (Get it? FO Friday?) I left the socks hanging. Also, in my haste to make the above mentioned bread the next day, and then taking a few boys to the matinee -- I forgot to post about them anyways. They are wonderful squashy socks for the record.

I was out of the office yesterday and I believe it was frowned upon that my socks were hanging so visibly ... as if I were airing them out... well they weren't in sock blockers. I think only my shameless knitter side is keeping me from being a little too embarrassed by it all.

Wishing you all a good laugh and a good time! Hopefully it won't be too long till the next post as I continue to battle for balance. It's going alright. I've even got some knitting to show for it ;)


  1. Those socks are gorgeous enough to hang anywhere but it is funny that they went to work without you. I am sitting here stress eating my way through a situation and then you go and show me that bread. No fair. I love sprinkles. I think I'll go pour some on some choclate ice cream. That'll do it.

  2. The socks are absolutely gorgeous! The texture and color pooling perfectly complement each other! Nice job. I'm sure the kids appreciated the dessert bread!

  3. Oh I like the socks!

    I think Food52 has some pretty amazing recipes. Of course, seeing your bread, now I'm hungry. Thanks,Obama.

  4. You are such a good soccer mom! I am sure that the team was thrilled to have a treat.
    I love the socks in the cubicle! People tease me about my knitting all the time. However, I don't have a cubicle and there's no way I could attach socks to the concrete walls of my classroom!

  5. You would think non pareils were a food group if you lived in my house. I love them. You are a great soccer momma.
    Im delighted that no one stole those amazing socks. Oh my. The office should be grateful to have them adorning the cubicles.
    Why is it that the whole world doesnt think like we knitters do?
    Happy to see your post lady! Always hungry for your laughs!

  6. I can almost see the puzzled looks on your coworkers' faces when they spied the socks hanging in your cubicle. ;o) Always keep them wondering and "on their toes."

    The socks are gorgeous and look squishy with all that lovely knit texture.

  7. Sprinkles bring smiles and make everything look fun. That is a riot, hanging your socks on your cubby wall! So creative. The colorway is terrific and goes well w/that stitch pattern.

  8. I agree with Kathy. Sprinkles should be a food group and they make everything more festive. The socks are so pretty. You should make a statement wall in your cubby and hang up more :)

  9. If I had made those socks I would hang them everywhere for everyone to see. And lets just say yummy fun bread with sprinkles on top can make any loss feel better.

  10. Love the sock story ........non-knitters just don't GET it! LOL

    So, how was the bread? It LOOKS yummy. I imagine you were killing everyone on the bus with that yummy smell! ;-)

  11. Now, if it were your unmentionables, I can see the issue, but socks? who can be offended by those beauties!