Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Shares

I received this lovely Spring Clean package (as in I'm going to be super clean now)  from Araignee earlier this month. I wanted to get a picture of the lovely loot before tearing into it's perfect packaging. Her talent and kindness exceed anything I deserve. I did put myself on the list for a lotion bar (Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! and basically just won the jackpot! Love it all. Smells so good ...

Easter Weekend required some baking. Something tried and true.

Action photo!

And something new. Angelettis using the Real Simple recipe. I should mention that these are also done with Anise flavoring but my people prefer vanilla and it's all about crowd pleasing. I packed up a bunch and did a few deliveries for some friends of mine nearby.

Lastly our usual family gathering plans for Easter were reconfigured and we decided to not make any backup plans that would take us out of the city. My husband already got tickets to a rock concert literally walking distance from the apartment. We chaperoned our boy and met up with another family. We came home late with our ears buzzing and ate some Shepard's Pie made with leftover beef stew and crawled into our beds.

And now Spring Break has begun. Well for the student anyways.

I am still knitting. I sat down with some Harry Potter this weekend and weaved in a bunch of wiley ends.  I cried through the leg of a sock with Steel Magnolias and am ready to begin the heel flap.

The sweater definitely needs blocking as I am finding the body bind off rolls on one half of the sweater (?!?) I hate when I follow instructions, "bind off in pattern my sweet a..."

The sock will progress in it's own time. I have dreams of casting on again ...

So a yarn post soon! Meanwhile, hold on to the happy. Tell me, what's making you happy right now?


  1. Those soaps are so pretty. I got one with the black stripes's almost too pretty to use. ALMOST! I AM using it. My face has never felt so SOFT!!!!

    That's one thing making me happy.

    The second thing is building my home gym. The treadmill is in. I got a stability ball and some weights. I'm ready to GET STARTED and THAT makes me HAPPY!

  2. Your cookies always look so amazing! We are happy to have gotten all the choir music ready to put away. Lots of music to sort, that's for sure. You can hear our choir from the link on my website....

  3. Mmmmm.....cookies! I love a good sprinkle.

  4. Sewing project bags are making me smile!

  5. Mitered squares....I'm totally wrapped up in making a sock yarn blanket but those cookies are making my mouth water too! Yummy!

  6. I am going to have to try those angelettis--I love anise! And what concert please?

    1. We saw Finish Ticket (the warm up) AWOLNation -- which was my favorite and Fallout Boy that was the feature and I they were absolutely entertaining :)

  7. Cookies with sprinkles - yummy. Thanks for the recipe link.

    I'm happy to do some charity knitting with the yarn you sent - baby cuddle bags for a local pregnancy center.

    Enjoy your gifts, the cookies, and your knitting.

  8. Heh- you always sneak in a little comment that makes me laugh..action shot. How I wish we lived near each other as I think you would make me laugh all day long. :)
    I always want whatever you have on the menu. Thank you for the links.
    Glad to hear you are knitting away on some socks!

  9. Baby Alpaca DK as I knit it into a shawl. Feels so good and makes me happy!!!

  10. My little purchase of expensive Louisa Harding yarn and the perfect shawl pattern are making me super happy.
    I . Want. Cookies.
    Clean windows are making me happy. now that that''s done! and it is sunny.

  11. That's so cool how y'all went to a local concert. Your baking is so yummy looking. Steel Magnolias is classic. And that's some awesome loot. Those soap bars are so fun to look at.

  12. my sister accidentally used anise instead of almond in her sugar cookies, I thought they were just fine but she wasn't too thrilled with her mistake. YUM~~ have fun being clean.

  13. Those cookies look amazing.
    I'm happy about a rainy week -- no guilt for staying inside and knitting!

  14. What a sweet package! And more delicious cookies! I've seen Steel Magnolias a couple of dozen times and still cry. every. single. time. My husband knows to leave the room when it's on. I suspect that he cries too :)

  15. I am so late in reading you are nearing the end of break now. Your yummies look, well yummy! Lovely gift.