Friday, October 9, 2015

Take and Replace Swap Treasures & A Quick Follow-up.

"I'm here! I'm here!", says the rather eager, if not irritating girl in the front row to the right. Thankfully, for both our sake she doesn't like the attention enough to feel the need to sit smack-dab, front row middle ...

That's me.

I have been trying to wave at you and get your attention, but I've also been on the go and haven't been able to commit to a full post.

Yes. I have been on the go, but I suppose that's just how I am.

I was so excited the other night when I went to bed and found a flat rate box on my side of the bed! My Take and Replace Swap box arrived from Paula The Quilter. Don't let her name fool you, she knits too and seems to be another very crafty blogger. The swap was set up by the lovely Nancy of Wyoming Breezes. Nancy does a Foreign Friday that is very transporting and informative, she's seen a lot of cool places and things. She's also a master charity knitter and quilter. Swoon!

Well, seeing how it was so late and I hadn't even been in my room until I had to go to bed ... I waited a day till I pulled my hot potato treasures.

This greatness called me, and I well who am I to abandon them?

My love for all things socks is still strong. I'm finishing up Undine, I really am! this weekend. I love that damn yarn. I cast on another pair of stockinette socks that I'm just grateful to have on the needles.

Remember that baby blanket that was going to be too small? Yeah, it's way too small. Remember the extra yarn I was going to order? I did, but I ordered the wrong colorway and the right colorway doesn't exist anymore. Oh well.

Now I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to just go back to baby sweaters and hats or try a blanket one more time... Maybe if I cast on 80 with US10s instead of 138 with US8? I'm crap for baby blanket dimensions, I really am.

I considered the color blocking and the dimensions are still wrong. It's okay team. I like to knit.

On to known things that will happen this winter? I'm going to finish that damn Twinleaf and I'm going to knit a vest. For sure.

The rest? Well let's see how the socks things unfold.


  1. Baby blankets are hard. Very hard. That's why grandson #2 got a quilted one instead of a knitted one. I learned my lesson the first time around. Yay for finishing Undine in the near future. I am sitting here with my Halloween socks on my lap wondering how crazy I am to cast them on tonight and think they will be done in time to wear this year. Yeah, right.

  2. i enjoyed your knitting adventures today! lol
    My 3 sons keep having babies all in the same year-that means three entrelac baby blankets in one year....again! Good thing I can knit backwards now.

  3. I am glad you are waving because I am waving back at you. Very fun things from the swap. Go for the blanket!

  4. Ooh, you found some treasures in the swap box! I can't wait for the box to arrive on Tuesday: I hope everyone had fun.

    I'm with Meredith - go for the blanket.

  5. My daughter is still bemoaning the fact that she agreed to knit a blanket for a friend's baby. They bore her to no end.
    Ohhhh Good swap score! Purple rocks. The box was pretty jammed full when it arrived from Nancy. I was first. Took two of us to pack it back up !
    It is gloriously warm for a fall day here in Chicago. Come visit us

  6. Looks like you scored on the Swap box! Blankets do take forever, don't they? Booties and hats are way faster, but blankets get used longer, so go with what suits you!

  7. Waving back to you darling. I say 3' x 3' for a baby blanket is kosher. How does that swap work? You take what you want from it and then fill it the same kind of items taken and then send them along to someone else?

  8. my approximation of a baby blanket is 30 inches wide and 30-45 inches long. What about striping the two colorways you have. If you have 2 skeins of one and one of the other double the stripe of the yarn you have more of. Can't wait to see how you decide to go.

  9. I've been knitting socks for years, and I never get tired of them. There are just so many amazing yarns and so many awesome patterns.

  10. Good choices from the swap box!

    I'm hoping things slow down a little this winter and it looks like I'm not the only one that has been overly busy! Happy knitting on your Undines.

    I really enjoyed that pattern.

  11. That is a sweet swap package! Love the yarn & happy socks. I like Karen's idea of striping the colors. That way, you should end up with a nice size blanket. As for the size, I would suggest looking at free Ravelry baby blanket patterns using the same weight of yarn to get a general idea.

  12. someone with my same philosophy!!!! I like to knit. So what if I have to reknit's OK!!! Love it!!! I've been having lots of fun with a baby hat called chouette. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it for a cute, quick (QUICK!!!) knit. :) Happy weekending, Ellen!